Preorders for Nokia Lumia 930 go live on Expansys Italy

If you’re longing for the powerhouse Nokia Lumia 930 – aka the Lumia Icon variant for everyone else – then at least in Italy, you can put your money where your mouth is. The latest phone from Nokia is now on Expansys Italy for a modestly priced €539.99.

If that Windows Phone 8.1 device is too rich for your blood, you can also order the Lumia 630 from MediaWorld for €149.99.

While preorders are good, there’s still no firm release date for the Lumia 930 as Nokia finalizes some of the firmware. Expansys is expecting shipments “sometime in June”, though that’s certainly subject to change.

All four colors, including white, black, green and orange, are available for the preorder.

The Lumia 930 has a 1080P 5-inch display with a 20 MP camera, 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU, 32 GB of storage and Qi wireless charging. The Lumia 930 is in many ways the perfect Windows Phone, and it should be an ideal upgrade from the Lumia 920.

So, to our Italian friends, who’s ordering one up or planning on getting one?

Source:; Thanks, Salvatore, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • "Not so cheap"? 540€? That IS cheap compared to the price they normally ask for flagships. The 920 launched for 650€. And all the Android flagships launch between 599€ and 699€. (Here they're selling the M8 for 750€ but then again they charge 150€ for the Nokia X)
  • Fair enough. I can't tell anymore what you folks find cheap and overpriced these days, lol.
  • That's an understatement round here lately.
  • Well...again, it's cheap by comparison to the other flagships and the prior flagships. Objectively it's overpriced if we have in mind it's last years specs with no microSD.
  • Now i have to wait until October for a lower price......yeah
  • Last years specs? Maybe for Android flagships but L930's specs are more than enough to power WP8.1 flagship.
  • Agreed, btw high spects are making phones more expensive.
  • Well, since it's competing against Android flagships, it has to try and match them, regardless of if WP needs them or not (Android 4.4 doesn't need the high specs anymore either). Also, the lack of microSD has been a complaint since the 920.
  • Android kit Kat is a resource hog like any other android version. And the 930 can easily compete with s5 or m8
  • Lets see it this way - Surface Pro 3 is expensive. Lumia 930 is cheap.
  • Why didn't you mention the RAM
  • Daniel, any whisperings of when a Canadian carrier compatible version might be surfacing on expansys and the like?
  • The 920 launched for 599€ in italy
  • it is starting to show up for preorder at 4500 NOK here in Norway as well, the Z2 is currently priced at 5000 NOK, HTC One M8 at 5500 NOK and the S5 at 5200 NOK, so it is competitively priced.
  • In amazon italy Nokia X goes for EUR 106,00 (what am i missing ?)   Looking at the prices there, Lumia 1520 cost the same of a Galaxy S5 (EUR 530) while iphone 5s EUR 560,00 That looks overpriced to me since in USA Lumia 1520 is US 480,00 while Galaxy S5 US 580,00 and iphone 5s US 690,00 If i were at Italy i would definitely go for the iphone 5s, not because it is a better phone, but just because they are the overpriced device masters, i wont accept this by any other company. Specially one that needs marketshare badly.   I live in Brazil and here it is the same story.  Lumia 1520 : RS 2.200,00 (Around US$ 956,00)  Galaxy s5: R$ 2.200,00 and iphone 5s 32 gig (not the 16 gig) also R$ 2.200,00 Anyone buying a Lumia 1520 here is making a bad deal.  I could almost buy a ticket to miami and get my lumia 1520 there and come back for the same price... i might as well bring some other stuff, spend a few days on vacation, etc  (Actually this is exactly what i did...)
  • "Here" does not refer to Italy but to Portugal ;) "Here" in Portugal an iPhone 5S costs you at least 699€ for the 16GB version.
  • In Greece it costs....749€
  • Ahh got it.  Well your iphone 5s cost the same in Brazil, guess i will agree and say the Lumia 1520 isnt overpriced there too, seems a good price after all. :D
  • I got the ultimate Lumia 1520.3 (the Unicorn edition) for $800 and I don't regert every cent of it.
  • Thats good for you.  Unfortunately marketshare isnt made by one sell.  WP needs a lot more if it wants to stay in the game and overpriced phones arent helping it. Last kantar report wanst good for WP and hopefully 630 will hold its own against Moto E because 930 isnt going anywhere with those prices.
  • What is the unicorn edition???
  • It's the RM-938 pentaband variant which works on AWS carriers too (tmobile, wind)
  • Thank you.... I have the 937
  • You are not well informed. The iPhone 5s in Italy costs 729€, more than any other flagship except for the one M8 (HTC has gone mad l lately)...
    Btw you can't buy a Lumia 1520 in USA: It is sold only by att and it is a crippled version with only 16 GB of internal memory and no QI wireless charging.
  • I searched iphone 5s in amazon italy and saw it for eur560,00.  I dont live there but i guess you could buy one for eur560, why cant you? Also i just bought a Lumia 1520 in usa, 32 gigs, for us490,00. it works fine for me, why do you think you cant buy one there??
  • I'm speaking about official prices and official retail chain. The Lumia 1520 in us is an at & t exclusive, so you are not supposed to buy another imported model (while you can surely do). The iPhone 5S official price in Italy is 729€. You can surely find it at a lower price, but the source is unknown
  • You must be living in Greece... That's the price range here too.
  • More die, that's why we use to buy our phones.
  • I bought from there as well. I'm Greek too. Kai to more overpriced you die me kerdise... Lol
  • No doubt, getting one
  • Why do you keep talking about 930?
    What about availability of ATIV SE.
    Much superior device (faster processor, support SD, lighter, zero bezel, solid build, ...) Apart from camera everything else is better. Also so called Nokia 'Exclusive' software can be installed as well (although most of them are not worth it). So overall no brainer. Unless you are die hard Nokia fan.
  • Cuz, the ATIV SE is the ugliest phone I've ever seen, it so boring and looks like a galaxy, while the Lumia 930 is gorgeous, and I love all those Lumia colors. The amazing camera is also a huge plus as I love quality pictures.
    And who needs an SD card with 32 gigs of internal storage??! And 'solid build'!?? Omg, compared to the Lumia 930, it's cardboard. And does that phone have a better screen than the Lumia??!? Amazing gorilla glass with super sensitive touch, and clear black display. Huh?!? And Lumia cyan with living images. Come on!
  • I've had the Icon for about a week after upgrading from my 822 (which my daughter now has) and I'm still getting used to the 'feel' of it. I also considered the Ativ SE but finally stayed with Nokia, partially because of the build and also for the Nokia apps that I had appreciated before. But the biggest deciding factor was the camera. It's freakishly awesome. I did have a problem with a proximity sensor after the first day so they replaced it. This morning, I experienced the inability to completely shut it off without it restarting. It felt warm on the back close to the bottom. But now it seems ok.
  • Because WPC can't forever be talking only of the Ativ SE?!! They had articles about the Ativ SE previously, all the leaks and actual official launch were adequately covered by WPC. Now it's the time to talk about 930. If you don't want to read about the 930, just skip the article. Might I also suggest you re-read and re-read and re-read all previous articles on the Ativ SE so you'll always be reading up on it. Besides, WPC has a wider readership than just Verizon customers. And the last time I looked, Ativ SE is just for Verizon, whereas the 930 will go out to the rest of the non-U.S. world. 
  • Exactly! Another reason that I don't give a crap about the ativ se, I'm not in the US, and even if I was, I doubt that I'd be a Verizon customer.
  • Instead of releasing phones Nokia should release the Cyan firmware update. Dammit !!
  • Well, they kind of go hand in hand. And these devices need to get priority since they ship with 8.1.
  • So in two weeks we are primed for some roll outs? Software ones.
  • I'd ask the carriers ;)
  • Have a carrier unlocked phone for that precise reason.. So... 2 weeks?
  • Danniel any idea if Nokia has finished the firmware from their end? Because here in India we don't have carriers involved.
  • I don't, sorry. Even though carriers are not a barrier there, regionalizing the firmware is, which is why they have rolling updates on their servers for hardware by country. So while a "Lumia 1020" firmware with Cyan may be done, it's regional variants all need to be completed and tested as well.
  • Not only the Cyan firmware update... I wan't a cyan color in Nokia's flagship devices! ;)
  • Do people in other countries regularly pay full price for devices? How often do they usually buy a new phone?
  • Every year, if you own an iPhone. Two years in the UK
  • Every 2 years
  • Yep. US is pretty much the only one that offers subsidies on phones. And people here think phones are too expensive ;)
  • Every year and i pay full price cuz i don't use any plans on carriers and just to mention price in Greece for the lumia 930 will be very HIGH.
  • Sadly yes. How often depends on the income.
  • Don't see how it is a sad thing. I love not being the phone companys bitch.
  • Yup. That's the common practice in Europe. Which is why carriers have no power here and there's no such thing as "exclusive phones". As for the frequency, it depends on the consumer. Some people, like me, buy at least one a year be it WP, Android or iOS. Other people buy a phone that lasts them 5 years or more (specially if it's a Nokia dumbphone).
  • Usually, I get a new phone on 2 years contract, but year in to the contract I get bored with my phone and get a new phone off-contract. By the time I get bored again, my contact is up for renewal... and cycle continues :)
  • lol
  • Hopefully not released at 2015...  Really sad at the poor release Nokia has done with any of their phones as of late.
  • Yeah i'll buy from Italy and i'll use it in i don't have to wait.
  • That's always the best option. I never buy my phones in Portugal. They always come too late and always overcharge for them.
  • Yeah, stupid taxes and fees + carriers are making the phones unaffordable for us.
  • Over here it's not the taxes nor the fees. It's just the retailers greed and nothing else.
  • It's also for pre-order in The Netherlands for €505,78    
  • Nice :)
  • It would make sense as an upgrade if the internal storage wasn't the exact same as my 920. I have roughly another year and a half of software upgrades left in my phones lifecycle. The 1080p screen sounds tempting though..
  • It is real nice on the 1520!
  • I bet it's a pipe dream but I am hoping for another phone just like the Icon but with an SD Card Slot and a Glance capable display, to be released by MM/Nokia by the end of the year.   If they are smart they will release a phone like that, but the question is when.... Overall I agree with your statement.   While I expect I'd really like the 930, I cannot see myself upgrading from my 920 without getting an SD Card Slot.
  • I wonder how much will they ask for the L830.
  • Meanwhile with the current situation, such a great device will be DOA in the huge US market. This strategy with carrier exlusives, is so wrong, in so many ways.
  • Yeah, agreed...i hope now Microsoft will do something with that.
  • I fear that sales are going to be muted largely because Nokia so often tends to miss hitting all the necessary significant features, ie the 930 with an SD Card Slot and Glance would be a very strong seller.   930 as is, muted sales with a fair amount of 920 users passing, waiting for the phone they really want.
  • There is a super major problem in the US market right now. There is NO modern high-end Windows Phone to get or upgrade. 1520 is a Phablet and Lumia Icon is only available on Verizon. I just helped two friends to switch to Android, both of them loved their Windows Phones, one switched because it was time to upgrade his aged AT&T Lumia 920, the other one broke his 925 on T-Mobile. None wanted to switch carrier, none wanted another Lumia 920 variant or a low-end device or a Phablet. A third of my friends imported the 920 from Rogers Canada just to be compatible with T-Mobile USA and his vibration just recently stopped working, he was dying to get the Lumia 930 but he is not importing a device again, rather he will switch to the LG G3 in a couple of weeks once it becomes available. If all of the above is not shooting my own foots for Nokia, then I really do not know what it its.
    I was hoping Microsoft to immediately stop this nonsense, a lot of Nokia employees that I know are fully aware and fully agree that this strategy is a mess, it was more than obvious that this will be one of the first things Microsoft will do after the acquisition but what got me worry was seeing Joe Belfiore backing up the "exclusives strategy" on his Reddit AMA when he got asked. Everyone other major player has adopted the "available everywhere" and unlocked devices strategy, in the majority of cases with crapware free programs, like Nexus, Google Play editions etc. And Microsoft is still dealing with exclusives. This is a huge and major problem, probably the Number 1 reason, holding the whole platform behind, right now. Really a shame especially after the major 8.1 update and the maturity it came to the OS along with it.
  • This is also an issue in Australia... Telstra, our largest carrier only has the 1020, 620 and the 1320 to choose from... My contract is up, so I contacted them.. I was told 1520 will not be stocked by them and they cannot confirm if they will have a 930 or even a 630... They said maybe after August sometime?? Fucking AUGUST!!!!
    Microsoft need to give these Dickheads a call and tell them to put up a "coming soon" advertisement on their website or something... I would be willing to wait a few months if I knew they would be stocking a 930,1520 or even a 630... But I'm not going to settle for last years model or a mid range handset when there are other flagship models available to the rest of the world!! Its a joke!!
  • You should investigate buying outright and switching to a prepaid plan. Probably end up better value.
  • Support SD card?
  • nope
  • Why the 930 doesn't apply this function? If it does, I believe it would much more better. 5" display is very nice from 930.
  • That is the right question, and yes it would be much better with it.   So while we got a international version of the 930 we didn't think we would, the porridge still is not quite right with this one... In a sense I feel bad for the 930, because I would hope that by the end of the year we get the phone we're really looking for (I know I am generalizing, but there's a significant amount of people looking for a phone with the same general features) and the 930 ends up not having the long life of the 920.    That said I hope that's the case because I WANT to see that "ideal" phone as soon as possible and when they release it I hope it has a significant lifespan.
  • Thanks for your sharing, I am 1520 user and I believe that there must be some models are representing Lumia series flagship in 2014/2015.
  • The 1520 is certainly a very nice phone and has a lot of the features people are looking for.  For me and some people, I think it is too large.  However I would love to spend some time with it and give it an extended trial. But yes, I am hoping the by the end of the year of early next, we will have a variant like the 930 but with an SD Card Slot and Glance.
  • At first, I also worry about whether 1520 is too big? But anyway it is fine and I am getting adapted to the size.
  • It has a lot of nice features, I hope you have lots of fun with it....
  • Do we have to keep seeing pictures of that fat frog everytime Lumia 630s and 930s are mentioned? Strutting round in his 80s Jeremy Clarkson jeans and jacket mismatch. Puts me right off my beer.
  • +3310
  • That's the point, it sounds like the perfect phone but its not that different than the 920. Sadly wp is always behind android, there is no software right now to feel the faster hardware, neither the better display. Wp8.1 runs well on almost every phone, so at the end of the day, you'll be stuck at 32gb with no microSd, and the old legacy buttons. The camera isn't something special either, many androids are doing much better at similar price. Its a typical new style microsoft move, something great, that's made uninteresting by some stupid errors
  • I agree except on the camera part. No Android device can match the 41mp of the 1020 nor the 20mp of the 930/1520. They can come close but not surpass them. The only one that can do that is the Oppo one with those fabricated 50mp but the shotter is a 13mp one. Which means if Nokia wants, all they need to do is the same Oppo does: compose the photos from 4 photos that are shot at a time. which would make the 1020 go way beyond 100mp =P
  • Unfortunately I agree with your feelings about the 930.   I am really hoping that the next iteration of a 5" 1080p WP device is going to be "IT".    That is, a well designed attractive 5" 1080p, with 32 gb internal, SD Card Slot, Glance, and I would still like to see Qi charging.   Minimal bezel and onscreen buttons is also likely. I'm hoping a phone like that will show very strong sales, instead of the semi-anemic sales we've been seeing with most WP flagships. MAKE IT SO
  • Have they heard of T-Mobile in USA? We need this phone...
  • I'm happy the words T-Mobile no longer needs to cross my lips.  I've been burned by their abandoning WP devices left and right too often.   So while I appreciate what they've done to open up the carrier situation here in the states, my overall feeling about them cannot be expressed in polite company.
  • Congrats Italy! As an Icon owner, I can assure you, you have a fine device coming your way.
  • Actually buying unsubsidized unlocked devices is waaaay better. You don't have to pay a fortune for it and you get your updates sooner. Really it's a no brainer for me eg the 925 is 450 subsidized and 250 unsubsidized. Then from the 450 you have this amount the carrier gives you that acts like a discount and the rest can go on a credit card on monthly payments. It's robbing really.
  • Orange Portugal :) Expansys Portugal :) Can't afford it :(
  • Damn, it's a hot phone.
  • That's creepy... But yeah its awesome
  • This will be my 920 upgrade as soon as it arrives to Mexico, the 930 looks great!
  • and when this will be available in the UAE?
  • They didn't release that information yet
  • F/S: Nokia Lumia 930 ::::: *Skype": justgadgets1 
  • In a country where an iPhone costs 729€ a galaxy s5 costs 699€ and my Lumia 1520 still costs more than 600€, the price of the Lumia 930 is really interesting
  • Just checked with the 630 and I noticed that comes with Lumia Cyan update, this is great but I just can't notice what improvement in Nokia Cyan except 8.1 action center, swipe keyboard method...etc.
    maybe 630 is not enough to recover what's the update for Cyan? Please advice, thanks.
  • The cyan update gives living images, well at least on the 930, so try taking pictures with the Nokia camera app, and see if the images move when you look back at them.
  • Can the Italian website send the Lumia 930 to Denmark? Amazon can, but it's around 40€ more expensive :/
  • you could also check out website. they ship worldwide.
  • It's there, but there's no price yet and it's only available in black and white
  • Hey, do you (anyone) think/know if the Lumia 930 will sell out soon after it's release? Because I don't know weather to pre order or be safe and get it when it comes out
  • i do know had bother keeping up with the 920 at the start of sale, cause of few and little coming in with choice of colours. They were the first to get it in uk with no carrier deal BS, but nokia has step it up since then. there was the odd store here and there that run out of lumias. make model i dont remember but something tells me it was the 920. You want a 930 bad ! best thing to do is keep checking the sites that sell them and check here for dates. place a pre order only if you can cancel, incase you see it somewere else. ( remember some sites will charge more than others ) sites like amazons and few others will say pre order and still could be a few months away. from the uk im getting itll be july for the 930, no price and the choice of 4 colours, from the carphoneware house were i got my 925 and there spot on with there goods for sales. tweeted nokia uk and they said june no date now for 930.
  • expansys uk have it listed at £480 pre-order..
  • Mr.Daniel Rubino jus tell me when the lumia 930 will release in eager to know that.
  • and what lumia 930's rate will be ?