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One of the convenient changes in Microsoft purchasing the mobile device division from Nokia is the ability for Microsoft to offer phones direct to consumers at a faster clip. The Nokia Lumia 635, the LTE big brother of the single-SIM Lumia 630, is now joining the ranks in Italy where it is priced for € 179 (free shipping included). To sweeten the deal, if you buy the phone before July 14, you can nab a € 25 gift card to the Windows Phone Store for some new apps.

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If you’re longing for the powerhouse Nokia Lumia 930 – aka the Lumia Icon variant for everyone else – then at least in Italy, you can put your money where your mouth is. The latest phone from Nokia is now on Expansys Italy for a modestly priced €539.99.

If that Windows Phone 8.1 device is too rich for your blood, you can also order the Lumia 630 from MediaWorld for €149.99.

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Using a Nokia Lumia 1520 outside the United States? You might have a firmware update ready to download if you are. Reports are coming in that an update is available for the Lumia 1520 that addresses a few issues users have had with it. So far we’re already seeing the update for Lumia 1520’s in the UK, Finland and Italy. Read on to see what’s been fixed.

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An official app for Privalia ( has launched on Windows Phone in the last few weeks. The popular coupon and deals service has been available on both iOS and Android for some time, so it's good to see the website finally supporting Microsoft's mobile platform. If you're not familiar with the name, it's a type of club that offers its members discounts of up to 70 percent on leading brands. 

Members can take part in some attractive deals and offers on stores attempting to get rid of remaining items on their product lines, making it a win-win for all parties involved. Privalia is available in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Mexico. Jump past the break for details, offers, links and more.

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Last we Nokia shared that the Lumia Black update had begun the process of rolling out to various handsets around the globe. The Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 were the first devices to receive it, with other devices getting the update in the coming weeks. A support page was set up where you could check the status of the rollout against your country and carrier. We’re not receiving tips that various unlocked (and locked) Lumia 820’s and 920’s are now getting Lumia Black.

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In an age where technology reigns supreme, online dating has skyrocketed in usage. No longer are people meeting face to face out and about, but rather at home in their comforts, while browsing around and communicating with people they've yet to meet. Looking at published photos, reading through populated profile fields, people are using these websites to find their ideal partner.

One such service, Bleenka (, a popular dating website in Italy), has released an official Windows Phone app to help you find love on your Windows Phone when out and about.

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Sky releases Go app for Windows Phone in Italy

Sky Italy has just release an official Go app for Windows Phone. For those who aren't familiar with Sky Go, it's the broadcaster's streaming and on-demand service, available to subscribed customers. With the app installed, you're able to take your favourite shows with you when out and about.

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Sky and Windows don't go well together. We're including both Windows 8 and Windows Phone in that group, by the way. You may remember our campaign to help drum up some support to show Sky just how much demand there is for Windows clients in the UK. Little did we know the same demand was being voiced over in Italy.

While we continue to wait here in the UK, Italians rejoiced at news Sky was looking to release its Go app for Windows Phone in the region. This has now been confirmed. Sky Go (for Italy anyway) is now well on the way.

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Strong sales for Windows Phone is seen across Europe, the United States and Australia, signaling strong momentum for Microsoft’s mobile platform

Kantar Worldpanel’s numbers for September 2013 show continued strong growth for Windows Phone, especially in Europe where double digit sales are seen in the Great Britain (11.4%), France (10.7%) and Italy (13.7%).  The data collected spans 3 months, up until September.

In terms of sales for September 2013, Windows Phone has claimed 10% for the “big five” European countries combined (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), representing a doubling in sales from 12 months ago, marking a substantial increase from 2012.

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Kantar Worldpanel's latest numbers shows continued rapid growth for Windows Phone sales in European markets, but heavier drops are highlighted in China and Italy.

Kantar WorldPanel today released market share figures for the smartphone market. For three months to August 2013, the report shows Windows Phone posting its highest ever share of sales, with 9.2 percent across five European markets. Compared to last month's report, this is substantial growth. Android remains dominant across the board, as is to be expected, but there's certainly a change in the winds.

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More mobile operators are implementing billing support for the Windows Phone Store and now Vodafone in Italy has followed suit. Offering customers the ability to use their contracted plans as a way to pay for apps and content from mobile phone stores, it's a more convenient payment gateway to using cards on the go. If you don't have a card or wish to use one on your Microsoft account, your monthly contracted bill will include purchases on the Windows Phone Store.

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Yesterday, Nokia announce the availability of the Nokia Lumia 925 in the United Kingdom and today, the latest Lumia Windows Phone has made an appearance in Italy.

Vodafone Italy has the Lumia 925 in both 16GB and 32GB flavors in white or black finishes. The 16GB Lumia 925 is running €599 outright with the 32GB version running €649 outright. Both phones can be purchased for €15 by subscribing to one of the tariff plans offered by Vodafone.

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Nokia has announced that both the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 are launching in Italy. Both the cheapest Nokia Windows Phone and mid-range Lumia smartphone will be aggressively priced and marketed to further push the platform in the market. Windows Phone has done well in Italy, according to previous market share reports so the two new devices should do well. But how much will the Windows Phone 8 devices cost?

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The Samsung ATIV S is making its way around Europe and beyond, but the 32GB version is yet to be made available, leaving the 16GB as the only option for consumers who are looking to adopt Windows Phone 8 early. The Windows Phone (sporting the latter amount of storage) was previously delayed in Italy until this very month.

We previously looked at the handset when it was made available here in the UK (again, 16GB), but Expansys in Italy have now listed the 32GB variant of the ATIV S. Unfortunately pricing is yet to be unveiled for the new version. Not only that, but the 16GB units are reportedly discounted in preparation for the more advanced variant.

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