Star Trek alum LeVar Burton gets his hands on a Lumia 900

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Either Nokia is good at product placement or they're getting a lot of interest because LeVar Burton, also known as Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is now using one.

In a simple two part tweet, the Reading Rainbow celeb stated "I luva my Lumia" and it was causing a bit of a stir amongst his readers (some for, some against).

Burton evidently picked up a glossy-white AT&T edition 900, the same one we're using ourselves and so far he seems to be happy with it. It will be interesting to see how he progresses with the flagship device over the next few days, after all the man was the chief engineer of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), so figuring out Windows Phone should be a breeze.

Regardless, welcome to the club, LeVar!

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Aaron J., for the tip


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Star Trek alum LeVar Burton gets his hands on a Lumia 900


Where exactly was this causing a stir? I saw two replies to his tweet, one saying it was a good deal...and the other saying have you tried hammering nails with it like in the videos...?

Let's see Apple Co Founder Steven Wozniak bought lumia 900 and now levar. So who next person. Microsoft should get these celebrities on tv commercial talk about windows phone who really have it. Also here's a windows phone in action goto YouTube.com/thewebmogul just love the video

I'm not convinced this is actually true, the tile placement is the generic AT&T one on the picture, not to mention the email tile says "email setup", and I remember when Kourtney Kardashian got one, I went to see her fascinating tweets, and she tweeted once with the Lumia 900, then it was Blackberry.

Actually when I tip that Levar was using it , the pic came from his twitpic, I guessing he unboxed it and while was charging  took the picture.

He was at the Phoenix Comic con this weekend. I could have sworn I saw him with the Lumina, guess I was right.

and guess what? if u watch the Hawaii 5-0 series thy use wp7 as their main phone also. believe it's the titan 2.

Good. Now we need more celebs to brag about the platform. That was apple's promotion that got a whole bunch of idiots using their product

I'm an iPhone user but I bought my girlfriend the Lumia 900 black and I must say that even though I wouldn't switch I like what Microsoft and Nokia are doing. The phone is phenomenal the OS is better then I had expected. I hope that Microsoft doesn't screw up cause so far this OS is kick ass. Keep bringing it cause it'll only make everyone to their top game lol.

Dude you hit it on the money with your comment... the Apple fanbois have their panties up in such a wad over Apple products, they forget there was a time, Apple did SUCK (aka 90s, beige desktop PCs). A 3rd mobile OS will only stir to motivate Apple (and Google) to make better stuff.