O2 Germany working on Windows Phone app; looking at November release


O2 Germany is working on an app for Windows Phone to match the offerings on both iOS and Android, according to a leaked email. The My O2 app exists as a beta and is currently being tested by members of the team. As well as being able to relay news of the app being in development, we've also got a release window, which is expected to be November. 

Initially, in the final version, functionality will include the ability to retrieve data, SMS or voice usage, as well as checking out what remains for that contracted month. That's the good news. The bad news? You'll not be able to download and enjoy the solution until it's released for public use. What's also interesting is how O2 touches on moving from BlackBerry to Windows Phone for private and business customers.

Telefónica and Microsoft are working on improving relations between the companies, offering consumers more choice when it comes to the range of smartphones available. We'll look to have more information on this app in the future as we draw closer to its release. WMPU received the following screenshots:


Source: WMPUWPArea.de; Thanks, Susanna, for the heads up!


Reader comments

O2 Germany working on Windows Phone app; looking at November release


How amazing I been on phone to O2 guru's complaining about an working app for our window phones

Did you not have the beta one for the 2or 3 months??? Wpc covered it and i signed up, they sent me an email saying beta had expired and they hope to either bring the beta version out again or bring the official version out soon

I want one for Vodafone. First they take the 32GB 925 and make it exclusive and then they don't even provide Data Sense.

I'm with Vodafone UK and have Data Sense, so not sure why you haven't? Anyway, I've been onto Vodafone to launch their app for WP which they already have for iOS & Android

I buyed the 32GB 925 with Vodafone branding (but without simlock). The store 16gb version without branding has GDR2 with Data Sense preinstalled, my version has GDR2 too but no Data Sense.

Jo, wurde auch mal Zeit. Zudem o2 Deutschland ja mit dem Lumia 1020 auch eine engere Partnerschaft mit Microsoft eingegangen ist.

The name comes from the diatomic structure of oxygen which travels in pairs (or together) so the company want people to be connected/together or something like that

This is very nice and all but the O2 Live Tiles beta from their labs was so much better than this.  Really disappointed that it hasn't become an official app!