Lumia 1520 picks up firmware update outside the United States

Using a Nokia Lumia 1520 outside the United States? You might have a firmware update ready to download if you are. Reports are coming in that an update is available for the Lumia 1520 that addresses a few issues users have had with it. So far we’re already seeing the update for Lumia 1520’s in the UK, Finland and Italy. Read on to see what’s been fixed.

The latest software update for the Lumia 1520, 1028.3562.1402.10xx, brings a few fixes. Here’s what’s new for the Lumia 1520 after updating:

  • Improvements to the quality of the Bluetooth connection
  • Improvements to discover the headset
  • Improvements to stability and performance improvements

Be sure to head into settings to check for an update. If you’ve had any Bluetooth problems let us know if the update fixes it for you. That might not be all though, here's forum member AndyFZ1S on the Lumia 1520 after the update:

"Yes I have an unlocked UK RM-937, had no other issues apart from screen sensitivity where it would register a tap rather than a swipe etc, Now seems to have been resolved with latest update, Have never used Clove but have heard they are good, I got mine from Carphone warehouse on contract but was supplied an unlocked handset, I cannot fault it and highly recommend you at least try one out if you can and then decide, Best of luck"

We just checked our AT&T branded Lumia 1520 here in the United States and don’t see any updates. Again, this looks like it’s just for our friends around the world.

Source: Nokia, Via: Windows Phone Central Forums, Windowsteca

Thanks for the tips everyone! 

Sam Sabri