One more time: We're tuning up our official WPCentral app again

wpcentral app v4.3

Apparently Microsoft aren't the only ones with a new rapid release cycle! Somehow today I get to announce a third update to the official Windows Phone Central app in the same number of weeks. Before anyone gets too excited though, this one is just a quick tune up to the v4.3 feature set, fixing two important bugs and finally bringing forum likes to Windows Phone 7 users.

Yes, we figured out why the Tapatalk API wasn't allowing the WP7 build to send like requests in our forums and that has now been resolved. Still, this isn't the most exciting update, but you can find the change list after the break or download from the marketplace right here (it should be showing up as version 4.3.15).


  • Fixed a bug with images not display when using medium or low quality
  • Fixed YouTube video discovery failures
  • Added forum likes for WP7 users

As always, get in touch through the comments, forums or through the app’s feedback functionality and let us know your opinions, comments and suggestions! We won't be adding any new features for a while though, time to get serious on development for another platform.

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One more time: We're tuning up our official WPCentral app again


I just want to say that I am loving the WPCentral app! I'm using it constantly and it is the last thing I read before I go to sleep. Keep up the good work guys/gals.

And the first when I wake up too, I read somewhere this could be a (wpcentral ?) dependency problem, but don't care ;)

Really? WPCentral has become BY FAR my most used app in Windows Phone 8. I'd love to see it on Windows 8/8.1 soon! I imagine it on 8.1 with a Large Tile! :)

I have a problem: the double wide flip tile loads images in low-res, and only updates with high quality pictures after I open the app, wait for it to load and then go back to the start screen. Is it normal?

Ok, I was just wondering that, thanks :)
I have an idea though. Right now you use this method to use a small amount of data: the app downloads the low-res image, then crops it to fit the double wide tile. This way a large area of the image itself gets wasted.
If the app downloaded a server-side cropped image, with the exact dimensions that it gets in the double wide tile (the two versions: one for 1280*720 phones, and another for 1280*768 phones), it would be able to use the high-res image, with the same amount of data used. I mean, that's because it wouldn't waste all the area that is downloaded but actually cropped.
This is just an idea, what you think about it? :)

Funnily enough, we do that, we download a cropped image from the server. If we took the full image the background task would never survive!

Hey Jay, if I click on a notification from the app, it takes me straight to the story. Why though, doesn't it give me the option to go back to the apps home page from that article? I have to get out of the app, and click in the tile in order to go to the start screen. This is so annoying.

The app seems to have just the slightest stutter sometimes when scrolling down in the main feed or homepage of the app where the news is. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but its there even when I restart and only open this app. Its not a huge stutter thing and doesn't bother me much but thought id point it out. I'm on a Nokia Lumia 810 so the hardware shouldn't be the issue.

Good to know its not just me then. Its not annoying like I said but I do notice it. Still can't say its not a great app regardless tho.

Great to see a change log Jay - if only everyone was as transparent. When will big companies realise that hiding problems only makes them look worse.

Happens if you exit the app before the news refreshes. Unfortunately it's less a bug and more a requirement, otherwise the black tile issue becomes much much worse!

Any chance you can change the "like" icon to a smiley face or something? You guys are great and all but I just can't bring myself to say "Wow, I really 'heart' your comment" and not feel like a tittering little schoolgirl. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jay, when I receive an email that somebody has replied to a post of mine, and I click on the link that is supposed to open the WPCentral app and take me straight to that comment, nothing happens. When I click on it, the link just gets highlighted in grey, that's all, it doesn't open the WPCentral app.

Are you definitely clicking on the app link? Not the one above it? It works on all of my Windows Phone 8 devices (won't work for WP7)

Is there any formatting change you could do? I forwared that email (to myself) and noticed that the link does show up highlighted in the forwarded email. The forwarded email has some formatting changes, which is the reason why I was asking you if any formatting change could be done? Should I share the snapshot of the forwarded email where the link IS highlighted?

I don't think I've been so excited to give up $0.99 + tax!  Thank you, Jay for providing my most wanted feature - 'Likes' work perfectly :)

+ tax? O_o In Australia it's $0.99 including tax - all prices must include 10% GST. I'm surprised it would be added at the end

Do you work for free? We provide the trial which will never expire but with adverts displayed at the bottom. Then if you want to remove those ads, you can upgrade

We provide free access through the trial. But there is a lot of work that goes into the app, so we need to recoup that investment either through purchases (it's like a lifetime subscription to a magazine) or through advertising. It's entirely your choice which way to go.

I agree with them, this app should not be free with as much work as they put into it and as updated as it keeps me. Its only a dollar I think I paid and that's nothing for what this app has offered me. Keep up great work devs.

Unfortunately that can happen, simply because of the custom live tile we use. If you'd prefer a more stable tile experience, switch to the iconic live tile.

What's the cause of this error, that I seem to get semi-regularly (always using WiFi):
Network Error - could not connect to wpcentral.com: an exception occurred during a webclient request.

It means that for whatever reason, the app couldn't reach the site. Usually either the request timed out, or connection to the internet was not possible.

Nokia Lumia 900 user here. I've been having fits with the standard size live tile for a few updates now. Live tile does not work and keeps resetting its settings. Accent color within the app keeps resetting itself to default accent color.