Skype relief is finally coming with notifications only on the device you're currently using

Soon Skype will only bother you on one device at a time

Skype will soon be doing more to curb notification noise on your devices. The company has announced a new feature, known as "active endpoint" that will contain chat notifications to the device that you're using, rather than alerting every single device. For instance, if you're chatting using Skype on your phone, your computer and tablet will remain silent.

From the Skype blog:

If you are signed in to Skype on multiple devices (a laptop, tablet and a smartphone) and you are sending chat messages to a group of friends from your tablet. Skype will only send new message notifications to your tablet and not to any of your other devices. All of your other devices will remain blissfully silent. You can continue to focus on the most important thing, your conversations, without being disturbed by the bleeping and buzzing from all of your other devices.

When you stop actively using a particular device, all of your other devices will begin receiving notifications once again. Active endpoint will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks. Skype encourages you to update to the latest version of the app on all devices in order to get the best endpoint experience.

What do you think of Skype's efforts to reduce notification headaches? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Skype relief is finally coming with notifications only on the device you're currently using


Now make it remove notifications when read on any device, too. And allow conversations to get muted, I have some 30+ people groups, I don't want to have a vibrator in my pocket when they all start chatting.

Great idea: "remove notifications when read on any device" -- that would be fanstastic. I would much prefer that to muting the alerts. Go ahead and show a 1 or 2 or whatever on other devices, but if I respond on any device, then wipe those counts on all devices. Seems that would provide all the same benefits as blocking them and more.

It's a bit of both.  The Skype Service took a while to implement this feature.  Now, the clients are being updated to support it.

Keep in mind that Skype took a while to implement this feature on the backend.  Now, clients are being updated to support it.

This is really a problem for people? What, is everyone sitting in a studio apartment with 3 phones, 2 tablets, and a laptop, all on at the same time? Oh well, I'm glad this is providing "relief."

As a matter of fact, yes. Your phone constantly ringing when you're using Skype on say your computer is just plain annoying. You can't silent your phone 'cause you'll miss other notifications.

Really? A tablet, a desktop, a surface, and a phone. Not that much, I think. I stay signed out on most of them to avoid this. How is that not either annoying or inconvenient?

If you use Skype on your PC you don't want to sign out from Skype on your phone every time you have a Skype conversation, if that's even possible? Is annoying and an appreciated update.

I have a Nokia 1020 in my pocket, a Windows 8.1 PC in the dinning room, an Xbox One and 360 in the living room and a Windows 8.1 tablet that I keep on and running in the kitchen when I'm out there.  I work in healthcare IT, I'm working on my MFA, I'm a writer, and I'm a single father of three very active, small children.  So no matter what I'm doing - work or play - I have a device close enough to use when necessary because I do get kind of busy.  And yes, we do live in a relatively small apartment.

Not only do they all blast Skype calls and notifications, they don't always do it at the same time.  If I answer it in one place it may keep going on another.  Sometimes the confusion causes calls to drop.  If it's personal, fine... I can call back.  But if it's for work, that's a different story.  Sooooo, yes... this is actually pretty great news.

Using Skype in Healthcare IT?  Doesn't that violate any security policies?  It's akin to using a public email address for work communications, that is, unsecure.  Anyway, good luck with all that responsibility!  It'll get easier as the kids get older so hang in there...

Yes this is a problem. If I am at work chatting on my laptop, I have my phone right next to me.  I get notifications on my phone while chatting on my laptop;  it is annoying and should not be happening.

Desktop, 1520, XBO, Laptop and iPhone. Getting calls on the XBO and answering them will make the other devices keep on ringing for way too long. Sometimes up to a couple of minutes. Happened yesterday xD

Hope they getting it working good enough to know when you have transitioned to a new device without actually sending a message from it. Will be interesting to see if it works right. I don't want to miss messages because I grab my phone and head out.

Great point. If they only change active endpoint device when you send a message, I'll probably never will get notifications on my phone(s). Most of the time I'm talking through the XBO or desktop.

I can understand how that would be annoying (I don't get enough chat activity for it to bother me), but how does it determine "actively using"?  If I'm chatting with someone on my PC and then leave it, how long before it decides I'm no longer there and start sending notifications to my phone again?

I just wish that, when I am speaking over my BT headset, the cacaphony of text, Skype, Words With Friends, and F'book messenger notifications could be silenced. Frigging terrible!

I hope the general dormancy of the Skype team now means they're working on some huge things for Threshold. Maybe the ability for Skype to replace my phone completely? To sync texts to my tablet? To allow for SMS sending and receiving through the Skype apps. 

If not, I'm not entirely sure that Skype wasn't a wasted purchase. Mac OS X will have these features this fall. Why couldn't Windows have had them years ago?

That's ok, but modern versions of Skype (Windows / Windows Phone) need to be much more improved. My contact list in Surface or Lumia doesn't show all my contact profile pictures for example, or shows me some contacts offline when they're conected...

The only Skype client that works nice are desktop version and Outlook.com

Also, skype for some reason loves to use small profile pictures and then blow them up to look terribly. I don't know why improving the user experience in small ways isn't a priority as well.


Other exaples are:

  • You can't change the font size in modern Skype apps for Windows
  • In Windows Phone you can't delete a contact
  • Forget about rename a contact in modern Skype apps for Windows

It's frustrating.. :(

Is this update for the Windows 8 and mobile versions of Skype or for desktop Skype also?

I never use the Windows 8 Skype app. I always use desktop Skype on PC.

From the original post by the Skype team, It's a backend change. Doesn't need app based changes.

Edit: That part of it seems to be insinuated.

About time. Now what about canceling out pc sounds while on Skype call? With messenger, I could play music on my PC while in a call and the person on the other end could not hear it.

OMG FINALLY!!!  it was always annoying when I'm on a video call on my tablet and then someone skype IMs me on my phone and you hear all these notifications go off and the other person thinks i'm crazy LOL.

It's funny how Windows Live Messenger already had all these 'improvements/features' long long time ago before Skype even came popular.  Glad to see MS bringing Skype on par.

Still needs a better optimisation for wp/desktop, cuz its laggs sometimes and fix a bug then sometimes someone has write to you, but you see only him/her default nickname(not that you have renamed on pc). Other thing is to make a files transfering ability and live title...

Please update skype add new features like ios and android..make your app faster remove resuming..add feature to send and receive photos instantly not in an URL.also change UI make it like ios

Now if it would only show correct contact status.  Seriously, I can't believe how ridiculous it is that desktop Skype has a bunch of different status types that the WinRT and mobile versions can't understand.

"Do Not Disturb" on desktop maps to "Offline" on mobile, meaning you can't see that the person is online or that they have a status message displayed.

"Idle" on desktop maps to "Available" on mobile, meaning that the person for all intents and purposes appears to be online and fully available to talk to.

This is part of the core functionality of the program and it's just plain BROKEN.

Exactly my thinking. It would be useful to actually fix the basic functionality first, like, being able to call Skype when it's not active running app. I am hearing about this functionality since WP7 and still, today, being on WP8.1 cyan, I am not reachable via Skype call. BTW, latest DP update brought new feature... crashing homescreen. Reminds me Android times...

Pretty cool! Twitter must do the same. My 8X, Surface & iPod all go out at the same time ... Really annoying

I've only used Skype once when my wife was out of town. This looks like a welcomed thing by the responses here. I wouldn't mind this for Xbox messages. As it is now, I get a pop up on either Xbox (360, One), Xbox One smartglass, and my Win8.1 laptop if its on.

Also something that bothers me. I get a ton of messages on XBL and my phones, desktop, laptop, 360 and XBO all pop the notification. At the most the action center was filled with about 40-50 message notifications from XBO Smartglass. Oh, 360 smartglass doesn't work if you've gotten both XBO and 360 running, which has to be fixed as well.

LOL. You better don't ask Paul about his thoughts, best way he would probably put it would be something like "veggie update"

Hehehe. By the way I pre ordered Xbox one here in India. Will be getting it after September 23. Will someone graciously send me a invite to the preview for Xbox . Much obliged.

As a member of the preview, I highly recommend you to stay away. I'm opting out because there's been soo much issues lately. Wifi broken, hdd reportedly full sometimes when you start the console, games/apps failing to install/start/update and the dashboard has frozen quite a couple of times.

It's especially a problem when answering a Skype call. After answering it continues to ring on the device next to you. So you end up silencing the device, or quitting skype on it. Skype is logged out on my phone for this reason - I never use it.

This software has been around for quite some time now and still feels like pre alpha on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 (however, the classic Windows client does a rather solid job). I really start to lose faith in Microsoft when they need so much time for building basic apps for text messages or music. How many developers does What's App employ in comparison?

Skype is the biggest fail and embarrasment of Microsoft. On WP especially. Its such an abysmally bad experience it really is almost laughable at how badly it has been managed and executed by MS. I don't know a single person anymore who uses Skype for dedicated messaging. I even asked a friend of mine to download it so I can could try out messaging with him. His response was "Why would I use it?" And honestly I couldn't come up with an answer for him.

Skype is the single tool I use to stay in touch with my family overseas. Not that it is perfect, but it has served us well over the last 6 years.

The reason...it is cross platform. I do agree that MS needs to step it up and dominate with Skype. It should be as integrated with WP as Facetime is with iOS.

Awesome! Having my private phone, my company phone and my Xbox go off on every message or call I get is a slight bit inconvenient:)

The biggest problem of all still needs to be addressed. Delayed messages. I was told that the backed is still p2p based and will need to be rebuilt. Can anyone here confirm?

I wonder why they would need to rebuild it. That P2P backend has been one of the strengths of Skype in my opinion.

Hooray. I routinely am signed in on maybe 5 devices and use Skype all the time (corporate instant messaging is done over Skype where I work) so this will be nice. It would be nice to let users configure this explicitly in case people are worried about missing notifications too.

GOSH I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. like using Skype on PC my phone is sitting here buzzing and beeping.... IM READING IT ON ANOTHER DEVICE. You would think Microsoft as a company would address these things earlier...

Am I the only one having problems deleting conversations? Seems like I can only do it on my SP2, and even when I do the conversation remians on my phone. 

had this on facebook's messenger since forever, they should make another skype app from scratch, this thing completely sucks imo, no way to turn that around

This sounds quite similar to how Jabber (the protocol Google Chat used and Google Hangouts is murdering) works. The first message in a set amount of time goes to all devices, then when you reply on one the conversation is continued only on that client. However without cloud messages it means that those messages were only in one client, which won't be a problem with Skype.

Windows Live Messenger already worked that way three years ago, even on WP7. Before it was brutally killed of in favour of the feature-lacking, slow and bugged Skype mess.

What will finally make Skype on WP8.1 back to good for me is if the messages would use the messaging app we all already have like it always did in WP8 and WP7+ . MS got us hooked on Messenger which flowed right in with my SMS and Familyroom messages. Then they pushed that into Skype - great. Then WP8.1 hit and they've dumped all the great integration (FB, Twitter, Skype, etc.) that made the platform so great so now I'm using two different apps for messaging - Suck!

They need to focus on performance, and actually getting the notifications. Still very buggy in windows phone and windows 8.1


I'd rather GET notifications. My Windows Phone and Tablet both do not receive group message notifications. Hope they fix that next. But, it's been an issue for a very long time.

I wish I could say I'm happy with Skype but that's not the case. There are times when I don't receive notifications on my phone of an oncoming message or call. I only see these notifications when the app is launched. There is this other issue with multiple contacts showing up on my contact list in Skype. I wish there were a way to contact Skype about this

I have a serious issue since the most recent update of WP. When a Skype call arrives the phone goes into lockdown mode and keeps on ringing. There is nothing stopping it, I can't even switch it off! The phone keeps on ringing even if O take the call from another device.
The only solution to stop the noise was to plug the power supply in and then restart. Problem may have been caused by receiving a Skype call while WP was updating. Removing and reinstalling Skype does not help.
In the remote chance that someone has the same problem, or a solution. Thanks

Make the Skype better and faster than now, add some photosharing, filesending, new interface maybe. Then all is going to be happy. Including me.