Vodafone AU rolling out Windows Phone Tango update for Lumia 800 and Trophy

We've got some good news for those who reside in Australia and own either the Nokia Lumia 800 or HTC Trophy. Vodafone AU is rolling out Windows Phone "Tango" to their customers in a staged release, which will cover a 24-day period until the flood gates are opened for all to receive the upgrade.

Should you not see the update notification immediately fear not as you're probably sat in line for the next tier of the rollout. Peter Skitchen reports that the following represents the release schedule Vodafone AU (and Microsoft) is sticking to.

  • Day 1-6: Available to 10% of devices
  • Day 7-20: Available to 25% of devices
  • Day 21: Available to 40% of devices
  • Day 22: Available to 60% of devices
  • Day 23: Available to 80% of devices
  • Day 24: Available to 100% of devices

In other Australian Windows Phone news, the HTC TITAN on Telstra has received a firmware update after being available for just under a month. No word currently on what has been included in the minor update.

Source: Peter Skitchen; thanks, Peter, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Does anyone ever know when AT&T will start rolling Tango for Samsung Focus? My keyboard still disapears when I'm tying and nothing's more annoying.
  • Wow, as always the Trophy is late to the game. I've had Tango on a custom ROM from months now; I did so when I found out that Verizon had said they weren't going to release it because they were waiting on Apollo. LOL. So to make a long story short this is old news, I will be so glad in 11 months when my contract is over to get rid of Verizon; they are a bunch of over priced scumbags.
  • ATT will be the last mother******* to do this.  AS USUAL!
    I need my phone debranded.....I don't even use those shysters but I have to suffer their roadblocks.
  • I feel special
  • The trophy for HTC gets update only. That's sucks. Just give update to all HTC phones
  • 25% of devices after 20 days seems a tad slow.
    Here's how I wish it worked: Send out the update notifications in delayed batches like above, but also let users request the update on day one (or at any point) if they so choose. That way, less technical users can wait but enthusiasts don't have to.
    We know they mentioned an early update program for enthusiasts for WP8, but we don't know any details i.e. if it would work similar to the above concept, if it's only for beta/pre-release updates, etc.
  • What is the schedule for AT&T. Did they decide to wait for 7.8 this time?