Nokia updates Call+SMS filtering with general improvements and bug fixes

Nokia SMS Call

Did you know that on your Nokia Windows Phone (since GDR2 and Amber) you're able to block unwanted contact from numbers through SMS and call filtering? It's a neat settings area, providing you with some power to prevent people from contacting you who you wish not to do so. Today, we've been alerted to a small update being pushed to the store.

Call+SMS filter has been bumped to version, which includes just general fixes and improvements. While you can't get excited for new features, it's good to see the manufacturer addressing issues consumers are experiencing.

You can check for updates for the system app on supported Lumia Windows Phones by hitting this link, scanning the QR code below or using an app like SysApp Pusher. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

QR: Call+SMS Filter


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Nokia updates Call+SMS filtering with general improvements and bug fixes


That's why Nokia has the majority of the market share on windows phone. If Samsung or HTC dedicated as much time to the echo system as Nokia has then may be the Nokia & Microsoft deal might have not taken place.

Quite possibly one of my favorite features on my phone now thanks to the idiot girl out there that has used my phone number to sign up for every payday loan on the planet. Glad to see it being updated and maintained no matter how minor an update.

Can anyone with a 822 or 928 verify if this works? Current version doesn't do anything on either of these devices if you add a number to the blocked calls, the blocked numbers can still call and leave voicemail. The SMS feature however does work.

Thanks for the clarification. Wish it would block the call altogether without the ability to leave vm. Have to go with the VZ account level of number blocking to achieve this..

Yep, I still have blocked numbers' SMS flashing up on my screen. Not only does it not block the SMS it shows the damn message.

I can't even get the blocked calls feature on my 928, Long press on the number in history only brings up the option to delete and I can't find it under Extras and Info. I did find a new file on my skydrive this morning named call-sms-filter.xap which has never been there before, and I ran the update to install extras and info update after I found that file, but still..no call filtering. I really need this function. Its the only thing I miss about my Droid. :(


This feature doesn't work at all on my Lumia 520. When I try to use it I just get a black screen. Hope this update fixes the issue somehow.

Update: It now works fine after installing the update.

You all realize that you can still go into the app and see the blocked calls and messages right?  It doesn't really block them, it just blocks you from seeing them, making you think you never got anything.

Truly wish this would be a general settings feature and not exclusive. Really got the short shrift buying this "flagship" (at the time) HTC 8X.

Wonder if there's any chance in the future of being able to block all numbers except for your Carriers and those in your Phone's address book (as an option). Works well with Email.



Go to call history and find the number. Press and hold on the number and it should give the option to delete or block.

Did that. Number was set as blocked but calls kept coming through. I was just doing a test so the number is in my contacts list. I wonder if that's why its not being blocked. Might have to be a number that is not in your contact. I can test with a different number tomorrow and see if that works

I haven't been able to use this feature on my 920 after a month it came out.

Does anyone know if there's so.e kind if restriction from at&t for this app?

Buna ..dar ca sa ajungi la functiile avansate era destul un swipe spre drepta!!

A doua chestie e ca nu se pot bloca si numerele din agenda , ci doar din istoric .


to this Developer, please please please, Im begging you, please put on the next update tHe Whitelist and Blacklist for blocking, then this is PERFECT! thank you!

I have a Nokia Lumia 521 (and have for the past few months).  This was a feature I was actively using until last night when my phone ceased to function.  I took it in to Best Buy and received a new one (I paid for the protection plan).  I went to block those pesky numbers once again and found the option to do so gone.  After searching around the internet, looking it up on my provider's site and calling my provider, I have found that Nokia decided to take that option off the 521.  Why?  It worked on the phone I bought in November, it worked until last night - why can't I use it on the same device today?

Not a nice move, Nokia.  Just because I had to replace my phone (which worked one minute and then wouldn't turn on the next) doesn't mean I've replaced the way I feel about receiving unwanted calls. 


Works nicely, neat. Cannot add numbers manually but must wait for a harassing call to add it? RIDICULOUS!

I cant open call+sms filter on my nokia lumia 520, it keep saying something went wrong, cant open restart your phone, i need this app to work asap