Bing Chat is here to help you with sports and make photos of koalas

Bing Chat AI
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft shipped several improvements to Bing Chat last week.
  • The chatbot can now better answer questions about sports, such as when a game is scheduled.
  • Microsoft also rolled out Bing Image Creator to Skype, which gives people the option to create images within their conversations.

Microsoft makes sure to roll out new features and improvements to Bing Chat each week. While the biggest Bing-related news from last week was the rollout of Windows Copilot in preview, Bing Chat also gained some new capabilities.

The AI-powered chatbot is now better prepared to answer questions about sports, such as when an upcoming game is scheduled. Bing Image Creator in Skype also shipped to users, allowing people to generate images within Skype conversations.

Here's everything that's new, as outlined by Microsoft:

  • Better sports answers: We’ve made more improvements to the way Bing Chat gives answers to questions about sports topics. In this update, we’ve supported a much broader range of team sports.

    Ask Bing Chat to “Show the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule” or “When is the next Angels vs. White Sox game?” 
  • Bing Image Creator in Skype: We’ve expanded access to Bing Image Creator so you can now generate images in your Skype conversations.

    Once Bing is added to your Skype conversation, ask it to “generate an image of a koala bear meditating in a forest in the style of Pablo Picasso.” 
  • Latency improvements: We shipped performance improvements that have reduced latency spikes for certain chat answers. 

Regardless of what you are doing, Bing Chat should be a bit faster. Microsoft improved the performance of the chatbot when answering certain questions.

In case you were curious what Bing would create when given Microsoft's example prompt, I ran it through Bing Chat on Creative Mode. Here's what Bing Chat made when told to "generate an image of a koala bear meditating in a forest in the style of Pablo Picasso."

How did you ever hold a Skype conversation without images like this?

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