Official Facebook application released

We've been playing with a couple of early versions of the new Facebook application for Windows Mobile, and now the official release has arrived.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The only Facebook app available that uploads video straight from your phone.
  • You can get status updates, respond to friend requests and photo tags, create wall posts, send messages, update your profile pic – the usual stuff.
  • The app also integrates with Windows Live, allowing you to share photos, updates, etc. with that service.
  • The app also will also be available on Windows Mobile 6.5 "later this year." (Sorry, no dates leaked.)

You can download it directly here, or find out more at WindowsMobile.com/facebook. Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1 only, folks.


Reader comments

Official Facebook application released


Does the photo/video upload happen using the unlimited data connection, or is it charged as an MMS?

i hate to sound like an ass...but seriously? wm5...i hope this is a work phone u speak of and not a personal one.

Its fantastic to have an official app for winmo 6.1, but it still needs some work.

It doesn't allow me to:

1. See if anyone else has commented on a status.
2. "like" a status
3. View my status comments

those are the only down falls I have seen right now. I will still need to use my browser until those things are fixed. I'll just end up using it for mobile uploads vs. sending the mobile uploads via mms.

This app isn't very good... It really makes me wish that SkyBook was more stable!! SkyBook lets you sync FB pictures to all of your WM contacts... Awesome for full-screen callerid!

So does the tf3d versions found on the Topaz and Rhodium based ROMs. I can link all the Outlook contacts to my Facebook friends and it not only adds their profile picture but I can also add their birthdays. It also allows you to see events etc that any of your friends are attending direct from their contact card in the HTC contact viewer as well.

If you've got an HTC phone that is capable of running one of the newer ROM's I would seriously check it out over at XDA Devs.

I've only taken a brief look but it appears the app is lacking the following:

1. facebook chat
2. any type of "real time"/push/automatic refresh to let you know when you have received messages.

as I continue to use it I'll post updates on what improvements I think should be added.

1. When viewing a photo: being able to see who is tagged in the photo.

2. Being able to untag my own photo, or someone in my photo albums.

Stay tuned for more "needed functions"


Sounds like you probably installed the official release version over the top of the early old version. You need to browse to the device root, delete Facebook.vol and fbmail.vol files, then try logging in again, if still no dice, check the date/time is correct on your device- SSL certificate for the FB login will be invalid if your device date is out by 12 months...