Surface Pro 3 headed to 25 new markets from August 28

Surface Pro 3

Beginning on August 28 Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 will be available to a much wider global audience. Having been well received thus far in the U.S., Canada and Japan, Microsoft is opening the floodgates and letting folks in a lot more countries get their eager hands on the i3, i5 and i7 versions of the Surface Pro 3 from a variety of sources.

From August 28, the Surface Pro 3 will be available in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Better still, most of those countries should be seeing pre-orders open up today, so be sure to check out your local resellers or local Microsoft Store online. We've checked here in the UK and the Microsoft Store has indeed opened up pre-orders with an "exclusive red type cover." UK prices start at £639 rising all the way up to £1649 for the 'big kahuna.' The Surface Pro 3 docking station should be hitting these latest markets sometime in September.

So, who's buying?

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Surface Pro 3 headed to 25 new markets from August 28


Same here, can't wait. Pre-ordered i7 with 512GB and the red type cover :)

Pre-orders have been avaialble in the UK for a while though as I pre-ordered mine, last month

Oh no! Not for common Filipino who couldn't afford such price. Otherwise very bad maxing out the credit card and eventually getting defaulted.

I am also deeply saddened by no inclusion of India in spite of India being a Windows country. Macs are not selling because people here like to be with Windows AND Macs are too costly. If Microsft decides to bring Surfaces Pro 3s to India I assuare you that they will sell. Most of the PC multinational companies dump their old, stale and unsold PCs and laptops to India.


Our country Indonesia don't get this I guess just like the previous surface. Have to go to Singapore or Malaysia hmm....

It will be available in Indonesia.

There will be many resellers online. Well, if you're alright with the disgusting profit margin they charged

How do you know this? Do you have secret access of his payroll? Do you know his bank account status? 


I don't think so.

Middle East has the richest set of nations in the world with Qatar being no 1 but I don't think it's an affordability issue, but rather, a lack of interest...

I can understand your point but having lived here for most of my life the interest for Microsoft products in quite high. Cause I have seen many people adapt to the WP system and Others trying to buy Surface from abroad. So imho there is quite alot of interest.

Do the rest of the world have to beg or wait ages for MSFT products...this is just coming....months after launch we haven't even seen the back of a 930 and the ios5s hit stores 3months after...they should have fun trying to beat android or Samsung for market share with their exclusive releases and betas...MSFT clap for yourself!!!

Just ordered the I 5 256 today in Thailand. Told i will get it on the 22 Aug. shame the docking station is so far away why is it not available from the get-go why?

Pre order includes office 365 for free :)

Harrods in London mentioned on their FB page (4 Aug) that they will be taking pre-orders. Pop over to their tech floor for a hands on...

Bring it to Ukraine already. Right now. Shut up and take my money.
P.s. That "big kahuna" tho. Such a pun, much wow. Lol

Yes it is not happening in SA currently but I am positive MS will make it available soon. When they do, it's day one purchase for me :)

Agreed. Couple days ago I queried few Vodacom shops when will SA finally see Lumia 930 (my contract is due for upgrade next month) and got similar answer almost every time -  "we don't know but have this brilliant new LG G3/Galaxy S5 available now". Microsoft definitely needs to up their game quick, if they are to get better market share in next 5 years.

I don't want this product to succeed, the Nokia 2520 is far superior, with lesser issues with hardware, more features for lesser price and so on, M$ should rely only on Nokia team to manufacture hardware, this is a better way for the merger to function smoothly without confusion on marketing and branding....

You are aware of course that the 2520 is an RT device and the Pro 3 is a laptop replacement? In this case you are really comparing apples to oranges as of course the 2520 is cheaper. It's silly to keep complaining about the price of the Pro 3 as it is a different class of device altogether.

MS are so stupid, they always do this. They must realize that the rest of the world has moved on and already see the surface. 3 as dated. They lost the momentum.

For some reason, I don't think MS would expand to other markets if they didn't think the Pro 3 would sell. According to whom, aside from yourself, is a barely two-month old tablet that is its own class of device out of date?

Waiting for Kogan (online retailer) to bring it to Australia (from Hong Kong) and hope the prices will be competitive. Else will sit it out and wait for yoga 3!

If there's none for India in near future I'm done with Microsoft ! And seeing Cortana alpha in India and then no surface 3, my excitement is now freakin neutral...

DYou do realize that MSFT does not have to spend big time in marketing costs as also brainstorm with regard to the pricing conundrum for Cortana. If you want one ask one of your friends returning from US to get one. Besides its available on eBay India website albeit more expensive. MSFT can never push volumes the way they can in other developed markets. Oh and please do not even mention Apple because that is a very different and diverse demographic.

In Portugal pre-orders have been open since June... Of course, no one in their right mind will give 819€ for three i3 though.

Hehe, still no for Indonesia, this is sad. Indonesian people must see the greatest tablet in the world not buying an iPad instead. iPad and galaxy tab still ruling this country.

Coz no one understands PC tablet concept here. Ppl will opt for mini laptop instead of sp3. Mini laptops will be worth here for ppl. Still Pcs rule here.

I'm still wondering what will happen to Nokia Stores after the deal with Microsoft. If I were Microsoft, I will take advantage of it and use Nokia Stores to sell their products too (Suface, Xbox and even Windows tablets).

Still, no lvoe for Philippines :/

I'm UK based but about to go to Canada, apart from switching regions and picking up an alternative plug when I get back to the UK are there any issues with doing this? Canadian prices are much cheaper than UK pricing and combined with the exchange rate difference it's quite a significant saving.

I think that you only need power plug adapter... But I'm not sure the what voltage is the house hold current in Canada or even UK

If they match meaning 230V UK and Canada or 110V should be no problem if they don't match IDK if the adapter itself it's ready to use on other voltages... (It should be)

I bought my SP1 via a friend in the USA.  She posted it to me. I simply changed the plug because the lead to the power block was removable back then. Also, when you register it, it pops up a message saying this is not the model for the country you are in, but only as a gentle reminder. If you have to use Support, they are brilliant and don't mind at all. I'm in NZ and the only other thing I has to do was declare it and pay tax. If you can get it sent as a "trade sample" then no tax.

Maybe ms has supply chain problem to bring its products to more markets. Sp3 needs to sell at least 1 million units per month.

I'm gonna buy Xbox one while its price here in Philippines is almost equivalent to US price..(imported by some mall retailers)

Look at the Indian Xbox One.. They got the price higher.. >.>

Its insane! They ask more in euro's Then they do in dollars for the same product, while the euro has a higher valeu then the dollar... Its almost robbery!!
But I still am going to buy one ofcourse, when ive saved up enough cash ;-)

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No love for Brazil... But I can understand the reasons (price would make it hard to compete), but what about a solution for that? Anyone?

I found it in Buscape I think. SP3 i3 3200,00 If you really want to. But I don't know its procedence. But for this price you can guess.


P.S. Didn't buy, just added bookmark for later.

Really? Wow. Couldn't find any version available there (although I know they gather new offerings everyday).
Anyway, we can buy it from importers in Mercado Livre, but importers would always be more expensive than releasing the product formally in local market, right?
Besides, I'd love some Surface Type Cover in Brazilian Portuguese (ABNT) layout.:-/

Actually their price is very competitive. Cheaper than the Lumia 2520 Nokia already started to sell here. But sure if they start to produce here would be even more cheater.

MS really need to work on Saudi Arabian market . surface pro first generation tablets still not being sold here and rest of the world is seeing third generation of the product line.

When the world was facing economic breakdown Indians were unaffected.... middle class Indians have so much money in their houses, middle class Americans don't have in their all savings....

I don't know what makes India so down below the list of Microsoft's release of new devices and softwares...... Do they think Indians are below the class?