Surface Pro 3 expands global reach with availability in 28 markets

Surface Pro 3 expands its reach with availability in 28 worldwide markets

Microsoft has just announced that 25 new markets around the world will now offer the Surface Pro 3. New Zealand is kicking things off, and we'll see additional locations offer the Surface Pro 3 over the next 24 hours. This announcement brings the total number of markets with Surface Pro 3 availability to 28.

The United States, Canada and Japan currently all offer the Surface Pro 3, but you can look forward to the following countries joining the fun over the next day:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Surface Pro 3 will be available from retailers and resellers in those regions starting today. Anyone who pre-ordered the device will have shipments start as early as today.

All models of the Surface Pro 3 (i3, i5, and i7) will be available in these markets. Accessories as well, but the Surface Pro 3 dock doesn't ship until September 12.

Hit up the Surface blog below for more information and a fun Surface Pro 3 infographic.

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Surface Pro 3 expands global reach with availability in 28 markets


Can't decide whether to fork out £650 for the i3 plus keyboooooaaard  (Currys are doing £100 cashback, but I think WPC covered that already)

Woot woot! I hope sales of the Surface Pro 3 will compensate or at least reduce the previous losses of the Surface division. It truly is the most impressive piece of hardware seen in years. I'm really looking forward to its sales figures.

Yeah, too bad.
If the Surface 3 runs full Windows on an Intel Atom processor, has a 10.6-inch screen and retails at $400, this could change. Also, they need to sell the Surface Mini units already produced before they become outdated or something.

The problem with releasing a low-end x86 Surface is that people would buy it expecting it to run Photoshop... which it couldn't handle... and that would hurt the "premium" status of the Surface brand. At least with an RT/ARM device (with no desktop), consumers won't be confused and mistakenly think they can run high-end programs and games like Photoshop.

I highly disagree. As long as RT has a desktop (which it still does), people are constantly going to be complaining and asking why they can't install Chrome, play Minecraft, or yes, even wonder why Photoshop can't run.

Either Threshold needs to come along and sweep away RT, or the Surface 3 needs to get Baytrail, because I assure you that RT is doing far more to poison the Surface brand for consumers than Photoshop being a little sluggish ever would. Especially since anybody who actually needs to do any intense work with Photoshop is going to get a high end device anyways, most people are just fine "editing" their photos with Instagram filters these days.

Agree that Microsoft should make a lower-cost Surface which can run desktop apps.  From the market point of view, the "general users" market is much bigger than the "pro users" market.  "General users" mean those using browsers, Office, watching movies, ... that's it.  I don't think they will complain photoshop running slowly given the price they paid for.  (Compared to iPad/android tab, they just cannot run full version of photoshop.  So running photoshop not so fast is already a bonus to Surface users.  And one more thing, to do some common photo editing/enhancement tasks, there is really NO need to use photoshop.  There are so many free-of-charge software doing the same thing, fast & simple!!!)

Remember what MS has been saying, "the tablet that can replace your LAPTOP", but not to replace your DESKTOP.  Not fast enough?  Do it in your desktop PC.

A lower-cost Surface can be achieved by cheaper CPU, using Wacom instead of N-trig for the pen (or even not supporting pen at all).  I don't think that will have any negative impact on the "premium" status of Surface Pro.  Basic users buy the basic Surface and pro users buy the premium Surface.  There is no conflict at all.

Agree that Surface RT not "allowed" to run other desktop apps was a big mistake of MS.  Technically it can run desktop programs of course.  Do you think that running common programs like WinZip, Picasa would be more CPU-demanding than Office?  Of course not.  Taking out this ability does not imply more people would go for Surface Pro - the fact is that they do NOT buy Surface RT NOR Surface Pro.  If Surface RT was allowed to run desktop apps, I believe there are much much more people using Surface now.

More people using Surface means more people using Windows Store apps, which ultimately benefits the whole ecosystem.  Why has the Android apps market grow so fast?  A major reason is the launch of many lower-end smartphones and tablets.

We are not expecting a "cheap" machine, but a more affordable Surface with full desktop support which can "also get things done".  With a price about USD 200 cheaper (Yes, Microsoft can do this... I don't think the configuration will be very horrible), many people will not hesitate to buy one!

People are talking about SP3 recently.  Even the mac users are now paying attention to this "potential enemy".  Many people want a SP3 but not too many would buy one.  Why?  What are they considering?  Money of course.

I will receive my pre-ordered Surface Pro 3 very soon.  And I will buy SP4, SP5...  But I still support Microsoft to release a lower-cost model.  I want the Surface, Win 8/Win9, the Windows Store apps a real success.  SP3 is a very good beginning of success.  But MS can do more... and a lower-cost Surface seems to be one of the best strategies MS can take to prove to even more people that "tablet can REALLY replace your laptop".

Well, this is awkward.. I literally just moved from a country where SP3 is now available, to Brazil, where SP3 is not available. I ought to start making my life decisions better. And yes, I AM A TECHNOLOGY FREAK, so sue me.

bad move. being a tech enthusiast in Brazil is hard and very, very expensive. most the time you simply cannot buy the thing you want without travelling or through someone (usually someone who makes money importing things illegally). when you can, it's at least twice the US price.

and here Nokia only sells non-colored, boring black or white phones. months after the US/Canada/Europe/India release.

I got an i3 preordered from local MS Store, but apparently they havnt shipped anything yet and the free delivery they offer say it takes 5-7 workdays.. maybe next week for me...

Just got an email with UPS tracking number, but I figure it might still take to next week.

If you pre ordered they go out for delivery but are held for delivery until the release date, mine sat at DHL for the past few days

AlHaddad brought the original RT & sold it for 2700 riyals.
AlBlueTooth brought an original pro & had it for 4000 riyals.

Yeah I think I saw the RT in AlHaddad. Not sure if its available now. I am hoping to get my Surface Pro 3 soon. Got a friend of mine whos coming. EXCITED :)


Yea I doubt they still have it. Talk about a miserable store lol.
That's awesome! I did the same thing (with an RT) a while back ... Congrats in advance Khalid :)

I don't know if they still have it ... Haven't stepped a foot in a Haddad store in over a year lol
My pleasure :)

Perpare yourself to be royally robbed as usual. 819€ for the i3 version...In the US, 730€ get you a 128GB i5

Won't be available in Lithuania oh come on Microsoft, our country's economy grows fastest in Europe and you still don't sell Surface tablets in Lithuania

The media like to inflate any kind of issue that plays Microsoft in a bad light. In actuality they have affected a fractionally small segment of users and Microsoft bend over backwards to help you out if it happens to you.

That doesn't change the fact that it affected a tiny number of people and Microsoft were extremely helpful about it. Want to know how many Apple devices break and fault every day? They are expensive too, but they don't have a perception of being unreliable because A) the media doesn't have a vendetta against them and B) Apple (like Microsoft) look after their customers.

Finally Someone who thinks before they speak. I agree I really dont understand what has MSFT ever done to the media yet they portray such a bad image of MSFT. I am sure they still use Xp in their studios :P

Fuck Indonesia right? we even not in the map . Shit Microsoft's marketing, if wanna go global just make them available at the same time.

Sure it's a premium device and the vast majority cannot afford it. Then again, the vast majority cannot afford luxury cars worth crores either and yet all the car makers in that category are quite bullish about the country given their sales. Why not import a limited quantity of SP3s at least and then ramp up sales if the demand is there? They can even tie up with credit card issuers/banks and make easy financing/EMIs available as an option during purchase. Why completely refuse to launch any of the Surface lineup here? Trust Microsoft to shoot themselves in the foot.

Its not the matter of who can buy or not able to. We even cannot buy the earlier verson of surface lineups, nor Lumia 930 which is now 4 months or so old. Nor we have cheap tablets by any other partner out there, why??? Microsoft also said that they are launching Xbox to India as well this September. I don't know but looking forward where we Indians have Microsoft India stores in nearby future.
Its best tech piece of the world and this surface or tabs would be handy for students and seriously people will give a thought once at least to buy annoying Andy tabs or colorful meaningful productive Microsoft's tabs. In your standpoint you are absolutely right. There might be way out!
People are still buying iPhones which are costlier or by hook or crook as other options. Now people are started buying apple tabs in India wgic just cost ₹28000 or in scheme you owe in hall price.
So again, if people can buy apple products even after being coslt- cheaper outside India, then why notmicrosoft can do??? There's has to be a solution to this.

Its really shame, even after MS CEO is from India and still no love, L930 is now 4 months old, and i cant see a release in India soon, and when it get releases another flagship will be announced....no Lumia 2520 in India even after India has lots of Nokia Priority shops....and stop telling about Indian cant afford it, if we can afford Apple ishit, then whats the big point? They can release Xbox One which is very costly but not premium phones and tabs? India is def not a Xbox market its dominated by PS but still they are launching it...

I don't expect the CEO to favour a country just because he was born there, but at least he should understand how much profit they're potentially missing out on by not making their products available here. As you quite rightly said, people here buy overpriced Apple goods by the droves and that company has dedicated sales/service outlets to cater to the demand. Microsoft is missing out on all of this action due to its sheer stupidity and lack of foresight.

They ought to understand that it's not just about current sales but future ones too. The more kids who grow up immersed in an Apple or Google mobile ecosystem with no real challenge from Microsoft (due to lack of availability more than anything else), the more adults with disposable incomes there'll be who'll simply not care for the latter company or quite rightly laugh at it when it makes a belated entry with outdated products. Bhagyesh mentioned students. Microsoft could have made a killing if it had aggressively tried to make inroads into the massive education sector here. There are loads of public and especially private universities it could have tied up with to provide Surface tablets to students, perhaps at a discount. The universities would have got something to boast about. The company would have looked (somewhat) charitable and yet made money (that would have helped offset that $900 million write-down). Better still, it would have gained valuable mindshare by "catching 'em young". Last but not least, the students would have gained by getting a great device they can use to learn and do their work better. Win-win-win. But no, clearly letting the tablets rot unsold in warehouses was a much better idea. Good job, Microsoft!

Even without the dual CEO connection India has traditionally been very favourably disposed towards both Microsoft and Nokia, and if the company had been a bit more innovative in its thinking, marketing and sales here it would have reaped a lot more in terms of dividends than it is doing now. Strangely they seem to look at us more as potential employees rather than potential buyers of their hardware products. Shame, but it's still not too late to remedy the situation if only they can pull their heads out of their ***es and work towards exploiting the full potential of our vast market and population with rising income levels and aspirations.

well, surely, I think Apple's Macbook will be kicked out if Microsoft's Surface reaches Indonesia. Aww, tapi masih nunggu juga jatuhnya x_x

I will have a look at the device in a shop this weekend and probably buy one. I spent hours and hours watching reviews and this version looks brilliant

I can understand this, but the fact that Xbox music and video and even the freaking smart glass app arnt available worldwide that what puzzles me

If your country wasn't included in this, don't just write about it here. The @Surface team in Twitter is usually pretty responsive. Microsoft really needs to set up a Surface UserVoice site.

I just need a type cover 3 because, unfortunately, US type covers lack a ton of keys I need. So I guess I'll have no choice but to give those ridiculously high 150€ (that's over $200) for a type cover in Portugal.


Luckily I spared 400€ by buying the SP3 at Redmond instead of this God damned country.

Guess we get it next year in India. At least they could have sold it through Nokia stores, My cousin is going to get MacBook Pro and I'm convincing him to get SP3, but he says it is not good, so here another reason. If no availability then how SP3 will gain market share.

I doubt we'll even see it by next year. And what's the use of buying old products anyway? Apple's already tried that tactic with the iPhone 4 and they should have been shot for it instead of being rewarded with sales. This is not the middle of the damn 20th Century when people used to be happy with whatever old crap someone got for them from abroad. If Microsoft decides to finally launch a Surface here next year it better well be the SP4 or else they can **** off and just admit defeat before the onslaught of Android and iOS.

Awesome, my pre-ordered i7 Surface Pro 3 arrived today. Also got my docks delivered - so looks like those are shipping as well (in Australia at least).

Microsoft likes to cheat, there is no stock for Malaysia. Especially for i7 version, will only have stock in mid September and not on 28 August. But many people already pay for pre order early July.

The same problem with every single Microsoft device AVAILABILITY! I can't understand how some chinese crap brand can overflow entire Europe with its crap devices, while Microsoft can't and doesn't even try to cover most of the countries!