Telstra gets lucky with rare Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 for online purchases

Cyan Telstra Lumia 920

It looks like AT&T’s death grip on all the cyan dye in the world is finally drying up as Telstra is now offering its customers the blue variant of the popular Nokia Lumia 920. The catch is it’s not in stores, so online purchases only. But that’s still better than nothing, right?

With that addition, Telstra boasts its range to four, including an addition yellow, white and black. The cyan version can simply be selected when users opt to buy the phone and choose their plan—no restrictions. The company is even sending out emails to customers boasting about the fact, to help lure some new purchases.

Telstra has been selling the Lumia 920 since late November, but like everyone else they often have limited stock. We’re certain cyan is in the same boat, hence the online purchases only thing. Regardless, options are good for consumers and perhaps we’ll see other carriers opt for cyan, now that AT&T’s exclusivity on it appears to have ended.

Source: Telstra; Thanks, AngryNil, for the tip!


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Telstra gets lucky with rare Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 for online purchases


To be fair, AT&T had been out of stock of cyan for the first four months after the 920 became available. And even once cyan became available on AT&T, it was also online only.

Can't believe Nokia did this with the cyan (and pink) would have thought it would have been really popular and maybe even got people to buy who would have not bought a Windows Phone. I upgrade on a month (UK) and would love one (or 928)

I've been tempted a couple of times to order the Cyan 920 online from outside the UK but never been sure of the bands and if it would be a global or AT&T version.
Maybe now we'll get a UK variant on the shelves... And maybe on Vodafone.

I have actually been impressed with Telstra's attitude toward windows phone lately. It seems they are actually advertising them on TV and I have even seen ads on YouTube. Amazing.

yeah Brisbane in general lately has been filled with advertisments all over the shopping malls, bus stations, catalogues and telstra has its dedicated windows phone section now. WP has high visibility atm which is great.


It's a shame the 920 is just too big for my tastes, as if it weren't I'd be ordering this right now.


Lumia 620 will be my next. With Cyan shell.