Nokia Video Upload heads to all Lumias with no GDR2 requirement, including 512 MB devices

Nokia Video Upload

We’ve been seeing more and more previously 1GB-only apps and games head south to the 512MB zone and today it’s Nokia’s Video Upload app (previously known as YouTube Upload). The app was released a few weeks ago with the Lumia 1020, giving those users a quick and easy way to upload their videos to their YouTube account, including title and privacy restrictions.

The app though was restricted to the Lumia 1020 but since Thursday, when Amber/GDR2 began rolling out, the app has had its restraints removed. Indeed, not only can 512MB devices now run it, but any GDR1 device without Amber can download it as well (we haven’t yet tried to see how well it works).

That’s great news considering the current situation with Microsoft’s YouTube app and Google, as it leaves those with Lumias only a few other third party options for sharing videos to YouTube.

The app itself is simple enough, so 512MB devices are also fine running it, including our Lumia 625.

All Windows Phone 8 Lumia owners should be able to download and use Nokia Video Upload here in the Store. Thanks, zhoulhas, for the tip!

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Nokia Video Upload heads to all Lumias with no GDR2 requirement, including 512 MB devices


This is cool and all.. but google and MS need to get the YouTube app situation resolved.
Also... still no GDR2/Amber on my At&t 920 U.S. :(

I have deleted my Google account in protest at their games, so I suggest everyone starts supporting Vimeo, because I'm not going back and I doubt I'm alone.

Perhaps, but in order to delete my account I had to re-enable 3rd party cookies. That means that to use Google services I had to open myself to surveilence by Zues-knows who.
That's plenty of reason for anyone to stop using Google, not just for fanboys.

Daniel please do your videos in Vimeo from now, it doesn't look good when wpcentral uses youtube.

I said the same thing in a comment to Dan's article yesterday. Especially how biased google is towards WP, we all should do everything to encourage alternatives, at least not promote google services.

+920. WPCentral should start using any alternative to YouTube. I haven't used vimeo, so I'm not sure how good/bad it is.

Wait hows the vimeo app on WP. Someone said ms had an app that failed, well ms need to learn that naming is almost more important than the service. I mean really soapbox

Sorry if I am wrong, if all WP8 users switch to vimeo or another service, instead of YouTube, wouldn't we be reinforcing Google's theory that WP8 users don't need a YouTube app? Why then should MS go through all the trouble developing an app for us?

Right❕.. Just because we're mad at google doesn't mean the rest of the non phone nerd world is... Like Instagram, having YouTube is crucial for faster adoption of the WP platform... Actually, YouTube is probably more important.. We can't just give up and go to another app when WP doesn't have something.. We need to fight until the app gap is no longer a issue...

So what do you suggest, we keep bending over and taking it from google? Seeking out a viable alternative that doesn't go out of their way to block WP users seems reasonable to me.

I agree with the both of you... We should seek alternatives, but we should still fight for support for the official apps that are missing... It's a tough job being a WP fan, but someone's got to do it.. Also, the enjoyment that us hard-core WP fans get when we finally do get an official app is much greater than that of the spoiled iDroid fans... When we got Wells Fargo I felt as though we all worked to convince WF to support WP, rather than the app was just expected because 80% of smartphones in the world are crapy WP's that everyone is using.... Its not kissing ass its business... And we're all shareholders.

I agree... But remember, in doing so, we as a community isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. I am not saying we keeping taking what google is throwing at us... We can do something like, for example, upload tons of videos on Youtube via the above app and tag it or include a slide or writing at the end that asks Google not to ignore us/we are important... Make it go viral... Something like #toinstawithlove, #togoogleforYTapp

Fact is, nearly everyone uses YouTube and nearly no one uses anything else.
I don't like it but it's fact.
Nearly everyone that produces videos has a YouTube channel.

The point is, if you want to see specific content you have to view it on YouTube or go to their specific site.
Want to see the most current video of something that happened? It's on YouTube.
Want to see that video that has gone viral? It's on YouTube.
Want to see a full replay of yesterday's game without the expressed written consent of a particular league? It's on YouTube.
Want to see a grainy replay of that pay-per-view fight? It's on YouTube. etc., etc.
Until (probably not going to happen) "everyone" starts using Vimeo or Dailymotion, they aren't very good alternatives.

I downloaded Vimeo, searched Ancient Aliens. Nothing but 30sec commercials. Uninstalled and back to YouTube. Dammit!

Problem is millions of folks already invested in YouTube and its free with tons of adds. Vimeo, have to pay.

I've really enjoyed going YouTubeless, other services are better and something is only available on YouTube it's usually a "meh, didn't need it that bad anyway." it's kind of simplified things.

Actually, you could.
Select video, select share, select email, enter your YouTube upload email address, send.


Until Vimeo gets fully uploaded episodes of General Hospital, I'll stick with Youtube. I understand Google is being dickish. And I'm not being sarcastic either. But its (outside of a DVR and ABC's official site) the only way I can watch episodes.

Rather than ridicule you for watching General Hospital, I'll just say that you are absolutely correct. Vimeo, Dailymation, etc., don't have the content of YouTube and therefore are not viable alternatives.

Daaaang, this article is still the latest news going on 8 hours old...

Still no AT&T GDR2/Amber love for the 920s in the U.S.

Chill out, you're still going to get GDR2 before I do, although I paid the full price for my unlocked & unbranded 820.So please stop complaining about this...

lol I'm sorry if I sounded like I'm complaining.. but I've just about worn out the "check for updates" button and trying to resist the temptation of flashing with one of those roms. I know the OTA update will come eventually.

Web news is always slow on the weekend. As are most other things. It's bull. The weekend is the only time I have to get anything done and everything is closed.

Off topic: can anyone remember that beautiful "download on Windows Phone" logo similar to "app store" and google play link logos???

Also Nokia video trimmer and smart and pro cam apps! Only downside.. Will not open on GDR1

Well since I deleted my Google account this is of no use to me. Also agree, I won't be watching anymore WPC vids on YouTube. Done with them.