AT&T Roadmap leaks: Two Windows Phone 7.5 devices (Samsung & HTC)

Here we go folks, looks like AT&T will be launching two all new Windows Phone 7.5 devices in "Q4". The first one up is the Samsung Kupua SGH-i937 and the HTC Bunyip pl39100.

The Samsung is basically the Galaxy SII phone we see a few months ago when Microsoft showed it off--no doubt this will be replacing the Focus and it looks to be a worthy replacement with an 8MP camera, 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen (assumed), 1650 mAh battery and 512mb of RAM.

We're not sure what the HTC Bunyip is exactly, though Pocketnow suspects it's the unannounced Eternity or Omega, which is a likely choice. That device will sport a 1600mah battery and also an 8MP camera. No other details are known yet.

Some very exciting stuff. Although not as grand as AT&T's original launch, these two devices will hopefully be more wow-worthy this time around.

Source: Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • Man, I'm itching to replace my phone. Wish we knew the specs on everything already.
  • Oh WOW!!! :D
  • Specs would be nice as I want me some second-gen hardware now.
  • Notice Motorola is the only one shipping with Android 2.3.4Already showing favoritism?
  • Sweet!!! great batteries and cameras =D
  • Being the premiere carrier, AT&T always get some of the best Windows Phones.Then again, AT&T was the only carrier promoting Windows Phones last year.
  • Disappointed to not see Nokia on this roadmap. I really hope Verizon is getting a highend Nokia phone if AT&T isn't.
  • This just means we won't see a Nokia phone this year. So look out for Nokia beginning of next year. Just 4 months right? Plus MS is busy cooking up windows 8 for arm (wich I heard could be leaked in the near future) so maybe we see some magic from MS/Nokia. ie. windows tablet 8, windows phone 8 etc.
  • I am sure Nokia will be fighting tooth and nail to get their market share back in Europe, Asia, and all those other overseas markets. The U.S. will see plenty of Nokia with Windows based here. Just not until next year, as other posters have already guessed.
  • Wasnt tmobile the first to premier a wp7 phone? The Hd7 correct?
  • Only 512 RAM?! that sux... how come SGSII has >1024 and we only have 512! lame/and you know the iphone 5 will have killer specs... there must be a mango phone with the latest gen of hardware... it looks like to me all phones will have the same specs once again...
  • Because the GSGII is running crapdroid, it needs more ram to get all the bloat moving.
  • lol
  • "Only 512 RAM?! that sux... how come SGSII has >1024 and we only have 512!"Because TouchWiz runs on top of Android, not to mention all the apps and services running in the background wasting resources.Every Windows Phone has 512MB RAM and 480x800 screen making developers lives easy for now. Windows Phone 8 will be a different story entirely.
  • "Every Windows Phone has 512MB RAM and 480x800 screen making developers lives easy for now. Windows Phone 8 will be a different story entirely."Yeah, but that screen res isn't exactly on the high end anymore. Doesn't the Android version of the SII have 960x540?? And you can bet the iPhone 5 will have that.So, I'm not really digging this whole "one resolution fits all" thing. If our version of the SII is still stuck at 480x800, then we're getting short-changed. Is it a Mango limitation??
  • 480x800 is still more than enough.ask those android users about the compatibility problems they're having with the apps that aren't optimized for 960x540. ur just another lousy spec hater.
  • "More than enough" doesn't exactly cut it these days, junior. What does that even mean? More than enough for who exactly??And its not about spec hating, its about staying current & competitive. That screen res was high end for last year. For almost 2012 (when this gets released), it's old news & won't be able to stack up.But don't mind me, buy it & lock yourself into a 2 year contract while the iPhone 5 & SII users are laughing at you.
  • wow seriously?
  • WOW!! this is because Android devices have alot of stuff going on in the background that cannot be controlled. 512mb RAM for wp7 so far is more than plenty,I don't even think I've used even half of it yet.
  • I don't know why your getting voted down. I voted you up. Why is there a downgrade on a newer phone. Everyone saying how smooth WP7 runs, have yet to see how it runs with background apps and multitasking. I don't see why they chopped the RAM in half.
  • because his comment is ridiculous as the one u posted below is so I voted that one down too, I dont think I've ever voted u up a single time.
  • Don't give a single **** New hardware with lesser specs is just dumb.
  • and you're even dumber for buying into the gimmicks of higher specs, phones with FFCs are stressing the **** out of carrier networks, they can't handle the load.
  • I agreed with you until the end of your post. FFC are not gimmicks, as a college student, the FFC on my iPhone (and hopefully my soon to be WP Galaxy S) allows me to interact with my family when I am away from my laptop, or in a place where wifi or ethernet cables. I pay Verizon out the **** every month, I expect them to take that money and improve the network so that when technology advances it can handle it.Specs may be gimmicky to everyone but Android users, but things that can make life easier is something everyone can benefit from.
  • Yeah, there is a difference between specs and features I would say. If we are talking about one device having another 100 or 200 Mhz faster processor, it really doesn't matter. But features such as FFC and global roaming are things that are potentially very important to different people, depending.
  • Those of us who kick around these sites know about ram, which processor is where, and all the other tech to some degree. But the average consumer just wants a device that WORKS!! Microsoft and these handset makers have to push the smoothness and capabilities of the Windows phones. They will then begin the climb to a serious OS contender. However, expandable memory IS a big deal, as is front facing camera's (which I personally could care less about, but it is a stupid thing to loose sales over due to the iPhone and Androids having it) as well as 4" and bigger screens. I hope all these pop up on most W7 Mango phones.
  • When will Pantech and Huawei join the Windows Phone family? Better yet, when will RIM?
  • Can you imagine how badly would such hypothetical RIM WP device suck? ;-)
  • It would instantly be a huge improvement over whatever BlackBerry OS garbage they're selling now. They'd finally have a real app store too with modern touch screen apps.
  • Except that their hardware is non-functional. I have a Tour right now, my 5th one. Every one has been broken on arrival, I have just given up getting replacements. I have no faith that RIM can make a working device, no matter what OS is on it.
  • Why would RIM join?
  • Ohhh, yay, finally some good news! I am thinking I'll go for the Samsung.
  • From Wikipedia:"In Hawaiian mythology, the Kupua are a group of demigods: heroic tricksters. Hawaiian myths and legends abound with such characters. They are traditionally described as monsters having the power of appearing in different kinds of bodies. They usually have cruel and vindictive characters and are ready to destroy and devour any persons they can catch. There are, however, many kupuas of kindly spirit who give watchful care to the members of their own families."WTF?
  • I want to see some on Sprint damnit!
  • sprint probably won't see any new devices until next year, if they're following the same plan they did last year.
  • Last years issue was no CDMA support on the platform until NoDo. That is no longer the case.
  • I said "if"
  • There is zero excuse - dead zero- for Microsoft not pushing to get Verizon and Sprint a Mango device. There are over 155 Million customers between the two. I mean, come on. They are smarter than that. They are, aren't they????
  • I imagine they are trying. But what we know about Sprint and Verizon is that they are in bed with Google in a big way and will do anything to keep other ecosystems out. That is why I am finally making the jump to AT&T. At least they appreciate ecosystem diversity, even if they cost more.
  • Two lone WP7 devices among the usual sea of android. Little hope they will get any attention from sales staff or be displayed prominently. Guess at&t is no longer the premier partner in ths US, if one even exists anywhere judging by the android slant of numerous carriers.
  • I guess LG threw in the towel...
  • LG Fantasy is so far the only rumored Mango phone. It looked pretty nice. But, outside of a leaked LG road map, have not heard nothing else about it.
  • Ok, if the 4.7" Eternity doesn't come out on AT&T, I'm not updating. I'll just keep my Focus and use my upgrade on a Android. Pretty pathetic for the "premiere" carrier.
  • You don't like the Samsung SGH-i937?
  • I like my Focus, but I don't like the build quality or the plastic back. I want the HTC because it's more solid and more supported in the hacking community
  • HTC is more solid? Ha-ha, OK...
  • what is wrong with the focus? just keep with what u have and use ur upgrade on an even better WP rather than an inferior android.
  • I don't get why everyone is excited about these phones... Seems like the specs are more or less the same as the first generation of wp7 with the exception of the cameras. Unless the optics of the cameras are better, even the bump in megapixels isn't enough to get worked up over.
  • Qualcomm chipset is newer.Much faster GPU. Super AMOLED Plus screen. 8MP camera. 4.3" size. Thinner. Larger battery.Specs are hardly the same. Sorry you're not impressed though. Go to a store and play with a Galaxy SII and post back your thoughts.
  • Well these are early 2011 specs. And for those that are saying that WP7 doesn't "need" dual core or 1GB RAM. Right, but I don't use primarily the OS but the apps. And developers only port highend apps when the hardware is there which isn't the case for WP7.5 then.
  • The heck you talking about early 2011 specs? Galaxy SII just came out with those specs I listed. Sure, it the SII has a faster cpu and more RAM, but the minimum requirements for Android are different than Windows Phone. You haven't even see how this phone performs and you're like "done!". Come on...Name me one app that hasn't been ported to WP7 because the OS/hardware cannot handle it. You can't because there's no evidence for such a statement.Is Windows Phone even coded to take advantage of dual-core? If so, it's a secret that MS has yet to announce. And what pray tell will more RAM even do? Name me the scenario where more RAM will improve performance. Do you even know what the average Xbox LIVE game consumes in RAM in Windows Phone?
  • I hadn't considered the speed of the GPU, or the new screen tech. I think it will be interesting to see how it actually performs compared to the Focus. And I may just have to take you up on your challenge... see if I can't play with a Galaxy SII to see if the screen is THAT much better.
  • I meant to add:Personally the processor speed, amount of RAM, and screen resolution isn't all that important... Not as much as the network speed. When will we see a 4G wp7? Give me that and then I'll starting thinking about what comes next after my Samsung Focus.I will say that the fact the hardware isn't changing much all but ensures that us early adopters will get the benefits of software upgrades for at least another product cycle.
  • So does this mean us current users won't see Mango until at least October 1st or whenever these devices are out?
  • I would be really, really surprised if Mango updates for existing devices are developed, tested, approved by the carriers, and pushed to the phones before 2012. Getting out new devices will be the priority, and then waiting for real world results to get needed updates to them. That has to happen, for W7 to start challenging for #3 OS in 2012. Do not worry, it is coming.
  • you've been hanging around Paul thurott too much.
  • Wow. That -4 is a new low for me on here. My bad, gang. beating myself as I type!! :-D
  • It's going to depend heavily on your carrier. AT&T was slow with NoDo, but we don't have any track record for VZW or Sprint yet, so hard to say how quickly they will roll it out. But as has been stated by MS, it is in the carriers hands now.
  • Interesting they are both HSDPA Category 10. 14 Mbps theoretical limit. I wonder if this is a firmware upgradeable setting.
  • Did you notice the Samsung Android devices are category 14 but the Mango gets only Cat 10.