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htc titan

A lot of our readers are split on the TITAN/TITAN II's massive 4.7" screen--some think it's just too big of a device, while others are much more partial. We're in the latter camp and don't think 4.7" is too big at all. And evidently neither does Samsung, who have put out the Galaxy Note, an Android powered device with a massive 5.3" Super AMOLED HD screen.

No doubt this is a different category of device and surprisingly, feedback on the device so far as been positive. We quickly compared the size difference between it and the TITAN and it's an interesting juxtaposition, to say the least. It kind of makes us wonder: What would Windows Phone look like on such a device? People seemed enthusiastic last year about a Windows Phone tablet, so this might be your closest chance.

Would you buy one? Should Samsung even attempt it to counter the TITAN/TITAN II or should we let Android have all the fun? Lets us know in comments and check out how the Android fans are reacting at Android Central.

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Nothing beats more feel good stories for Windows Phone as we countdown to the big day (should you celebrate Christmas of course). We've witnessed the Nokia Lumia 800 taking top spots around the globe in terms of orders/sales. Now it's Amazon's turn with three Windows Phones taking the top three positions (beating multiple Android handsets) on the top rated, contract-bound mobile phones list. We have the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S (4G), and the HTC Trophy. Take that Google.

Source: Amazon, thanks kooksta for the tip!

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According to a report published over at BGR, HTC is set to launch a 4G LTE Windows Phone in early 2012, on AT&T. According to 'trusted sources' (get the pinch of salt ready), HTC will be releasing fewer handsets next year, leaving the release schedule "shockingly quiet" (makes sense to focus on quality). Two new devices were revealed, a flagship Android handset and the manufacturer's first LTE Windows Phone. The latter is questionably going to be Titan-like, sporting a 4.7" screen.

The new 4G LTE Windows Phone is slated for an apparent release on February 5th. Should the rumours prove to be true, as well as the ones surrounding the upcoming Nokia LTE device, 2012 will be an exciting year for the platform to move on up. Of course if a 4G LTE Titan is right around the corner, how many of you will be a little annoyed that you just bought the HSPA+ version? Needless to say, CES in January should be interesting...we'll be there to cover it live.

Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: BGR, thanks TheWeeBear for the tip!

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Jon Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo has published a video of himself explaining that he's switched from the iPhone to Windows Phone, and the HTC Titan is now his main handset. One of the main features he loves about the platform (and the device in this case) is the size of the live tiles and content on the massive 4.7" screen. Rettinger's main concern with making the switch (as is with every potential buyer) is the choice of apps on the Marketplace, but goes onto state that every app he required was actually present in the catalogue, or an equivalent available.

Overall he's impressed. What's more is that when Rettinger shows his Titan to other people when out and about, there's generally a positive response, but he notes that the biggest flaw of the system that could be turning away a lot of folk is the attached "Windows" brand. Let's not forget that Microsoft is in a reforming stage, if you will. Closing up, he has no regrets in switching and doesn't look back at the iPhone 4S. Take that Siri.

Source: TechnoBuffalo, thanks Theo for the tip!

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The smooth Samsung Focus S (our review) has found itself joining the giant HTC Titan (our review) with being backordered on Amazon Wireless. Both handsets have proved to be popular along with the Nokia Lumia 800, and this news follows what happened on AT&T not so long ago. The Titan is shipping in 8 or 9 days, whereas the Focus S is 1 to 2 weeks, bad news for those who wished to definitely receive one before Christmas from Amazon. This should be of no surprise with the prices being $99.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Source: Amazon Wireless HTC Titan / Samsung Focus S, thanks pwachleman for the heads up!

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It's only fair that since we mentioned the HTC Radar 4G at T-Mobile getting high reviews, we talk about AT&Ts to flagship Windows Phones, the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S.

Interestingly, the HTC Titan is at number one with five stars and 27 reviews. The Focus S, meanwhile has 49 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars--not too shabby at all. Not only are both rated highly, but the written reviews speak very highly of both devices in glowing terms.

Now in fairness, while the ratings are high, statistically they are small when compared to the 1,500 reviews of Samsung Captivate--so perhaps they are skewed a bit towards the high. But lets not kid ourselves--the admittedly small amount of people who have bought both phones are extremely happy with them. We're hoping AT&T (and T-Mobile) take notice of these reviews and at least for AT&T, start pushing these devices more.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, konaitor, for the tip

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HTC seems keen on keeping their titan of a Titan in tip-top shape--whew that was a mouthful. We're getting word from reader Rajinder, located in Denmark, that their HTC Titan just got a nice firmware/radio/bootloader refresh. It's only been about three weeks since the last update, so kudos to HTC on their diligence here.

  • Firmware Version: 20104 (old: 10902)
  • Radio Software: 03.17  (old: 02.09)
  • Boot Loader-version: 2.1  (old: 1.8)

No word on exact changes just yet, so that's where you come in. Let us know in comments if you received the update, what carrier you're on and country. And if you think you've noticed some changes, you can add that too. (Unfortunately our unlocked Titan is at home, taking a rest--we can only carry so many phones around with us!).

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Hey everyone, we're adding a new feature here at WPCentral--WPDoodle. from Jason Harrison, founder of, whose work you may have seen before in the form of PreDoodles on and BBDoodles on (see this week's for a laugh). Look for more Doodles on all of our Mobile Nations sites soon too! Have a great idea for a WPDoodle? Send an email to and Jason'll take a gander.

A lot can be said about the HTC TITAN (yes, technically all caps), but most of all, it commands awe. With a 4.7" Super LCD screen, remarkably thin metal body that's cool to the touch and a blazing 1.5 GHz CPU on board, the Titan in our opinion is the stand-out-phone for WP7 right now. It's the one phone that's truly wow-worthy and just as importantly, available nearly world-wide.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a close second, but with a 1.3MP front-facing camera, gyroscope and even slightly better rear 8MP camera, we think the Titan just edges it out. Plus that massive screen makes this a web-browsing juggernaut.

Because of that, we think Android users (and that Lloyd guy) may act a bit like the man-apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey if they saw the Titan--a modern day Monolith/TMA-0 for unknowing eyes.  Perhaps the Titan too will spurn them on to better, greater things? ;-)

See our review of the AT&T HTC TITAN right here.

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So for all of you who were waiting on AT&T to get a fresh new batch of coveted Titans, your day has finally come. At least on the website (we can't vouch for your local store) AT&T is now listing the device as available.

Previously, stores and even AT&T online had massive shortages of the top of the line phone. Supply was either tight due to high sales or more likely, HTC not being able to fulfill orders to AT&T. Now it looks like HTC has finally ramped up production and hopefully that also translates into store availability too.

Let us know if you placed your order or if your store received any significant stock in comments! Also don't forget to check our review of the Titan here.

Head to the AT&T store right now. Thanks, Tommy F., for the tip!

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We have a report that the HTC Titan, at least in Denmark & the UK, is being pushed the 7740 OS update. As a recap, this update fixes a voicemail notification bug and fixes Exchange 2003 email support. The update looks to be an interim and minor update, though considering the bugs, perhaps not so minor. Yesterday, reports flooded in of some Samsung and HTC devices receiving this update.

Of course our AT&T friends are wondering if they will get it too for their Titans, but unfortunately at this point there is no evidence of US Windows Phones getting this update. At least according to Microsoft, this is a carrier-update so who gets it and who doesn't will be a little more spotty.

As usual, if you're a Titan owner who is getting 7740, chime in with your carrier/location for others in comments. Thanks, HTCTitan & Lee G., for the heads up!

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While we consider the AT&T HTC Titan an excellent Windows Phone (here's our review) it has a quirky graphics lag or stutter at times. The stutter occurs more often with apps that have heavy graphics (Fruit Ninja is a good example) but it doesn't happen constantly throughout the game. Just enough to be noticeable.

WPCentral reader ElecktroDragon has discovered a temporary work around that eliminates the lag time and may identify the problem as being related to the Sound Enhancer Setting.  If you go into the Titan's Settings and turn off the SRS Enhancement in the Sound Enchancer setting, the lag goes away.  Based on the forums discussion, sound quality is just fine for the games without the SRS turned on.

While this seems to do the trick, it also means that for the time being you'll need to go back into settings to turn back on the SRS Enhancements when watching videos or listening to music to enjoy the sound enhancement.  We're still hoping that HTC can resolve this issue with a software update but in the meantime, at least we have a temporary fix.

Edit: This fix/workaround also applies to the HTC Radar/Radar 4G

Thanks goes out to ioannisgk for pointing this out.

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AT&T has sold out the HTC Titan

We had a feeling the HTC Titan would take off with a storm simply because it sports a massive screen and is well built (see our review), so it's good to see the AT&T website displaying a "SOLD OUT" notice for the Windows Phone. Unfortunately, this means you'll have to wait some time to get one yourself, but Best Buy currently has the Titan stocked for free, all that's required is a new two year contract to be taken out.

Source: AT&T, thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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So we put up the review on the AT&T HTC Titan and received a few comments asking for more thoughts on comparing the screen quality between the Titan and the Samsung Focus S. Something more than just a comparison of the Start Screen. We'll keep the auto-brightness issue on the Focus S and the graphics lag on the Titan out of the conversation because they are secondary issues to screen quality.

Two issues were mentioned dealing with the Titan's screen; pixelation (or is it pixilation?) and jaggedness with fonts when viewing web pages or documents.  Neither Dan nor I have experienced any issues of the sort with the Titan.  So we took a look at both screens running a music video, still images, web pages, documents and the game Lets Golf 2.  Both screens performed well but we'll stick with our initial thought that the Titan's screen has an edge over the Focus S screen.

More after the break.

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AT&T HTC Titan - Review

While I was impressed with the Samsung Focus S, Dan kept telling me "wait until you get your hands on the Titan." I expected to see a quality Windows Phone in the HTC Titan but was very skeptical of the 4.7" big screen. The Focus S was large enough with the 4.3" screen but would a 4.7" screen be too big?

Short answer... No.

HTC engineers have done a fantastic job of balancing a large screened device on a thin platform to minimize the bulk. The Titan feels comfortable in the hand, thanks to more beveled or curved sides and the 4.7" screen really shines. Add an 8mp camera with all the bells and whistles, a 1.5ghz processor, 16gb of storage, and a 1650mah battery and the Titan becomes a very strong performer.

Don't get me wrong, the Samsung Focus S is also a quality, large screen Windows Phone but the Titan has just as strong (some may say stronger) of an appeal. While the Titan may have an lengthy model designation (HTC PI39100) it's a solid Windows Phone. To read more on the AT&T HTC Titan, hit the break.


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The title says it all. If you're one of the lucky folks near a Microsoft Store, you can swing by there on Friday to pick up one of those swanky new second-generation Windows Phones for a super low price of zero dollars (on contract).

Yeah, there's that last bit of being on contract. But if you have even thought about switching to the Death Star aka AT&T even for a aplit second (it's really not that bad), we have to say, picking up the TITAN for nothing? That's a good deal. Heck, we may even pick up a phone or two for family members. Not sure if a store is near you? Here's your store locator.

As a side, who else can't wait to have a Microsoft Store near them? Thanks, Rudy R., for the photo!

Edit: As noted in comments, this may even apply to online orders. Stay tuned on Friday!

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WPCentral Holiday Gift Guide: Windows Phones

With the Holiday Season fast approaching everyone is looking for the perfect gift for the Windows Phone user in their life. When it comes to gifts for the Windows Phone user, it's hard to beat a new phone.  There are a lot of new Windows Phones hitting the market and while each is a quality device, one may be more appealing than the other.

While we've reviewed most of the new Windows Phones hitting the market, hit the break to catch a quick overview of each of the new phones hitting the shelves this Holiday Season.

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We reported earlier yesterday about Amazon Wireless's $0.01 sale going on which had no less than seven Windows Phones on sale for a penny. One phone notably absent was the recently released AT&T HTC Titan. We're happy now to report that phone too is now available for this super deal. In fact, we've had at least two readers confirm their orders at this price, which is pretty astonishing. If you're just renewing, you're super low price is still a nice $79.99 for upgrades.

The bad news? It's backordered "8 to 9 days" meaning you'll have to wait what may seem like a very long time for such an amazing phone. And that's assuming the backorder doesn't go back further. Obviously HTC is having tight supply issues with the Titan but hopefully they can pick up the production pace. And at this price, we hope they sell a lot.

Source: Amazon Wireless; Thanks, Clifton, Jerad and Robert for the heads up!

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If you're up north and you just need the HTC Titan, unbranded and unlocked, then you can head to where you can order it for $739.99  CAD. This is the same one we took a look at a few weeks ago (see video) and features the following bands: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz ; HSPA/WCDMA: 850/900/2100 MHz .

We should also note it's not shipping for a few days and all sales are final, which never sits well with us. We're sure the deal is legit and who knows when a carrier in Canada will be getting 2nd gen phones, so this may be your best bet until we hear more from Bell and the like.

Source: NCIX; Thanks, Nataku4ca, for the heads up!

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We're still guessing the answer is probably not.

The HTC Titan launched yesterday over at AT&T and it appears supply and shipping headaches are still present.  We tried to order an HTC Titan online and was informed that the Windows Phone was on backorder, not expected to ship for another 5-8 days.

There are about half a dozen AT&T retail stores in my area and all are still waiting to see if the new phones are on the UPS Truck.  One rep noted that the phones were due in stores last Friday but due to a shipping error, were not picked up at the warehouse.

And I don't think it's too far a stretch to expect the Titan to be in stock, even if the release date was on a Sunday, when the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash were launched on a Sunday and there were no reports of supply issues.  Hopefully shipping will catch up with demand over the next few days and we all can sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with a shiny new Windows Phone in our hands.

In the meantime, again, feel free to vent in our comments section and let us know if the Titan has arrived in your neck of the woods.

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