Sonic CD coming to Windows Phone on November 14th

Lumia Sonic CD

News just in - Sonic CD is coming to Windows Phone (we already knew that), but we've got a confirmed date of November 14th. Those of you who have been eagerly awaiting any official announcement can now rejoice with the title coming to both Windows Phone 7 and 8.

We previously interviewed SEGA, the makers of Sonic CD, which is a refreshed version of the classic game. Back then we were being bombarded with requests for more information on a possible release date, but were unfortunately unable to provide such details.

Thanks to a new photo published on the Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook account, November 14th can now be marked on the calendar.

Source: Facebook (Sonic the Hedgehog); thanks, Franco, for the tip!


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Sonic CD coming to Windows Phone on November 14th


lol, this was supposed to be out 10 months ago. Oh well, better late than never. Price will probably be $5.99 though...
Still, LOTS of material with this game.

And now.. How about a date for Sonic Ep.2? Ya know.. For the world's fastest hedgehog, he's moving pretty slow. ANDDD btw, Sega's only doing this because Wreck-it-Ralph is coming out, starring Sonic the Hedgehog :- / no love for us...  LOL

Please, if ANY develpor of ANY game are reading this, make your(s) game(s) available in Brazilian Windows Phone Store!! There´re so few games in here!!! Please, help us!!
I know about the specific gaming rating required for this. I can help if you want. The process are simpler than you think.


Uh.... this is late... really late. Where's ep II? This late by now everyone has beaten it making it useless to have that play as you go feature.... unless you held out like I did, lol.

So is this basically the original Sonic game from Sega? Because I used to play that game like 15 years ago, and I still do on occasion (my sega still works :D ) and would LOVE to have it on my phone.

It's Sonic CD, the installment for the Sega CD that came out after Sonic 2. Read our past articles to learn more about it.

This is Sonic CD - the game that came out on the Sega CD in 1992.  You're probably thinking of Sonic the Hedgehog which released on the Sega Genesis in 1991.
Sonic CD is developed by the same team that did the first game though - with the other Genesis games being developed primarily by Sonic Team USA, so you can expect the game to feel a bit more like the original than the others.  The game's been available for XBLA and PSN for nearly a year now, so if you're interested in seeing how differently it plays (time travel!) you can try the trial versions of those.

From everything i've read, Sonic CD was the best of the classic Sonic games, aka, the best sonic game ever made. However, due to the failure of the Sega CD, barely anyone ever got to play it.

Day one purchase. I'll play it until the reality of sucky touch screen controls sets in.

I don't use my phone for games very much, so I'm not really bothered by how late it is (plus I have on Xbox :p). But it's nice to see it's coming to WP devices still.