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Weather apps

Ambient Weather is a simple app available in both the Windows 10 Store and Windows Phone Store that delivers your current conditions, extended forecasts and radar images. The Windows weather app also supports global locations and includes a few Live Tile options. Ambient Weather has been updated several times and we decided to revisit this appealing weather app.

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The Windows Phone Store shelves are lined with a vast assortment of weather apps - some good, some bad. They come in an equally vast assortment of styles from the feature rich to those that deliver just the basics on the weather.

Spring is around the corner and in many parts of the U.S. that means it is time for severe weather. Many of these weather apps will help you keep in tune with the conditions in your area and help you prepare for what Mother Nature has in store. Severe weather aside, these apps can also help you year round with trip planning to finding a rain free day to mow the yard.

The Windows Phone Store has a Weather Collection that has a nice selection of weather apps and while we plucked a few from this Collection for this week's roundup, we are also highlighting a few weather apps outside the Collection that we have found to be useful.

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Frost Free joined the ranks of the many Windows Phone weather apps available in the Store earlier this Fall and we've gotten a few tips from readers on how they are enjoying the app. Frost Free has a clean looking appearance, covers a fair amount of weather information and boasts that it covers more than 8,000,000 global locations.

The layout does take a little time to get used to but does have the ability to track the weather forecast of set locations and your current location. I cannot say that Frost Free is a terrible weather app for your Windows Phone and have to agree with the tipsters that Frost Free has a bit of appeal to it. However, it may struggle to stand out from a very crowded field of Windows Phone apps.

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Although there is no shortage of fine weather apps for Windows Phone, when it comes to Windows 8.1, things are a bit different. There is a selection of weather apps, but from my experience, there is a dearth of quality ones that highlight the Modern look of Windows for tablets and PCs. I know everyone cites Bing Weather as his or her go-to app, and with good reason. Assuming, however, you want something different– and the ability to ditch ads – Ambient Weather is my choice these days.

Ambient Weather is not a new app, in fact, I have been using for nearly a year now. However, Ambient Weather has been getting a nice amount of updates lately, and this mini-review is long overdue in highlighting this fantastic app.

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Atmosphere Weather is one of a handful of top weather apps for Windows Phone that many of you enjoy. Although not much has happened in the few weeks since we introduced it, much work is occurring in the background.

Today, developer Kevin Smith is releasing version 1.3 of the stylish and Modern weather app, and it has with it a hefty and noteworthy changelog. Let's see what's new.

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Weather apps. Windows Phone has no shortage of them, possibly due to their frequency of use as well as the ability to work with specific data. Regardless, I am always excited to see new ones join the flock, especially if they embrace the Modern design language from Microsoft.

Atmosphere is a wonderfully designed weather app for Windows Phone 8 that has enough features to keep most forecast fans content. The design of Atmosphere is probably its main feature, as it is bold, clean and easy to read. Likewise with the Live Tile, which has one of the better layouts I have seen.

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We were tipped on a relatively new Windows Phone 8 weather app the other day and while we have plenty of weather app options, this one ain't too shabby. Skyline has a minimalist appearance that delivers the basic weather information along with an interesting map feature.

Yes. It is another Windows Phone weather app but Skyline has enough appeal and gusto to stand out from the pack.

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4castr is a wildly popular weather app for Windows Phone, maintaining a 4.4 rating (out of 5) on the Store. Today, version 1.5 ‘Stratus’ has gone live, and it brings with it a massive list of changes and improvements. The app is free with in-app-purchases to unlock premium features, making it a fun option to toy around with, especially if you want detailed forecasting.

Let’s take a look at what today’s update brings. Grab a coffee, because the list in long (and we just love detailed changelogs).

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Color Weather is a no-nonsense weather app for Windows Phone 8. The minimalistic design changes the background color dynamically depending on the current temperature.

Along with the current conditions, Color Weather offers a five-day forecast so you can better plan your week. The weather app does have Live Tile support and while Color Weather’s simple design has a certain level of appeal, it may be too minimalistic for some.

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There are so many weather apps on Windows Phone, but they’re fun to cover. Most people will be served by apps like Bing Weather and AccuWeather, but a lot of folks have different preferences and wants from a weather app. Some want a ton of details and as much information as possible, while others just want to know the current temperature. The fact that weather apps can vary is why we like covering them. Maybe the new weather app we’re covering will be perfect for you if you haven’t found the one for you yet. Today we’re checking out newcomer Blue Skies for Windows Phone. It’s simple, it’s clean and it’s currently free for a limited time.

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Do I need an umbrella today? Most of you answer this by just looking out your window when you wake up. That might cut it in a place like southern California, but head anywhere else and you’re going to need to check the weather forecast to dress accordingly. Let’s check out the best weather apps on Windows 8.

Weather apps are a little tricky to review and rank. There are many different users who all look for something different from a weather app. You know, different strokes for different folks. Some put a higher importance on accuracy, while others want a weather app that looks good. We spent the last few days trying out a handful of weather apps in the Windows Store and walked away being most impressed by the following. In no particular order, here they are.

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There are certainly plenty of weather apps on Windows Phone, and everyone has their idea of the perfect one. One of my favorites is Vieather, which hails from Vietnam. The app is lean, mean and it’s free (ad-free too). It doesn’t have Doppler radar or breaking weather alerts, but it does offer a nice visual approach to your current conditions. Did I mention there’s also a Windows 8 app for your Surface?

Version 2.0 just landed on the Store the today and if you already use the app, then you may have been alerted to the update.  The changelog is a partial carry over from the last few updates, though I’ll tell you exactly what’s new.

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