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Fitbit Tracker


Top Fitbit Apps for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Fitbit Apps

Many of us took on New Year’s resolutions to get into better shape, lose weight or another fitness/health goal. In pursuing these goals, you may look to the Fitbit line of activity trackers to help you manage your fitness goals. The Fitbit line of devices track your steps, distance traveled, stairs climbed and sleep. The overall Fitbit system helps you manage additional activities that aren't registered with the device, your diet and weight. From the pocketable Fitbit One to the digital display of the Fitbit Force, these little devices are fantastic fitness oriented devices.

While Fitbit has released “official” apps over on iOS, we are still waiting for the official Windows Phone version. Not all is lost though in that Fitbit has made their API available to developers and we have a few capable un-official Fitbit apps in the Windows Phone Store. This week’s Windows Phone Central roundup will focus on a few of the top rated Fitbit apps available for Windows Phone. Hopefully it will not be long until Fitbit releases an official app but in the meantime, these third party alternatives aren’t too shabby.

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Another week has gone by and we’ve got a handful of great new apps in the Windows Phone Store. A lot can happen in the span of one week, so we’re here to roundup and highlight any new apps in the Store. We’ll also look at popular apps that were updated and any betas you should be aware of. That’s right, it’s time for another weekly app highlight from your friends at Windows Phone Central. We never want you to fall behind on what’s happening, so let’s get started.

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While Windows Phone is still growing each day, gaining new apps and services, Fitbit is still a holdout. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Fitbit ( is popular exercise tracking device that you wear to keep abreast of your activities. They have different versions, including the One, Flex and the most recent Force wristband (which we just picked up ourselves—it’s awesome).

What’s missing on Windows Phone is widespread Bluetooth 4.0 LE support. That means that Fitbit devices can’t sync directly with our phones, and instead we have to use the wireless Bluetooth sync of a PC. Truth be told, even Android devices are lagging behind on Low-Energy (LE) support, making only handful of devices eligible. Of course, the iPhone is supported.

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When it comes to tracking our fitness, we’re big fans of the Fitbit family of trackers and the overall ecosystem. Unfortunately, they don’t have an official app on Windows Phone, but do have on for Windows 8 and have a desktop app to sync with you tracker.

However, Windows Phone does have a nice set of third-party apps that at least let you view your data. One of our favorites, Fitbit Tracker, just received an update. Let’s check it out.

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While we still don’t have an official Fitbit app for Windows Phone, developers have made quite a few unofficial ones for the popular fitness tracker with varying degrees of success. Now Shane Chism has made his own because frankly, he wanted a fully optimized one for Windows Phone 8, including HD graphics.

Fitbit Tracker is just that app and it’s now available as a public beta. That means you can download it now and give Shane feedback on things you would want to see implemented for the final release.

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