Nokia signs product placement deal with UK TV soap Hollyoaks

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Campaign Live has reported Nokia signing a product placement deal with UK television soap opera Hollyoaks, that will see Lumia Windows Phones being used and promoted in a number of episodes. The show will have characters using the Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones with Monster Purity headphones. The village bus stop will also sport Lumia advertisements, starting from July.

As well as the TV promotion, Lumia Windows Phones will be displayed on other platforms that stream the programme, including the Channel 4 website which will reportedly see the devices come to life with two Hollyoaks characters tweeting their on-screen personality. The deal is set to last for an initial four-month period. John Nichols, head of marketing at Nokia UK, had the following to say on the deal:

"This partnership is another example of how we are pushing the Lumia brand in new innovative ways, with a human approach across multiple platforms."

This is a superb move by Nokia as the show is popular with a strong young audience, something the company has admitted it needs to target to rejuvenate the brand.

Source: Campaign Live; thanks, Marco300, for the tip!


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Nokia signs product placement deal with UK TV soap Hollyoaks


The haters are just scared of Windows Phone. Deep down inside they know it's better than their never changing IPhone. I would be very angry if I found out that The system I have been shoveling money into is boring and stale. We have Xbox the number one game console, Windows also the number one operating system, and now the soon to be..... The beautifully different Windows Phone.

What does hating these "First" post have anything to do with hating WP? I absolutely love my WP and I hate the moronic "First" post.

Brilliant! Nokia is really just doing new things to market Windows a phone all the time! They're awesome:)!

Yeah don't know what MS would have done without Nokia. MS owes a lot of debt to Nokia, lot of people buy Nokia phone and don't even know it runs windows phone OS.

Seriously, a bit fairness, Nokia was an aging brand without WP, and most of the money they're throwing at it must have come from the million dollar deal they did with MS. i love my Lumia, but too much a## kissing is too much.

I had a neighbor who got a Focus cause she was told it was a good phone. Thing is she doesn't even play games or care about Xbox. Hehe

Wrong it is Nokia who should thank Microsoft due to there awesome wp 7.5 OS nokia was falling apart so fast that there crappy Symbian phones were no one was really buying. So yes nokia thank Microsoft for4 saving your ass. What counts is OS not how pretty the phone looks.

We are seeing this alot more all the time. Last season on Bones, Dr. Temperance Brennan was using the Samsung Focus, showing off the one touch feature using the camera.
I got all excited cause that was the phone I had.

Nokia never ceases to amaze me in their advertising drive. They are literally the only ones driving Windows Phone awareness. This is stuff Microsoft should have been doing.

I really, really wish this wasn't a good way to target the young UK audience... Unfortunately it is a brilliant marketing move

I'll be the last to admit my wife makes me watch Gossip Girl, but if Nokia and WP got on that it would be awesome product placement. The whole show is based on everyone getting GG updates via their phone.

It was on Corrie a few months back, I saw it a few times. It was before product placement came into play though, but I do recall seeing a Lumia 800 quite clearly, to the point of almost being product placement a few times. I think it was Rosies agents phone.

Yeah you are right it is all over Corrie now and that's a bigger show with up to 10 million viewers compared to hollyoak's 1-2 million.

Im so glad i chose nokia, they really do care about wp! And i dunno but it feels like nokia isnt just doing it for the money, they do it for money and passion. Just look at Lg with android for eg. they dont give a fuck lmao...