Service Alert: Live Core Services are down for the Xbox One

Update: We are able to login now...

If you’re like us, turning your Xbox One on to log in is coughing up a 0x87DD0006 error. Evidently the Xbox Live Core Services for the One are down and out for the moment and it’s also affecting “Browsing the Xbox Video Store and the Xbox Music Store” (though that is fixed now).

Users who try to login will be met with the above error and the problem seems quite widespread. Microsoft is on top of the problem though and are promising updates every half hour, meaning this could be resolved by the time we post this article.

Surprisingly, this is what seems like the first outage for the Xbox One since launch. Up until now, things have seemingly gone without a hitch, though we knew there would be some growing pains. Anyone else experiencing the outage? Let us know below.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Guillaume C., for the tip


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Service Alert: Live Core Services are down for the Xbox One


Ahh but when you try to toggle it on for more than one person in the party it will say party chat couldn't start please try again later

I have tried to convert here. But its impossible she is a wii fan... She asked if we could get the WiiU instead

There was outage on Nov 27. for many hours where multiplayer and the store was down but I think only Europe was affected. Just tested, it's working here in Germany right now. 

Still waiting on my Xbox one day one from Microsoft store online. Any one else in Canada have there's delayed in customs????

Mine is still awaiting clearance. UPS says they are not acting as custom agent for delivery so I contacted Microsoft Store. So glad I ordered a day one edition in July. ;^)

I got mine on the 26th at 6 PM. I did phone UPS to see what was going on, maybe that helped?

No issues at all up here in Vancouver BC Canada and I've been online gaming and watching Netflix all day as I'm on vacation enjoying the jump from PS3 the Xbox One and loving every minute of it.

Why not it will cost the same if u buy it between now and probably 2015 at the earliest, yea there are problems, as with any product look at ps3 when it shut down the network that wasn't launch problems. Yet u don't get the time lost and its not like u don't have a warranty, u can get one 5 yrs from now and still have some problems

Oh dear, Poor Microsoft rushing things again, you would think people would have learned not to buy Microsoft products after Windows, but, obviously not, first DMA, then Blu Ray chewing disks, now this....., Feeling sorry for all you xbox users, especially as you paid more for the console.

PSN has been hacked and down for weeks, PS4 has had its own issues too. Microsoft has given away free games to anyone who experienced problems. Have yet to see Sony offer something similar. In sum no product line by any company is perfect,

Actually, during that outage you spoke off with Sony. They actually gave out dozens of different games. I was able to get two PS3 games and a psp one as well (Little Big Planet with the DLC, Uncharted 2 and hot pursuit for psp).

What u mean the free games were only like 5, infamous,and some other exclusives like the zombie game nothing like uncharted or little big

I know I feel sorry for the nearly 990,000 people out of a million that get to enjoy their new product damn those people buying a console and having fun with it

Its okay bro, us here with the PS4 will enjoy our gaming consoles why you enjoy your entertainment system.

I've had my One logged in pretty much all day without problems here in Illinois, USA. Now I'm afraid to log off! :)

If you're still looking for an Xbox One Toysrus.com is selling them again tonight. Just scored a bundle.

This must have been a partial outtage 'cause I was logged in, in a party playing multiplayer KI the whole time Live was supposedly down

Why can't I use Smartglass in Battlefield 4 on my Surface 2. It says I can't use Battlefield Battlelog on a non-tablet. Anyone else have this issue?

well my xbox one had to go back into it's box...(no pun intended lol) as my folks weren't keen on even letting me play abit on the living room tv and my bro is hogging the other TV with GTA V (lucky sod got it free from my older cousin as they got a brand new one...) lol..

in NY cant sign in live core issues still present been hours already hppe they hurry I want to get on ghosts just cause you guys can get online dont mean everyone else can