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Official WPCentral patch 4.4.20 now available - fixes notification crashing issue

It's patch day again for the official WPCentral app. After a slightly rushed fix we released last week to address problems some regions were experiencing when using Microsoft's pubcenter advertising controls, a new issue was introduced that affected users with the Iconic tile enabled when launching from toast notifications.

We're happy to say that said issue is fixed with today's release of version 4.4.20 for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. You'll find the full change list after the break as always, but if you'd rather just go grab the update then see the Windows Phone Store here.

WPCentral v4.4.20 change list

  • Fixed crash on launch from notifications with Iconic tile
  • Fixed a message that would appear regarding the iconic live tile even when live tile is turned off
  • Fixed an issue where the tile was only updated with one headline
  • Disabling the live tiles now returns the original static images
  • Disabling the live tile with the iconic pinned now removes the iconic tile from start
  • Corrected a typo on the settings screen

Please note that if you have the live tile currently turned off you will need to toggle the live tile on to return to the static live tile images. You should also be aware that the static live tile in this state will still have 2 sides to it. This is due to a limitation imposed by the Windows Phone operating system whereby once a tile has two sides it appears to be impossible to return to a 1 sided tile.

We'd like to remind everyone that this release is still targeted at the presently consumer-facing build of Windows Phone (so version 8 not 8.1). There are a few issues that affect only those running the developer preview of 8.1 that we expect to be providing an update for in the coming weeks. In the meantime please head to our forums if you'd like to provide any other kind of feedback.

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Reader comments

Official WPCentral patch 4.4.20 now available - fixes notification crashing issue


When I get notified that someone has responded to my comment and I click on the email link from my Windows 8 PC or tablet it won't open the app. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

If I had to live through that notification launch crash one more day, I was gonna scream. Glad it is resolved.

Been having some issues on wp8.1 but it automatically generates an error message email to WP central so no worries here

Can/how I log in to this wpc WP app using live id...
I tried but its not letting me to login to the app instead its log me in to the http://m.wpcentral.com/
I clicked on log in under forum and tried login it says invalid user or password. Than tried register here and selected Microsoft and it logs me to m.wpcentral.com not to the app

Please help

Hey guys, we're hopefully bringing full passport support next release, in the meantime there are instructions on how to deal with this problem in our support forum :)

Hey jay im looking for an apps which support full mobile nation in my windows phone... Is tgere any plan... Obviously mobile nation official apps..

@Jay please provide an update with larger font sizes in the articles, forums and comments..... Fonts too small to read on my 620.

Yes,even then the text is too small....I would be grateful if you could test the app on a 620, just to see how small it looks.

I don't have a 620 but I do have an old Lumia 800 somewhere with the same screen size and I don't recall too much of a problem. I will look to see what can be done but it might not make it into this version of the app, may need to come when we rebuild from scratch. In the meantime if you find that even the large fonts are too small, I would suggest that for your next phone you consider a larger screen? The Lumia 625 is very impressive for the price with a nice readable screen

Thank you for looking into this issue! Yeah,I am thinking of getting a phone with a larger screen size in the near future. Made a mistake buying the 620, should have gone for the 720.Also,I noticed that I can't zoom into the comments or forums, only the articles themselves.The large fonts options is for the articles only, not the comments and forums. Anyways hope you can modify the app in the future updates(maybe v5.0?) while keeping this issue in mind.

Two words: "Universal Apps". It's now possible to port Windows 8 apps to Windows Phone relatively easily, but apps written from the older days are kinda out of luck as they're being phased out by MS

I have the same problem, everything worked fine until this update. Now I always get a "network error" if I check the live tile status, and I'm not getting a single notification...

Finally. Also, i have an issue that when someone replies to my comment and Wpcentral emails me, when i want see the replies and launch the app directly from my email, it's also crashing just like i launch the app through out the action centre

Yeah! You reply me, i got the email, i launch the app, and voila! It's opened just like before:) thanks jay!

I'm on 8.1 and the app is not installing ...it just slips into 'needs your attention' ....do something

I have chosen WPCentral to show detailed status in my lock screen. It always shows the message "I'm used for the lock screen count." Is it normal? I'm using the trial version.

Yes I've chosen the iconic one. It is pinned to my start screen. The tile updates with new content as usual, and notifications works great! The lock screen remains the same though.

So that second tile which says "unpin me" is just so that we can update the lock screen count. We don't support setting the lock screen detail (text) unfortunately

Hey Jay, I believe you can disable the tile flipping by setting it's BackTitle and BackText (don't remember if this is called Text) to an empty string, and setting the BackBackgroundImage to a Uri that doesn't exist.

I did this almost two years ago though, so things may have changed. This is what I wrote to disable the tile's flip side:

data.BackBackgroundImage = new Uri("buuuurr", UriKind.Relative);

data.BackTitle = "";


I tried that so many times and it didn't seem to work (although admittedly I was using null Uris not just a Uri that doesn't work) and it never seemed to clear but I'll give it a shot thanks

Yeah, null values don't do it for some reason. The tile APIs are implemented in a strange way in my opinion.

No problem.

That's a known issue, I'm looking at ways to fix it but in the meantime if it's a problem for you I suggest you try out the iconic live tile :)

I don't get notifications when a new article is available . I have enable the toast notifications from settings but nothing happens .

Still not impressed with the new Windows Phone Store. I do not get any notification of updates for apps. The only way to know that an update is available is when you visit the apps page on the store..!

@Jay I'm not getting toast notifications/action center integration not working at least for me. Reinstalled app and will observe.

Best app for the best forum on windows phones..but i still don't get why its free in the google play store & paid in windows store  

Whenver an update article is published in the wpcentral app for a particular app, I got the download option where I update the app. But after a few days an update notification is sent for the same app which I have already updated. It doesn't go until I update the app. This is a bit irritating stuff. Updating an App which is already updated with same features will eat my download fup. Please look into this...