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samsung focus s

Nothing beats more feel good stories for Windows Phone as we countdown to the big day (should you celebrate Christmas of course). We've witnessed the Nokia Lumia 800 taking top spots around the globe in terms of orders/sales. Now it's Amazon's turn with three Windows Phones taking the top three positions (beating multiple Android handsets) on the top rated, contract-bound mobile phones list. We have the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S (4G), and the HTC Trophy. Take that Google.

Source: Amazon, thanks kooksta for the tip!

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We're giving away a Samsung Focus S

While AT&T is busy with their Season of Gifting, WPCentral has a few gifts of our own to give away. We have a shiny new AT&T Samsung Focus S to give one lucky reader.

How do you enter to win the Windows Phone? Just go to this WPCentral Forums discussion and post your version of a WPCentral lockscreen wallpaper. It could be a wallpaper filled with tiles displaying our logo. It could be a 3D version of our logo that jumps off the screen. It could be our logo done in tie die. To help you out, we're attaching a copy of our logo in the discussion.

You have to submit a wallpaper to be eligible and while comments on the submissions are welcomed, they won't be eligible. We can't make getting a free Windows Phone too easy.

We'll let this run up until 5:00pm CST on December 22, 2011 and we'll pick the best wallpaper of the bunch. One contributor will win the Samsung Focus S and we'll even select two runners up for WPCentral Accessory Store Gift Certificates. We can't say you'll get the Samsung Focus S by Christmas but we'll get it to the lucky winner shortly thereafter.

We would like to thank AT&T and the WPCentral Store for sponsoring this giveaway. Now get going and create that WPCentral wallpaper!

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Resting amongst four Android phones and the iPhone 4S you will find the Samsung Focus S listed as one of the five best AT&T Smartphones. CNET gave the Windows Phone a 4/5 star ratings while the average user rating is half a star higher.

According to CNET, the bottom line on the Samsung Focus S is:

Bolstered by a brilliant display and strong hardware specs, the Samsung Focus S is arguably the best Windows Phone ever released.

While CNET recognizes the large screen (described as gorgeous), a good 8mp camera and HSPA+ speeds they feel the thin form factor lacks durability (can't say that we necessarily agree).  Regardless, it's nice to see another Windows Phone catching the spotlight.

source: CNET Thanks goes out to Jason for the tip!

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AT&T's Season of Gifting

'Tis the season for gift giving and AT&T is not about to be left out. Each day, from December 1st through December 20th, two lucky winner will win a featured gift. Today's featured gift, the Samsung Focus S with Accessory Kit.

Entering is easy. Go to the Season of Gifting website and enter your name and email for a chance at a random drawing. You can also enter by nominating someone and explain why they should get the gift. Get your friends to vote for the story and the story with the most votes wins as well.

Now not every day a Windows Phone will be given away but the other prizes aren't too shabby. AT&T has already given away an Acer Tablet, Samsung Focus Flash, and AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G. So if you're feeling head on over to AT&T and toss your name into the hat.

Oh... and speaking of giving a Windows Phone away, with the help of AT&T, WPCentral will be giving away a Samsung Focus S.  Look for the details sometime tomorrow.

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The smooth Samsung Focus S (our review) has found itself joining the giant HTC Titan (our review) with being backordered on Amazon Wireless. Both handsets have proved to be popular along with the Nokia Lumia 800, and this news follows what happened on AT&T not so long ago. The Titan is shipping in 8 or 9 days, whereas the Focus S is 1 to 2 weeks, bad news for those who wished to definitely receive one before Christmas from Amazon. This should be of no surprise with the prices being $99.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Source: Amazon Wireless HTC Titan / Samsung Focus S, thanks pwachleman for the heads up!

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We're pretty sure if you took a tour of the thousands of AT&T stores across the country, you will find tons of sloppy displays, errors, etc. Anyone who has ever managed retail knows the difficulty in trying to control appearance, which is why chains employ internal checks, secret-shoppers, etc.

In that case, perhaps this AT&T store in Florida is not that different and we're just picking on a single case. But using the original Samsung Focus as the display phone for the brand new, much praised Focus S is a bit much (we're forgetting for a second the lack of display card too). And while mistakes and sloppiness like this are sure to happen on occasion, Windows Phone simply cannot afford to have instances like this occurring.

Update: Reader Justin A. sent us this photo from another AT&T store. Here they are mixing up the Focus S for the Flash. Sigh.

Big thanks to Jack F. for the photo!

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It looks like the HTC Titan isn't the only AT&T Windows Phone on back order these days. We've received numerous tips in the last thirty minutes from readers who have received emails this afternoon from AT&T with news on their Samsung Focus S order.

Unfortunately the emails weren't shipping confirmations but rather notifications that the Samsung Focus S they ordered is on back order. So far there hasn't been any indication when the Focus S will be back in stock.  Oddly, if you check out AT&T website, the Focus S appears to still be in stock.  

The news comes with mixed blessings.  Nice to see the new Windows Phones flying off the shelves and bad that AT&T wasn't better prepared.  Looking over at Amazon Wireless, they are showing the Focus S as shipping in 1 to 2 weeks. Hopefully, that's a good measure of time and everyone getting the back order emails won't have to wait for long.

Thanks for everyone who tipped us on this and thanks goes out to ninja1043 for the pic!

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So we put up the review on the AT&T HTC Titan and received a few comments asking for more thoughts on comparing the screen quality between the Titan and the Samsung Focus S. Something more than just a comparison of the Start Screen. We'll keep the auto-brightness issue on the Focus S and the graphics lag on the Titan out of the conversation because they are secondary issues to screen quality.

Two issues were mentioned dealing with the Titan's screen; pixelation (or is it pixilation?) and jaggedness with fonts when viewing web pages or documents.  Neither Dan nor I have experienced any issues of the sort with the Titan.  So we took a look at both screens running a music video, still images, web pages, documents and the game Lets Golf 2.  Both screens performed well but we'll stick with our initial thought that the Titan's screen has an edge over the Focus S screen.

More after the break.

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WPCentral Holiday Gift Guide: Windows Phones

With the Holiday Season fast approaching everyone is looking for the perfect gift for the Windows Phone user in their life. When it comes to gifts for the Windows Phone user, it's hard to beat a new phone.  There are a lot of new Windows Phones hitting the market and while each is a quality device, one may be more appealing than the other.

While we've reviewed most of the new Windows Phones hitting the market, hit the break to catch a quick overview of each of the new phones hitting the shelves this Holiday Season.

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AT&T Samsung Focus S - Review

On November 6th AT&T released the Samsung Focus Flash and Focus S to their Windows Phone line up. We've already taken a look at the Focus Flash and now turn our attention to Focus S.

Similar in design to the Samsung Galaxy Android devices, the Focus S sports a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen. While the surface area of the S is large, it's size is diminished by being only .33" thin. The Focus S feels comfortable in the hand, has a very nice screen and comes with all the bells and whistles Windows Phone Mango has to offer.

The Focus S's pricing point and features will make it a high-end Windows Phone when compared to the Samsung Focus Flash or HTC Radar. The S is a solid performer and if you're a fan of large screen, well built Windows Phones the Focus S a very good option to pursue. To find out all the details on the Samsung Focus S, just make the jump past the break.

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Use Auto Display Intensity', is for when you use the "light" background and everything is white. It will dynamically adjust the brightness so that the screen is not so intense to look at e.g. when you open Outlook. Plus it saves battery life.

  • 'Use Key Vibration Feedback' is for enabling/disabling the capacitive feedback on the three main buttons. We actually really like feedback, but we imagine there are a few who don't. Plus turning it of can help save a tiny bit of battery, we presume.
  • Finally, 'Use Echo Cancellation' is for phone calls and basically does what it says--makes the audio more stable with less echo. We see no reason why we would want to disable it but it's nice it's there, we suppose.

While not groundbreaking settings, we do like the little extra control Sammy has given us. Unfortunately for the first setting, while it works well with the  "light" theme, the Focus S still suffers from an over-zealous, power-conserving light sensor, making the phone more dim than we think it should be. To solve that, you can disable auto-brightness in Settings and leave on Medium (although that's a bit too bright sometimes).

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The Samsung Focus S has arrived at AT&T today, meaning you can go to your local store and see it on display or purchase outright ($550 without contract).

We have ours and are uploading a comparison/first impressions vid as we speak. So far it's a pretty killer device--extremely thin and light are the key factors here. Screen is "okay" and the reason we say that is only because HTC has really stepped up their game with Super LCD on the Titan and Radar, meaning in our opinion Samsung has lost the edge here on that feature.

In the meantime, head into our forums to discuss your thoughts and opinions, or ask any questions as we're sure some folks will answer. We'll also have some Focus Flash hands on up in a bit too, don't fret.

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Samsung Focus S hands on [Video]

AT&T has already announced that the Samsung Focus S will be hitting the U.S on November 6th, and we already know that this handset will be a worthy upgrade from the first generation Focus. But in case we've forgotten what's coming, PhoneDog has taken a quick look at Samsung's latest Windows Phone running Mango and we must say that it looks more slick with every video we watch.

The Focus S sports a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, a thin and light body, 16GB storage, 1.5GHz CPU, and an 8MP rear camera (with a FF 1.3MP). The device is set be available on AT&T on November 6th, for $199.99.

Source: PhoneDog, via: WMPU

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Not much to say about this outside of it's a pic of the Samsung Focus S, laying on a table. No info on availability, pricing or really anything we didn't know already.

To refresh, the device has a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, 1.4GHz CPU, 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front facing camera along with AT&T's "4G" on board, making it an excellent follow up to the venerable Samsung Focus.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more soon.

Source: Pocketnow

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Today, AT&T has announced its Windows Phone 7.5 plans, including new phones and updates (see earlier AT&T roadmap leak). The three new devices, the HTC Titan, Samsung's Focus S and Focus Flash will all be available in Q4, though no specific date has been specified. Most impressive is the announcement of the first 4G Windows Phone, coming from Samsung.

We've all seen (and drooled over) the HTC Titan, with its gigantic 4.7-inch screen, 1.5GHz processor, 8MP camera with dual LED flash in addition it's front-facing 1.3MP camera. No doubt that the Titan will be highly anticipated and a weclome addition to AT&T's offerings.

As for the Focus S (SGH-i937 aka Kapua) it will "build on the success of the award-winning and highest selling Windows Phone in the U.S., the Samsung Focus." and will sport a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4GHz processor, 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front-facing camera, all snuggly tucked into a svelte a 8.55 millimeter profile (the current Focus is 9.9mm thick, for reference)

Finally, the Samsung Focus Flash will be geared for the more price-conscious consumer.  While it, too, will have a 1.4GHz processor, the screen measures in a tad smaller than the Focus S, at 3.7 inches, and will only have a 5MP camera.  All three will have front-facing cameras, which seems to be a standard for any new, Mango-native devices.

Speaking of which, AT&T also took the opportunity to say that they will be among the first to roll out Mango to their existing lineup of phones.  The HTC HD7S, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus will all see Mango updates "this fall,"  which could even come to mean this week.

Source: AT&T

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