Skype for Windows Phone still coming this year

Last we spoke of an app for Skype coming to Windows Phone was back in April, at MIX'11. An app was demoed and was slated for a "late fall 2011" release. Neil Stevens, Skype's Vice President and General Manager of Products and Marketing, spoke about how Skype is looking to be more integrated into the OS as opposed to being a mere app, which should be likely with Microsoft's acquisition.

We've now caught wind of Microsoft confirming the upcoming launch of a Skype app for Windows Phone, which is scheduled for late 2011. It will be interesting to see what the solution will be, we expect video calls will be supported to keep the app up to par with other platforms.

Source: @leoberto, via: MobileTechWorld


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Skype for Windows Phone still coming this year


if they demoed the app then I'd like to see them release it now and add video calling later. Then again my Mozart switched off this morning and wont come back on so I guess I am shopping for a new phone this afternoon...

@Mestiphal...Surely you jest? They said the Mozart (which is a HTC device) just switched off and is not working, and you're propping the 'Titan'?

Bizarre its working again. Waited a few hours on charge no red light but then took battery out for about 20th time and now its going.Actually like the Titan but waiting to see what Nokia do.

Had the same stuff once (never appeared before mango update...). Seems to be a software bug cause pulling out battery for a minute or two (to fully reset system) quickly returned my phone back to life.

Agreed. The facebook chat and windows live messenger integration is REALLY great, and I think adding skype to that would be relatively easy. Maybe have a video call button pop up on the bottom if they are online on skype. I think WP7 messaging app is superior to all the rest as it stands, and with Skype integration it would perhaps forever be the best. My only worry is that there will be just too many different outlets for chat using the same messaging app. It will be the best to use all those outlets on the WP7 messaging app, but all the same I think they might consolidate Skype and windows live messenger. Or at least call video calling on live messenger "Skype Video Chat". Time will tell...

I wish that MS would allow some sort of control over which platform appears in the Online pivot. I also wish that they release APIs for 3rd party apps to integrate to it as well (think WhatsApp)