Students can buy the Surface Pro 3 for as little as $650

Students can buy the Surface Pro 3 for as little as $650

If you're a student or educator, using Microsoft's education discount would reduce the entry level pricing of the Surface Pro 3 to just $649, or $150 less than the current $799 price tag for the Intel Core i3 model. The education discount appears to apply to all Surface Pro 3 models so even if you opt for a more expensive configuration, you can knock off $150 from the build price.

The discount will be ongoing through September 3rd at a Microsoft Store.

Does this $150 promotion entice you to buy a Surface Pro 3 for your studies before you head back to school this fall? Let us know if you decide on going the Surface Pro 3 route with the education discount.

And if you're still unsure if the Surface Pro 3 is the right tablet/laptop hybrid for you, be sure to check out our review.

Thanks, Justin, for the tip.


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Students can buy the Surface Pro 3 for as little as $650



There actually is some form of a buyback program Microsoft told me about when I got to heckling them for the fact sp3 was released within the sp2 launch year...i didn't look into it much

They offered me $495 for my 8GB/256GB SP2...um, no thank you lol


You can actually get good responses on EBay and Craigslist (depending on your market and location obviously); that's how I sold my SP1...

Ah, I know. This also make me sad. Surface Pro is another good things from Microsoft. It's too bad that they decide to not sell it here. 

We are so insignificant for them. At least for now. I wonder if Nokia Devices acquisition will makes Nokia store here converted into Microsoft Store in the future. That would be awesome. But we need to do something with the import classification that put computers and tablets into luxury commodity. This alone was putting a hefty 50% tax on the devices.

I would have been so mad had this not been essentially identical to my 10% off for being a teacher when I got the $1500 model on launch day :)

PLUS you get the best ever made hybrid, surface pro 3. I received my pro 3 i7 256 last Friday and it has been a joy to use. $150 of would have been nice, oh well I have the greatest laptop/desktop/tablet/hybrid money can buy these days and I am extremely happy with it... moms and dads, if you have school going kids...THIS is the machine to buy, office is not even necessary to buy separately because it is free online with a Microsoft account. We have two kids in the house and this is all they can have ;-)

I love my SP3, but also love my MacBook Pro Retina. It's a constant battle on which to give up. First world problems, I guess :( 

Only if running OS X. I wouldn't mind any type of MacBook running Windows 8.1. :)

I think I'd still prefer a Surface, but a MacBook running Windows would still be gorgeous.

The build of a Macbook. I would not mind that superb quality running Windows 8.1 + touchscreen. The only way I'd buy an Apple notebook

I bought the Dell xps 15 because I couldn't stomach getting a MacBook. The only problem with it is the "coil whine" so the MacBook is better quality overall.

I don't have that and many others either don't have it either. And that's without me getting into the issues the MBRetina Pro has been having. Many angry users, no laptop is without issue

Currently running Yosemite Beta on my MacBook and it's actually pretty nice. I think what I like the most is continuity - it works pretty well across iOS. I just leave my phone laying at random spots around the house, because when a call or text message comes through, it goes to my iPhone and iMessage. It felt like a gimmick at first, but once it started working properly, it's actually handy. 

I run Win 8.1 on MBP retina and can safely say that most true windows laptops in that range run windows way better. At the time I bought that MBP retina, it was the best option to run Windows but Surface Pro line has changed my opinion now and I am waiting for my boss to order me a SP3!

Well, aside from the lack of a touch screen, I wouldn't think a MacBook would have any trouble running Windows. What issues are you encountering? Genuinely curious.

I had both for a 2 month overlap... The SP2-256gb any way... And I have to say, I never needed my retina because my sp2 can do everything I needed it to, and the major selling point for me is OneNote at the office during meetings for written notes. Yes, apple does have a ton more apps than Microsoft, but the apps I used on apple also had been on the windows store. Even at that, I don't use apps that much, because the full functionality of explorer (or chrome and Firefox) lets me access all sites to their fullest potential that apples apps do. Why use a Facebook app when you have the full wesite?

To each his own! Heck, after selling my apple and my laptop, that paid for my SP2 and some! Now I just need to kick my ha but of building gaming and over clocking rigs! Lol!

Yeah I never understood the need for apps on tablets that are meant to replace regular browser sites. Particularly facebook,because I've never seen an app that worked better than the website.

Saw a SP2 ruining OSX, and Windows 8.1. A hackint0sh surface pro for you Apple fan boys. I'm thinking about it for educational purposes...

Looking at this philosophically aren't we all students for life. I want to qualify for all best discounts everytime and everywhere.

From the consumer perspective that's all fine and dandy. From a manufacturer's perspective, not so much. The processor and SSD alone cover around a third to half of the total cost of one tablet (Intel isn't cheap), which is $250 to $450. That doesn't give Microsoft a whole lot of flexibility in pricing if they still want to make a profit.

Here in Germany its permanent in the Microsoft store. It is 10% on all surface models. The i3 model is about 720€ and the i5 899€. The i7 with 512gb is 194€ off :)

I recently tried out note taking in OneNote, whilst recording the audio. This is a key edu use case for lectures.
2 issues..
1. Audio recording is only possible in the desktop OneNote. Not a major problem but annoying
2. I could not find a way to use an external mic, which you need for decent audio pick up. This is possible on the iPad using a mini mic that plugs into the 3.5mm earphone jack and uses the 4 post standard for the in line microphone in earphones.
Most hardware (and all phones) these days ships with 4 post jack sockets.
I found that there is no driver support in Windows for using the in line mic.
Admittedly this was on my Dell VP8, but I suspect the same issue exists on surface. Can anyone confirm?
Using the in line earphone mic would also be very useful for VoIP calling.
It seems like a trivial thing for Microsoft to provide a better audio driver to enable this on tablets, but is the difference between being able to properly capture a lecture or not.

Yeah still alot of money, but definitely tempted much moreee. Hmm sucks it ends Sept 3. I wont have my fall term returns yet$$$

Guess its time to sell my extra red 1520 (never put a sim in it, wonder what I could get for it). With the discount, I would only have to pay a few hundred to "up" the model. I have a doctoral dissertation to begin this fall and need to do some interviews for the data (it is a phenomenological study). The size and keyboard sure would help.

No Australia. Surface pro 3 i3 is for 881 aud preorder for student. Surface pro 2,128 gb is 762aud at local store. I am planing to to get sp2 instead but maybe SP3 gets a price drop after release. So should I wait or buy Sp2? Grrr.. Hard decision.

As someone who is going back to school for computer programming..... I just picked up my Surface Pro 3 I7 and got the discount... Love it!

Yeah, but you've had it for a whole month! You can wait forever for a discount or better product to come around, but then you'd never get anything.

Convince me to buy a Surface Pro 3 after selling my original Surface RT for a Macbook? If you can I'll come back. I sometimes miss the integration with my phone but love my Macbooks speed & quality.

Why are you comparing surface rt to a MacBook? Or surface pro 3 to surface rt? Do I need to convince you that a iPad gen1 is better than 2014 MBPR while I'm at it? And which MacBook do you own?

I Don't blame you, MacBook's are infinitely better than the surface rt, however the surface pro series was the only one anyone should of ever considered buying and is leaps and bounds above the MacBook line

My friend has a 2012 macpro and my surface can do everything his mac can just in a smaller case with a touch screen, the only the only thing the mac will do faster will be video rendering, just because of that discrete graphics card. But the surface will still do it. It will just take a few minutes longer. Unless of course you love apple software then your screwed. OH WAIT! With some DIY you can get your surface to do run apple software!

The US link doesn;t work. It says "

It's not you, it's us.

We're constantly working on ways to improve our site and it looks like we're having a little trouble right now. Give us a few moments and try your link again. Or, feel free to visit our homepage.


Guess I'll check it later, or tomorrow.

Thanks anyway.

Yep, I think this is a scam. there is no where I see $150 off a SP3 on MSStore... Frustrating to see this post  without a source link. :(

I was already planning on picking up the SP3 before I start grad school in the fall, I guess this just makes my purchasing location decision made. Though I might get that best buy exclusive type cover.

I wish Microsoft launches it in India... I swear I will be there first one to buy it!! Whatever maybe the price.... Please Microsoft Launch it in India..... :( #Waiting


Nevermind! I found it.

//Everyone? I can't find this deal. I saw the "$150" but it requires Office 365 Home AND it says "laptop" so when I look at the offered devices, SP3 isnt there. Help!


Bought the I5 for my brother from preorder and got the normal 10% discount... $150 is a pretty nice discount though for the i3!

I wish Microsoft launches it in Nepal......here market is plague with Samsung and Micromax's android crap......there isn't a single ads and promo for Windows Phone here........but there is promo for Nokia X  and lots of ads of samsung android phones ....still i can see more people with windows phone than it was year before......i wish Microsoft and Nokia promos their windows phone well instead of concentrating in only one or two countries.....they should go with bang in every countries....

Have dell venue 11 pro got to try surface pro 3 yesterday and it was amazing! So much thinner and lighter than my dell! Was wonderful in portrait and the pen was like paper! So expensive.... Well going to college next year so maybe surface pro 4 will be out and I can get that (unless I go with redesigned MacBook Air?).

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I actually work for Microsoft Retail Stores and the $150 off only applies to the i3 and i5 versions of the Pro 3. If you buy an i7, we'll actually give you 10% off which is actually a much better deal! Hope to see a lot of students take advantage of this, greetings from the Seattle Microsoft Store!! :)

I am in the market for a SP3. I went to BB today to try it out. Walked away impressed, but worried because the graduate program I am in requires alot of writing. For those in my situation and have the SP3, how is it with typing lengthy papers? Should I be looking at another ultrabook to replace my aging Folio 14?

You could always just skip the attached one if you're concerned and use a good full-sized o e instead. Most of the "lengthy papers" will be getting typed in one place, not on the go, right? Just leave your "good" keyboard at home and travel with the slate alone to class and the library or what-not.

I have the SP1 and used it to type all my papers in undergrad (psych/creative writing majors) and it was perfect. I plan on getting the 3 when I start grad school this fall.

I wish they had such offers in India and MS stores too. Whereas Apple have their stores in India and offer EDU discounts, even Adobe has online stores.

I think students should be alowed a higher discount. They're the future. The lower end models of the pro 3 sound great with regard to price and discount, but things such as no out of the box keyboard and less storage memory should be considered. That still makes the pro 3 relatively expensive.

The trade in program at Ms stores works on all types of tablets and pc's and phones. You can use the credit in addition to any discounts or promotions that are being ran. Takes a few minutes to learn the value of what you have.

Lol, then drop it before the first add/drop full refund deadline.... Haha Yeaup

My local CC keeps .edu accounts active for over a year without enrollment

I should just move to US, convert € to $ and get everything with less price :P currently it's like 650$ = 650€ here, although it's 484€ for example :)

Yaa, what abt other countries???
And still the Apple iPad is the bst choice for students coz der's more educational material available on apple app store den windows's store.......and still the price isn't dat attracting.

Well you take your iPad, along with your horrid grammar, and go.

Run along now, or you'll be late for English class.

Around here (Finland) students can get 10% off of both Surface Pro 2 and 3 and all the accessories included. This also includes all the configurations at 10% discount, so not just the i3 version. However, even then the i3 config of Pro 3 still starts at 737€ with the type cover being discounted to 121€.

I'm hoping that once Pro 3 comes available here (end of august), Surface Pro 2 prices go down. Currently MS Store Finland offers a free type cover to SP2 purchases, so the cheapest config of SP2 + Type Cover with that 10% discount could be a sweet deal, especially when I don't really like the color of the SP3 for my needs, while I love the traditional Surface finish. Just not sure if I wanna skip on the engineering marvel that is the SP3.. why on earth did it have to be that color?!

As a student at a community college the main reason why I enjoy my Surface RT (yea, I know I need to upgrade) is because of the free office! Are we gonna see a Surface 3 anytime soon?

I hope the guy in the picture has baby hands... because otherwise the tablet is HUGE. What I liked about Surface 1 and 2 was that they were small, therefore it was comfortable to carry them around. This one's a monster!

Would be great price for UK. Conversation price from dollars is £386.46 but actual UK price is £575.00. Just don't complain to me about prices if you live in the U.S. :D

Tablets were great companions of blackberries few years ago. I don't see myself using one right now having bought a Lumia Phone but I am jealous of people that can still find a reason to buy one of these :)

What sort of proof do u need and what type of educator? I am technical trainer, teaching enterprise software to our customers. Does that count?

Do you have a link for this? It still gives me the defualt 10% off, which isn't bad, but I'd rather have $150!! ... where is the $150 deal