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Sneak Peek – FilmOn streaming TV app for Windows Phone 8

Yesterday, we reported on a FilmOn TV app for Windows Phone 8 arriving in the coming weeks. The app is based off of the FilmOn streaming site of the same name (, and it allows users to stream local network TV, in addition to online channels, right to their PC or phone. Up until now, we haven’t had an app for Windows Phone 8, but that is about to change.

FilmOn TV is in an open beta (though you need to register to sign up) and it should be available in the near future as some final bugs and quality testing takes place.

The app, made by developers Charaf Hormi (@charafhormi) and Yassine Serhane (@theLoukt), whom are both Nokia Developer Champions, is highly reflective of the website streaming abilities and so far, looks great. You can see the app in action in our video tour to see what it’s all about.

With the ability to stream FOX, ABC, CBS and other local affiliates, in addition to accessing your free FilmOn TV account, the FilmOn TV app for Windows Phone should be a hit for commuters. Users also have the ability to pin individual stations to their Start screen and even check the TV schedule.

We’ll pass on when FilmOn goes live for general Windows Phone users, but for now, you can enjoy the tour and screenshots.


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Sneak Peek – FilmOn streaming TV app for Windows Phone 8


fukc this new year, people plz dont say on every article happy new year its getting on my nerves


btw wpcentral plz make an article about popular app which just came to windows phone 8 but sadly only for 1520 and 1020 PicsArt which has more than 100 million downloads on other oses

@halamadridkimi Before requesting we do a story, please search the site first. We covered PicsArt last Friday, Dec 27th. 


I'm with you on this happy new year crap which also gets on my tits too. Why do people wish other random people such niceties once a year but then spend the rest of the year trying to screw them over?

Cool. Looking forward to the day when I only need an internet connection to watch the channels I want.

You do realize that link is no good for anyone unless they signed up? And if they did sign up, they got that email with the link? Not sure why you're posting that here...

@Daniel Not true. I thought it might have jumped beta so I clicked the link and downloaded. I installed it and registered within the app and all works. Just got confirmation from FILMON as well that it is successfully registered.

Daniel, the link they sent me was used on three different phones I have. Each under different account, and app worked fine on all. I was able to register as well on all. I guess the link is the same for everyone and you can share it as well.

How did you get the abc, nbc and FOX channels I am doing a search and have no luck. Is it due to my location?


So far, full screen rotation,delay seems to be the main issue I found. Also, you can register with fake email, which they may choose not to fix. I found out about the fake email because I made a typo on the first registration.

I requested the beta and installed it today. Really lovely app with a huge range of programmes. Works lovely on my 925. Don't get the USA channels as in UK and can't use unblock-us on a win 8 phone. But I get loads of uk channels my freeview tv won't pick up and some German TV I have missed since Astra Satellite went digital. So I am happy with it.