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Qik, everybody's favorite live video streaming application that never was crippled on Windows Mobile (oooooooo, feel the burn), appears to have gotten a bit of a user-interface upgrade.

Version 4.2 for WinMo brings "a cool new look, much improved sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and better performance and frames per second, especially on the Samsung Omnia series phones. It also provides an easy way to upload existing videos on your phone to qik.com and share it to other networks."

Get your download on here (CAB) and see whatcha think.

Qik via @WMDev

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Qik snags $5.5 million in new funding

How popular is Qik, you ask? Put it this way: The mobile streaming video service just secured about $5.5 million dollars in funding, as noted in a recent SEC filing, which you can read after the break, if you're so inclined. [via mocoNews]

Among the investors throwing in this time around are Quest Venture Parterners, some private investors and CampVentures.

If you haven't played with Qik yet, definitely give it a shot. It's a simple way to livestream video from your phone. We demoed it way back in the beta stages, and it's cool to see just how much it's grown since then.

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Qik updated for WinMo Standard phones

Qik, everybody's favorite live video streaming app, has been updated for Windows Mobile Standard.

Version 0.2.44 brings:

  • Send video messages to contacts from within the contacts app.
  • Share the link to your video via SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Upload existing videos from your phone to Qik.
  • Additional language support.
  • Quality and bug fixes.

Head over to d.quik.com to download the update, or do it from within your exisiting Qik application.

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Qik, an awfully good live video streaming service, has added over 20 Windows Mobile phones to their compatibility list. The latest Treos from Palm, the Epix and Omnia from Samsung, and a slew of HTC devices from the Touch Pro to the Vodafone PDA 9600 have all been added.

Add this to their last round of updates and there's a better than average chance that Qik will support your Windows Mobile Smartphone at this point.

[via MobileAppsToday

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Qik adds more phones for live streaming

We've been enjoying the Qik video streaming and recording service on our iPhones, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia phones for a while now, and HTC devices are finally getting some love [via], as is the Samsung ACE and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. (Congats if you actually have that in your fat little fingers.)

Qik's Web site lists the following devices as newly compatible:

  • AT&T Tilt
  • HTC Touch Dual
  • HTC Touch Diamond
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • Samsung SPH-i325
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Check out Qik's signup page for a full list of supported devices. And hit us up after the jump for Dieter's Qik test video.

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Qik Now in Public Beta

Qik has been on select Windows Mobile devices for awhile now, but the beta has been opened up for everybody without the need for an invite. You can check it out at http://qik.com, but be warned it might just start playing video automatically (which is annoying). The “Beta” part of Qik is no joke -- it works very well as you can see from the above video but it also has some account management issues to work out (like switching phone numbers associated with an account). Qik currently only works with a few Windows Mobile phones, the Motorola Q9c, Q9h, and the Samsung SGH-i600 and BlackJack II. More should be coming in the future, though.

Oh yeah, what does Qik do? It's a live-video-streaming app that lets you share videos either with the entire internet (as above) or just people you select, plus the videos are archived for future use (as above). All in all, it's pretty slick. They've added a heap of new features with the new beta, which you can find detailed on their blog.


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Qik Coming to Windows Mobile

Qik has announced it will be coming to Windows Mobile. The Windows Mobile version should be ready in the next few months and you can expect a review when it drops. Qik is the web casting service that streams video from your phone to the Qik website. If your one of the lucky owners of a Motorola Q or Samsung Blackjack then you might be able to get in on the invite only alpha.

In my opinion this is great because Windows Mobile has always been known for getting things done and with Qik we can add having fun to the list. With the ability to stream live video to Qik the possibilities could be endless. Now instead of 60 minutes of video share you can share more birthday parties, anniversaries, and graduations. I think it will be best for sharing moments with friends. For example if your buddies not at the movies with you, simply fire up Qik and he can watch it with you without eating your popcorn. Er, on second thought, don't try that last one, we wouldn't want the MPAA storming your house.

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