Vala Alpha

Save the world from rabid llamas in the new 3D shooter for Windows Phone

While aliens, monsters, and zombies have attempted to take over the world in several movies and games, a new 3D shooter game for Windows Phone has pegged the doom on hordes of llamas!

Developed by Matt, better known as RogueCode, Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha, or VALA: Alpha is a full 3D top-down shooter for Windows Phone 8 devices where your aim to save the world from rampaging llamas. Matt is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Phone development, a Nokia Developer Champion for Windows Phone and even used to write for us some time ago.

VALA: Alpha

The game is set in post-apocalyptic New York, Rio, and Dubai, where you need to fight for your life across six unique levels. A funny touch is linking to the maps and Wikipedia pages of the three cities showcasing how the cities were before the apocalypse.

You have a gun with unlimited bullets, but only one life, and can move around a playing area where llamas charge you from all directions. You’d want to keep moving as you kill the rabid llamas, since they appear in never-ending waves. Some of the llamas drop energy cubes which you can collect to build various types of sentry towers on three specific locations in every level.

VALA: Alpha

VALA: Alpha is a good-looking game, with an interesting gameplay. You can download the game for free from the Windows Phone Store for free. (Windows Phone 8 only - 69MB - works with 512MB hardware). Give it a spin and try to save to save the world from a llama apocalypse. Let us know how you like it, and how many llamas you manage to kill.

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Save the world from rabid llamas in the new 3D shooter for Windows Phone




Would LOVE to see some of the LLamasoft games on WP, mainly Attack of the mutant camels, Matrix and Gridrunner..

I can see I'm not the only person here whose first thought was of Geoff Minter.  Made me all nostalgic for Revenge of the Mutant Camels on the old Amiga.

My credit card hasn't been renewed yet, and I'm glad its free but it looks too good to be free is it ad supported?

We worked hard to get this working on 512MB devices and will continue to optimize it. We're really happy with how good it looks even on the low end devices. Enjoy!

Seems my reply got attached to the wrong person. Here is is again : Working on it! Brazil is the next country we aim to get it in once in China. Will do this ASAP.

You rock! I've got the cert and will submit it as soon as the China submissions passes(or fails). That means it should be up during next week.

Do you know that you don't need to update the whole game to add a new certificate? You can just add the news certificates and the game will show in the stores within 24h. ;)

Not sure if you have subscribed to replies, so I hope you see this.

The game is now available in Brazil, Russia, and China :-)

The latest update (Brazil, Russia, and some bug fixes) actually went through in under 24h.

Took a second to figure out exactly how to work it but, after getting started, good god that was alot of llamas, lol. Pretty good so far.

People should check out his site. The guy is really talented on different levels.

I always find it strange whenever i see 512 mb ram support written at the bottom of an article..tells you how important it is for a game to have 512 mb ram support..

Agree and even if they realize, they are too lazy to optimize it (Rockstar, for example)... And some games just can't really fit in 512mb devices.

Mate, great job.. Lots of fun, really enjoyed playing it, you should reach out to Llamasoft and let see if they will let you do Gridrunner, Andes attack (my age is showing) or the revenge of the mutant camels. Of course WP8 version if them. Your game rocks.

Gridrunner, Matrix and Revenge would be so cool to have. I actually mailed Jeff Minter on this but got no response..

Awesome game....Really love playing it...Looking forward for lot more from you...Really talented developer..

Kudos to the dev.... Loads of feedback from him here. Good to see. Any chance of achievements? Yes I realise they actually don't help pay the mortgage, but I like them.

Thanks :)

Are you meaning Xbox Achievements? Unfortunately that is not something under my control. That's up to Microsoft.

Yeah, Xbox ones. Thanks for the reply. Incidentally, nice sparkler pic with the 1020. I tried something similar on New Year's Eve, with far worse results. Wish I had the time to try those bits of coding on your blog. Quality stuff. The Bluetooth remote was nice.

Cheers for the heads up... Sadly, my programming knowledge is nil. So I may struggle. Although I like the way you play around with very cheap components. I thought the Raspberry Pi was low cost. I may have a go. Got your blog saved to my favourites, so I will check back. Very good.

Cool, let me know if you have any problems or need some advice. I'm on Twitter at @roguecode, or use the email link in the game.

For those gamers interested in helping indie developers like RogueCode here be able to release their games as Xbox games on Windows Phone, please consider joining the #SaveXboxWP movement, described here. One of the primary goals of the movement is to convince Microsoft to expand the ID@Xbox program to Windows Phone. That program makes it easier for indie developers to make Xbox One games and there is no reason why Microsoft shouldn't extend it to Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT. That way, everyone wins.

I applaud your efforts, but I'm not on Twitter, or even anything similar. I love achievements, they work for me. Thanks for your efforts.

Good see the developer replying to almost every post here just for that effort i am downloading your game will come with the feedback in a while cheers

Looking forward to hearing what you think! Please also remember to rate the game in the store if you get a sec :)

I checked out the game. Played the first Dubai level a few times. Killed about 100 or so llamas before dying. Tried to build some towers but it wasn't clear to me that they were built. A few questions about the game: does each level have an ending--as in, you kill 1000 llamas and it's over, or you build all the towers and it's over? Or is it open-ended--you just kill as many as you can before you die and basically are just aiming for a high score (like Pac-Man)?

Do later levels have any other changes? I would love to see some different weapons--some more powerful ones, like rocket launchers--as well as different llamas (perhaps some faster llamas or even more llamas on screen at once; not that the game needs to be any harder, so the extra power of stronger weapons can offset any llama speed gains). Excuse me if this is the case and things do change, but I just couldn't seem to get past the first level or quite understand what I was supposed to be doing other than shooting llamas and building towers (which I couldn't seem to do). Perhaps some more onscreen prompts would help clear up confusion.

The controls are okay, but many times I got a tad annoyed that the mech didn't shoot in the direction I wanted and I had to spin him around (in the meantime, getting attacked by llamas). Perhaps it's because I'm used to Halo: Spartan Assault's controls, which I think are the archetype of what twin-stick shooter controls on a touch screen should be--it just seems a tad easier to aim where I want to aim in Halo: SA than in Vala.

Overall, though, it's a very nice game. Good job! I liked the PSA video you guys did too.  You should incorporate that into the game, kind of like a pre-game movie to provide background story, because the PSA was pretty funny, with the llama newspaper headlines and such. I don't know how hard it is to add in that movie, but if you download the trial to Spy Mouse, you can see one example of how they incorporated a pre-game movie. Halo: Spartan Assault is another example. Since you already made the video it shouldn't go to waste on YouTube (lol, I hate YouTube), so put it into the game if it isn't already!


OK, so basically, we decided that instead of developing it for another year to release just the game with "survival" mode now. The levels are all open-ended, and goal is to get a high-score.

I should make it a bit clearer in the UI, but the button next to the play button on the home screen is a tutorial. Check it out, it will help explain the towers a bit better.

Our next steps now that the game is out is to start updating with extra content like weapons and powerups. I will also take a look at how to make the controls better. Someone suggested moving them inwards abit so they don't touch the left and right. I'm waiting for a MOGA controller to get here too and will be adding support soon.

The PSA video is a bit "unprofessional" unfortunately, and was just thrown together, so I wouldn't want to put it in. The thought of having an opening video is good though, so will see if we can get a better video made now that the game actually exists :P

Thanks for the great feedback!

Because LLAMAS!

Really though, it's because 9 out of 10 of the imaginery fortune-tellers we asked predicted that llamas were a greater real-world threat than zombies.