Microsoft tests new ways to download files through Skype

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft released an update to Skype Insiders today.
  • The update includes several new features that improve the experience of downloading files.
  • The app now supports automatically downloading files, has a streamlined way of opening items, and includes a new option for saving content.

If you're one of the few who lives on the edge of your seat to try out new Skype features, today is your lucky day. Microsoft began testing several new options with Skype Insiders this week. All of them revolve around a streamlined and improved experience for downloading and saving files.

Skype Insider now includes an option to automatically download files. In addition to having the content ready to go more quickly, Skype will show an icon that identifies the file type of the sent item.

Microsoft also changed which buttons you need to press to access a file. If auto-download is enabled, you'll no longer need to press "download." Instead, you can simply tap the file within Skype since it's already there.

Skype Insiders have the option to save files onto their devices as well.

Microsoft outlined everything that's new in a Tech Community post:

  • Seamless Auto-download: Tired of manually downloading each file? Navigate to Settings -> Messaging -> Auto-download files, and once enabled, your incoming files will automatically download. What's more, as they download, you'll see a vibrant icon specific to the file type, making it instantly recognizable.
  • Say Goodbye to Excess Buttons: In our earlier design, files came with a 'Download' button which, post-download, changed to an 'Open' button. We've streamlined this. Now, with auto-download enabled, simply tap or click anywhere on the received file to instantly open and view it. This experience is consistent across all platforms.
  • Save with Ease: While auto-download lets you view files immediately, we understand the need to sometimes save these to your device. On desktop platforms, right-click to select the 'Save-As' option from the menu, and on mobile, open the file, and select the 'Share' option. 

In addition to the new features, the latest Insider build of Skype includes stability improvements and bug fixes, including addressing an issue that could prevent the video camera from working on Android.

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While not as popular as Zoom, WhatsApp, and Teams, Microsoft's Skype is a powerful communication app that supports calls, video calls, and messaging. Skype Insiders can test out upcoming features and provide feedback to Microsoft.

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