Popular Windows Mobile puzzle game HexaLines finally arrives on Windows Phone


Popular Windows Mobile puzzle game HexaLines is already available for Windows 8, and has been for some time. Those of us who wield Windows Phones have had to wait until the developer eventually managed to get the game in a working state to release on the mobile platform. That time has now come. HexaLines is now available on the Windows Phone Store.

Optimised for both Windows Phone 7 and 8, HexaLines offers players the opportunity to compete against the computer (or friends) by adding hexagons on the plan (or by rotating existing ones) to fill pipes with a red-coloured liquid and beat the other players. It's a simple concept, but is extremely difficult to master. Players have to watch out for competing players and their own liquid and hexagon deployment.


The game ends when either one player remains or the entire plan is filled (with the highest score winning). If you've already got the title loaded on your Windows PC and / or tablet, you'll definitely want to check out the Windows Phone version to take the action on the move. 40 challenges are available to complete (including both simple and more difficult goals) to keep the player active. 

Unfortunately there's no Xbox Live support so don't expect to unlock achievements. What you will find, however, is an interactive tutorial, a free trial, no in-app purchases and a launch sale to get you interested. The tutorial kicks off at the start of each and every game, but by interactive we mean it's there simply to remind the player during the first handful of turns and can be ignored (it doesn't get in the way).

Here's a trailer for HexaLines:

You can download HexaLines from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (currently 50 percent off), as well as Windows 8. We strongly urge you to at least check it out as it's fairly addictive indeed.

QR: HexaLines


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Popular Windows Mobile puzzle game HexaLines finally arrives on Windows Phone


Can you tell me in steps how to do it? I was able to do it on windows 8 but dont know how to do it on WP.
Thanks in advance.

If I remember correctly simply go to your settings, then hit language+region, and change to your desired region (sounds as if you want access to all apps, so the United States or UK should do), and hit the restart phone button.

nope that won't do.
you gotta change the region of your xbox live account to US or UK or anything else.
(once changed, can't be changed again for three months.)
but yes, switching to US gives you Zune/xbox music too. so you get artist images on lockscreen and music+videos tile. and also smart dj.

Yeah,that work. sometimes I do this when install apps, wich are in BR store and other in US. most of the time, is set to use US, but there are some apps which is only in local store

Seriously, why any indie publisher decides not to make their apps available worldwide to increase sales it's beyond me. *sighs*

Hello, thank you for your report! I have selected the worldwide distribution (included the Brazil), there had to be some problem with an ESRB certificate or something similar. I will take a look on it, I hope I will fix it... Thanks!

Hi Tomas. All you need to do to publish games here in Brazil is upload the PEGI or ESRB certificates in the place of the Brazilian one (DJCTQ) and select the match game rate. Any doubts you can ask me, I already helped a lot of developers like you to do this.

Still waiting for Slay, or some sorta clone to appear.... Will settle for dicewars..... Slay took up 99% of any of my wm use back in the day
.... EDIT: Hmm seems dicewars lives on in WP as dice battles interesting