OneDrive for Windows Phone updated to open files from other apps


Is this app Friday or what? We still don’t see the update for Xbox Music on Windows Phone yet, but we do see an update from Microsoft for OneDrive. It’s getting one new feature that we just know a ton of you can’t wait to use.

The last update for OneDrive came earlier this month and was just a round of bug fixes. Before that, we had a major update, version 4.1, to OneDrive that introduced new features like the ability to upload multiple photos.

You’ll find version of OneDrive in the Windows Phone Store today with the following changes:

  • Open files from OneDrive in other apps
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

To test the ability to open files from OneDrive in other apps we opened up MovieJax. We then pulled up the menu bar to choose the location and now see OneDrive as an option. That’s pretty awesome. Play around with the updated version of OneDrive and let us know what you think.

Download OneDrive for Windows Phone

Thanks for the tip Bata B!

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OneDrive for Windows Phone updated to open files from other apps


I wish they updated OneDrive for Windows 8.1
C'mon, Microsoft. The OneDrive app on Windows 8.1 is ALMOST exactly like the SkyDrive app on Windows 8.
Heck, while you're at it, update the Games app as well.

No, I was talking about WINDOWS 8.1. You know, Microsoft Windows build 9600. The Windows with the familiar desktop. The Windows operating system you run on your PC or Surface. That Windows. Not Windows Phone.

I still don't understand why Microsoft still hasn't updated some of the basic (or preinstalled) apps like Xbox Games (the UI still looks like the same from the Xbox Windows 8 app) and OneDrive (which still looks like the old SkyDrive app).

Just a shot in the dark, but I think that their Games division has been busy launching, and putting out fires for their new console. I would bet that most of the effort the rest of the year will be on continues XB1 support, and prepping XB Games for win9, but after that they may have some time to throw at merging the Windows and Xbox games interfaces. I am sure it is coming.

It's ridiculous, though, that it's been 6 months since Windows 8.1 launched and you still can't edit your Xbox avatar on Windows 8.1/RT 8.1.

Give Microsoft a break.. They've been doing a TON of stuff across the board. From Xbox,to Windows,to Surface,to Windows Phone,to Azure,to a reorg,to acquisitions,and more. I may desire some things here and there,but hats off to them for their continuous efforts.

If you know anything about Microsoft,you'd know that they also was trying to buy Twitch,but the company chose the competitor instead. So with that being said,I guess Microsoft isn't taking breaks either.

I'm well aware they reportedly bid for Twitch too. That's the reason I used that as an example, the point being that even when they make the right move that the odds are still not in their favor. That is, they need to be more ambitious than Google, not equally as ambitious. I had been calling for them to buy Twitch for a year. They should've locked it up before the Xbox One launch rather than the integration deal they signed instead, which soon will benefit Google more than Microsoft. Losing Twitch to Google was a huge and embarrassing blow. I still hope it falls through.

Well who knows exactly when,either company started putting in a bid? People only speculate and assume. Losing to Google wasn't just about the money,YouTube itself was a part of it well. (At least according to Twitch). Microsoft has been having a lot of hate pushed towards them as of late,and the fact that they are still moving things forward at no matter what pace is promising in itself. Yes they still have a lot of work to do,and being speedier will be a tremendous help. But they do,do some things right.

I know losing Twitch to Google wasn't about the money: that's my point. They have a higher degree of difficulty facing them so they have to be more aggressive. More money likely would've done it, or an earlier bid. We don't know when companies started putting in bids, but we can be pretty confident it was after Twitch broadcast integration with Xbox One happened in March for the Titanfall launch. Microsoft had been working for months with Twitch, securing an exclusive app feature deal. They should've made a strong bid to buy them last fall, or sooner. If they had, Twitch likely would be theirs and they'd finally have a strong counterstrike in the online video/streaming realm to Google's crappy YouTube. Instead, now the Google monopoly grows and Microsoft has no control over it.

every app can open and to access to the files directly in OneDrive without the needing of a file manager.

It's not Beta, it's Bata (means bro in my language). What can I say, I was faster :) More luck next time ;)

Hahaha third party Apps are better than official ones #Windowsphoneprobs ,why dont hire those devs. I mean they actually care and update the apps

oh yeah, people say they are opening files to what you say it's a problem but you still say it's "onedrive problem"??? righttttt.

You don't need to download nothing.

Thanks to the File Pickers APIs (that can be used by every apps) every apps can open every files in OneDrive without download nothing.

- - - - !!!!!ATTENTION!!!!! - - - -

BTW have anyone noticed that when on the phone searches for onedrive at WPstore there is no results but when searches for skydrive it does give the results of onedrive and some random contents

- - - - !!!!!ATTENTION!!!!! - - - -

Well, a universal WPCentral app would be nice. This one is giving me network errors. Would like to see a official and universal Twitter app. O, well, maybe next time.

Yes, where is the universal WPC app. Leave the current one for WP8 and make the universal available for both 8.1s.

I actually like the phone app better than the modern one. Which is why when on my tablet I usually use IE.

Means that OneDrive implements the File Picker APIs, so every app can open and access to the files directly in OneDrive without the needing of a file manager

Only seems to work on pictures for me. Would be nice if this worked on all my file contents considering it did in IOS 7 when I had the OneDrive app on that.

I would love an option to download Universal apps to both my phone and pc with one click of a button.

I tested this with Groupme, and was able to add a picture from OneDrive. Before it just opened the app, and didn't allow adding the picture.

Nice, btw when I checked for app updates in the Store to update this, Music and Video just updated for me as well...

Anyway this feature was present from the first update for WP8.1 of OneDrive but was removed in the previous update

I love how I can torrent all my videos and when I download them they go straight on my OneDrive folder and it quickly uploads it on the cloud. Then I can hop on my Lumia phones and open onedrive, then open with moliplayer = love. Love it!

Sorry, a little off topic, where the freak is WhatsApp?! My wife has got a new WP and is a heavy WhatsApp user. She doesn't use the phone now as is collecting dust. The devs really need to step up their game now.

My onedrive version is 3.6!!! How come it isn't updating? Is this update ( and the previous) only for WP8.1? I'm still running WP8

why was the  sign in removed on OneDrive on the phone. there must be some form of security to open OneDrive on the phone.

After their last update the appbar is missing, to which this doesn't fix. This limits the functionality of the app. Worse yet, it's a system app, so I can't uninstall and reinstall it.

Edit: As soon as I say this the appbar returns.

Winphone sucks!!!! OneDrive wont open, and its full of glitches. But the worst part is that is made by micro$hit! I regret buying this phone. The only good thing from Microsoft is windows(before 8) office and Xbox. 'nuff said.

Windows phone sucks!!! Also onwdrive sucks, it wont even open! Windows phone has no apps, glitches, but the worst part is that it's made by Micro$hit.