Nokia, Microsoft and Sky announce official Sky Go app for Windows Phone in Italy

We've covered the Windows and Sky saga for some time now, but finally there has been an official announcement of sorts. Should you reside in Italy, Microsoft and Nokia have been able to get the broadcaster on-board and you'll be able to enjoy a Sky Go Windows Phone experience this month. 

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, especially with news late last month that the app would be released soon. The difference today is now we have a formal announcement made by all three parties. It's worth noting that Sky Go will be a Lumia exclusive, which will end after the deal period has ceased.

Now, if only we can get similar action here in the UK, along with other markets Sky operates in. Head on over to Windows Phone Italy for the full press release.

via: Windows Phone Italy

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • VM.....come on?
  • Well now that Italy has an official app, the UK and other markets shouldn't be too far behind since WP has near similar marketshare in those markets as well.
  • Why is UK left out, is it coming ?
  • makes sense really... Italy has the highest wp marketshare...
  • Wasn't there something going on with MS and Sky about the brand Skydrive? What's with that? Do they not need to rename it because they are best buddies now?
  • Anything about this??
  • Also curious...
  • BSkyB, who own Sky, won the court case against Microsoft for the renaming of SkyDrive. BSkyB said it was easy for customers to get confused over the name SkyDrive as the average Joe may think its a Sky product. Sky used to, or may still have, a cloud based storage product.
  • Maybe a settlement in the form of help with their software development. ;)
  • Skydrive + ❔
  • SpaceDrive...!!!???
  • NOOO its hyper drive ;)
  • Actually that's not bad
  • Galaxy drive... :P
  • Rename SkyDrive to Requiem.
  • Virgin Media Drive. Shouldn't run into any naming problems there.
  • I recently got the opportunity to prod Sky UK a bit more than normal and I have made mentions of showing support to WP8, especially in light of todays Italia announcement. Any argument they had over not developing are vanishing.
  • Need the same for Foxtel in Australia.
  • I hope they don't have to rebrand SkyDrive now, I like the name and its got good brand recognition
  • What about the UK? Hurry up Sky!
  • Isn't the UK Sky's main customer base? Very odd if you ask me...
  • Sky Italia started a promotion to give free Lumia 520 to any new subscriber, so it's quite normale to see that they decided to develop the app for WP ;)
  • Not that bothered about it on a phone. Would much rather have it on xbox one.
  • The market share argument is weak it sounds "we cant be bothered" especially when WP is growing across Europe. But Sky have become lazy when they used to be tech innovators, so i don't expect WP or RT anytime soon
  • Sky seem to only support apple and google. Maybe they have an interest financial wise. But I'm sure we'll get in the coming weeks ;)