Official Instagram app for Windows Phone receives another update, still no video upload

Instagram BETA

The official Instagram app (beta) for Windows Phone has received an update just a little over 48 hours go. Don’t worry if you missed it because another update just came out. The previous update, version 0.3, has brought performance improvements, crash fixes, and UX refinements. The latest update, version 0.3.1, does not list anything new in the change log. We think it brings more bug fixes and performance improvements.

Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your Windows Phone. It’s not just about putting filters on photos. It’s a social network with over 150 million users.

While we’re glad Instagram BETA has received yet another update on Windows Phone, we’re a little disappointed video upload has not made its way to the app yet. If that’s an important feature to you, then you need to use third-party applications like 6tag.

Instagram BETA is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. Do you use the official app, or do you prefer the third party apps currently offered on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Darren C.!

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Official Instagram app for Windows Phone receives another update, still no video upload


Maybe they're taking too long to do as whatsapp did: to have access to video library instead of having to record videos in the app. I hope so at least, I prefer using the camera app to take videos and then sharing it to instagram (I used to do like that in my Galaxy S3)

The features i noticed are

*able to share photos directly from the gallery to the app. It used to work from camera roll but pics from other folders would not load

*lock screen notification support

*overall snappier app (perhaps the black update)

Has the issue with resetting a password been taking care of? Only reason I stopped using it was a result of the occasional reset

Wow, the Cult of Official is so paranoid. Apps like this have no interest in WP until 3rd party versions get some attention.

But to get people to come to WP they want the real deal no matter how good Rudy's might be. Are there 3rd party versions on iOS and Android?

Awesome third party apps are not stopping companies to build their own. They should just man the fuck up and get to work.

I paid the 6tag, when I went to my second video after months, he told me that my upload limit burst, sending me to buy the option to upload video. WTF, 6tag nevermore... (sorry my english)

Well this is just sad. Pretty clear that it was released just to shut everyone up. If they were serious about it, they would shut down 6tag. Because they didn't do that, shows that they don't really care.

Why do they need to shutdown 6tag to prove they are serious? They need to actually support their app and make it equal to android and iPhone to show they are serious. 6tag has nothing to do with proving instagram is serious.

With the amount of extra stuff Rudy is adding that's not in the official app, I could see them using that as leverage to shut down 6tag if they ever take that route

I would say that 2 updates in 48 hours is pretty serious. Shit takes time bro. Video upload is on its way. Show some patience the app is still in BETA.

I'm quite surpised with myself because I actually prefer using Instgram beta as opposed to 6tag. There is no particular reason why. I use 6tag for uploading videos, but recently i haven't had the need to take any videos, so the official beta is sufficient

Strangely, I love the IG Beta UI more than I do that of 6tag. But of course, for all the extra features, 6tag is the way to go.

I have the same, i never hardly upload any video's but i only use 6tag for cropping pictures. I prefer 'official' apps, but i won't forget the work of Rudy.

I use the Instagram beta all the time. It lacks a lot of features, but it is more beautiful than 6tag.

The official Beta version is hands down prettier and more polished. The icons and colour scheme of 6tag is pathetic, albeit it comes with certain added features, which, I am sure, will come to the Beta soon.

6tag and Rudy all the way!! Deleted the official instagram app not long after it came out. Inferior to 6tag!

As much as I love 6tag, I've had a lot of video encoding issues with it. Rudy says he's on the case, but it's still around as of this morning (MT).

I won't even bother... The only reason I've installed this crap is to support WP (by downloading official apps).

Hey guys why didn't you cover the story that Rudy huyn started his own company to bring popular apps to windows phone called 6studio

I don't think Instagram on wp will get video upload support before 8.1. Native API's aren't there.

What makes you think Rudy can but Instagram can't? I can't deal with all these stupid comments anymore.

WP8's API only allows mp4 video to be recorded at 1080p, 720p and VGA. You can't specify a custom resolution which instagram uses. (I believe off the top of my head its 612x612 and mp4.) Rudy "fakes" it by recording video at one of those full sizes, and sending it off to his sever to be cropped down to size with vlc (at least it was vlc last I checked, he may have switched to ffmpeg.) and sends off the proper sized video. Now, yes, instagram could do this as well... Its not a very difficult setup to deploy. But, instagram is a free service, and the cost of running a server (more realistically a few) exclusively for one platform isn't cost effective. Especially when I'm almost positive Microsoft will add in the API for 8.1. Then there's the filters... Instagram would either have to port their video filters to be ffmpeg filters, or they'd have to write their own custom encoder tool with their filters, either one takes employee time and money. Also you wouldn't have live previews, so it'd be inferior and people would bitch about that.

I can't deal with these stupid comments. Just sayin.

I use both. Actually just about equally.. Lately the official on a slight but more,though 6tag is better in many ways. Have to show support for both so that they continue to improve.

Another update is always better than nothing. Will wait and wait, i know its getting better as i still hv options for now...

Unless they really bring it, the official Instagram app will never be better than 6tag. I mean they have to knock our socks off to pull that one off.

I always use Instagram beta after it released on Windows Phone. Removed 6tag. Still very appreciated what Rudy has put.

A background image would be rather impressive! Same like windows 8... Nway, open to any updates and changes.

now i Dont know whats instagram just know 6 tag. Have shown it to my android friends even they liked it and appreciated how the developer(Rudy) has worked hard on it

i use both while 6tag has more features i prefer supporting official app more, official apps bring more people to the platform


I think Instagram should ask 6tag creator for help, otherwise their app will be in BETA phase till 2015.

I don't understand why did the font in the drop menu where we need to choose the album to upload for is so freaking small?

Maybe it's taking so long because they are working with MS to get the same kind of video upload whatsapp got?

I prefer always to use the official app from a company ( official Facebook, official Twitter, etc.) So also Instagram. As some people above, I also love the design of Instagram more than 6tag. I only use 6tag for the live tile, but always pressing the Instagram icon under need.

Instagram is improving by the way but watsapp is getting worser these days. Takes to much time to retreive msgs. Crashed all the time while loading msgs and sometimes while uploading videos and downlaoding pics. No matter notifications r faster on WP watsapp then idroid. Bit the watsapp team has to look upon those bugs to make it smooth for us.

No there aren't. The 'features' you talk about are not even suppose to be on Instagram anyway, which is why you won't find them on official apps. The official app depicts what the developer envisioned the service to be like. 'Like or no like' and crap like that isn't what Instagram is about.

I'm still on WP 7.8 so I haven't try it. Was wondering if it has any Metro style to it or looks the same as the other two OS's like the WP Facebook app..

I only use the official beta app for the push notifications. As much as I do like the UI of the official app better, I'm a huge fan of the quick framing option 6tag has when cropping the photo. Beats having to frame my pictures in a separate app.

There's also a couple UI elements in the official app that just really get to me (all caps on titles that shouldn't be capitalized, margins and spacing, etc.)

Just a quick question guys. Whenever i post photos in instagram it wont show up in my Facebook timeline even though they're linked? It does show up in my twitter acnt though..

No I've tried all three: 6Tag, Instance and Instagram. Instagram is easily the best. It's how they imagined the service to be. It matches their website as well. I'm happy with it. Plus it has push notifications, something which 6Tag will never have.

Haha, Instagram has been shamed into the corner. Even their updates notes are subpar, they can't handle the truth.

IF they plan on sticking around they will have to bring their A game. I don't think they have anything left honestly.

Except their redheaded stepchildren named Apple and iPhone.

6tag for life!

You're acting as if Instagram is the desperate one here. You seriously need a reality check if you think Instagram can't 'handle the truth'.

I'll allow your post to slide this time. Allow me to provide you some perspective. It'll help you in other aspects of your life as well.

Windows Phone 8 is the underdog. Android and iOS have the larger market share. Instragram is widely popular on both OSes.

Instragram waited and waited to come to Windows Phone 8 because they felt like there wasn't enough interest and/or they had better things to do.

In the meantime, another app came along called 6tag. (You with me so far reality check?, good boy, let's keep going)

6tag took Windows Phone 8 by storm. Better, faster, better UI, working features, TIMELY UPDATES, (which is incredible since it's one guy, and he can patch an app faster than a major corporation)

NOW.. the competition on Windows Phone has stepped up. Instagram has to be better than 6tag. Has to be! At the very least or it can pack it's bag and come crawling back to PureView's iPhone.

..Reality check. Mate ;)

Yes 6tag is on top for now. And let me remind you it is also more mature. But in the long run Instagram will rule. I am surprise that IG has not ask for its removal from the store as yet.

The app is beautiful and fast but it's still missing a lot of features.

And sometimes doesn't work on Wifi :/

Well the app has only been around for a little while so give it a chance. As for Rudy credit is due where credit is due but enough of the official app bashing and Rudy bredding. I came here to look for some feedback relating to the official app. Safe to say that was a fail.

I am like you. Enough is enough. It seems that people on WP will take some time to get of third party apps. I am happy that an official app for Instagram is here and maturing.

IDK, I get the feeling that no major developer (except for Gameloft and Whatsapp) takes Windows Phone or Windows 8 seriosly. Take Twtitter, Facebook, ESPN, or CNN as examples. The updates are very, very rare, but in iOS and Android they come very frequently. I also get the feeling Instagram Beta was released to shut us up. Heck, sometimes not even Microsoft takes Windows Phone or Windows 8 seriously, releasing services and apps for other platforms first. I hope this changes in the future. I hope.

Whatsapp Just started to get really on wp maybe Os prevented lotta things but i Hope it would b like on android

To much money invested on to the WP OS last year for not to be taken serious. Be patient all of those apps that you listed will mature nicely on WP. Instagram as well. But it takes time.

I didn't think it could be done at all? I thought it was the whole point of catching video on the fly and posting it. I could be wrong. I hardly ever post video. :)

I love 6tag, but the official app has much better image quality, just check it out. I made few tests with and without filters, and the official app make more crisp and clear images. With filters the difference is more visible and intensive.

I hate it when Instagram crop my full resolution photo into square. Does it mean I should always upload pictures in instagram camera app? My mobile data connection is always turn off.