Pizza Pointer, a simple way to find the nearest pizza joint from your Windows Phone

Pizza Pointer

For many, pizza is a staple food item and the Windows Phone app Pizza Pointer is designed to help you seek out the nearest Pizza Parlor (and yes, technically Little Caesars is a pizza parlor).

Pizza Pointer has the ability to map out all the pizza places in your area, generate driving direction and, if available, provide you with phone numbers, websites and other details on the pizza joint. In using Pizza Pointer over the past few days, it comes across as a handy Windows Phone app to help satisfy your pizza cravings.

Pizza Pointer Layout

Simple is the word to describe Pizza Pointer. The main page has a pizza slice that acts as a compass pointer that will direct you to the nearest pizza place. Just below the pizza slice is the store's listing, rating and distance from your current location.

Pizza Pointer Main Page, Options and List View

Four tile buttons line the bottom of the main screen that will send you to the map view of all the pizza places in your area, generate a list view of the pizza places, a 'next' tile that will set the compass to the next closest pizza place and a 'more' tile button.

The 'more' tile will pull up options to view Pizza Pointer's About page and access the app's settings. Settings for Pizza Pointer are minimal with options to turn on/off your Windows Phone location services and choosing between metric or imperial measurement units. You also have the option to calibrate the compass/pizza slice.

Pizza Pointer Map View and Details Pages

In tapping the title of the pizza place from the main page, map page or list view Pizza Pointer will pull up a Details page for that establishment. The details vary slightly from place to place but in general include:

  • The address, phone number and website for the pizza parlor
  • Ratings from FourSquare
  • A brief description of the pizza parlor
  • Photos of the joint.

You also have the ability to share the location and generate directions to get to the pizza place.

Overall Impression

Pizza Pointer is an easy to use, effective Windows Phone app that will help you find the closest pizza place in your area. The app reminds me of Hungry Now Fast Food, just pizza oriented. The pizza slice compass is a nice touch and gives the app a little flair (could have lived without the mushrooms though).

If you think pizza should be considered a major food group or are just in the mood for a tasty pizza pie, Pizza Pointer is a nifty Windows Phone 8 app to have installed.

  • Pizza Pointer - Windows Phone 8 - Free - Store Link

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Reader comments

Pizza Pointer, a simple way to find the nearest pizza joint from your Windows Phone


Little Caesars is not a pizza parlor. I don't know how they stay in business with their inedible thing that they falsely think is pizza. I just tried the app. Not too bad. I noticed one of the places on the list recently closed but another is opening at the same location. Only 1 chain listed here out of the 20 it lists. (Uno Chicago Grill) so that's good that most of the chains like Pizza Hut and all are excluded.

Mmmm...another cool app!


Pizza is very very important to me!

The wife however will not allow me to have it.

She is trying to keep me alive for some diabolical reason.


Bloody hell wpcentrals getting lower than low... Pizza pointer... I just go I m&s and point at the pizza.

" (and yes, technically Little Caesars is a pizza parlor)." And ketchup is a vegetable.

And the easiest way to find a pizza parlor? Follow your nose.

The US government decided that pizza is a vegetable a little while back. Don't help them... XD

I have authentic pizzerias all around me! I love them all. I have bad pizza places too (Caesars and pizza hut), but the good ones make up for it! Plus, the good ones get better business anyways