This is pretty odd, it seems as though the cradle for the HTC Titan will be available after the device arrives to stores. Sure enough this isn't a biggie and will give users ample time to get used to the massive 4.7" screen, but it's strange to see an accessory that's required for one of the selling features of the handset (alarm clock, etc.) won't be available for a while. (as well as HTC Netherlands) is showing the HTC Titan release date as October 4th, while HTC Accessory Store (both for NL and UK) has the cradle accessory delivery estimation for 50+ days. So we have October for the handset and November for the cradle/dock? For us Brits it's not so bad as Amazon has the HTC devices (both Radar and Titan) as October 15th.

Source:, HTC Accessory Store (UK), thanks Sebastiaan for the heads up!