Here we go folks, looks like AT&T will be launching two all new Windows Phone 7.5 devices in "Q4". The first one up is the Samsung Kupua SGH-i937 and the HTC Bunyip pl39100.

The Samsung is basically the Galaxy SII phone we see a few months ago when Microsoft showed it off--no doubt this will be replacing the Focus and it looks to be a worthy replacement with an 8MP camera, 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen (assumed), 1650 mAh battery and 512mb of RAM.

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We're not sure what the HTC Bunyip is exactly, though Pocketnow suspects it's the unannounced Eternity or Omega, which is a likely choice. That device will sport a 1600mah battery and also an 8MP camera. No other details are known yet.

Some very exciting stuff. Although not as grand as AT&T's original launch, these two devices will hopefully be more wow-worthy this time around.

Source: Pocketnow