Lumia 950 and 950 XL headed to Australian carrier Telstra on March 29

Australian carrier Telstra has confirmed that it plans to finally begin selling the Lumia 950 and 950 XL starting on Tuesday, March 29.

Windows 10 gets integrated into Telstra's Discovery Stores in Melbourne and Sydney

Australia's wireless carrier Telstra has integrated Windows 10 into its Discovery Stores in Melbourne and Sydney. Among other things, the OS helps to run the stores' tap and take” NFC cards that can create a personal digital brochure for the stores' customers

Australian carrier Telstra to commence Denim rollout starting March 23

If you're rocking a Lumia device from Telstra and are yet to make the switch to Denim, chances are you will be able to do so by the end of the month. The Australian carrier has mentioned that the update is currently in testing for handsets such as the Lumia 520, Lumia 625, Lumia 920 and Lumia 1320, with these devices scheduled to receive the update starting March 30. Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 are slated to get the Denim update a week earlier, with Telstra planning to commence rollout on March 23.

Telstra in Australia delays its Lumia 930 launch due to hardware change

The Telstra wireless carrier in Australia has announced it has delayed the launch of its Lumia 930 model. It was originally set to be released today but the carrier has announced that date has been pushed back due to a small hardware update on the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Optus to be the first to stock the Lumia 930 in Australia

Microsoft's flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 930, is making its way to multiple regions. We're sure you're sick and tired of reading about which countries will be able to purchase the Windows Phone soon, but we have just one more for you, targeting those Down Under. If you simply cannot wait to get one for yourself, Optus will be the first Australian carrier to stock and offer the Lumia 930 on July 11, while both Telstra and Vodafone will follow on the 15th and 16th respectively.

Nokia Lumia 1320 coming to Australia next month, starts at AUD $449

Living down under? Hopefully you’re enjoying summer, because a hot handset is coming to Australia soon. Nokia Australia has just announced pricing and availability of the Nokia Lumia 1320. Pricing and dates below for our friends from a land down under.

Telstra launches 24x7 Windows Phone app beta, calling on customers to help with testing

Australian mobile operator Telstra has been behind Windows Phone since the beginning, but the company is rolling out the beta for its 24x7 Windows Phone app. Customers are now able to sign up to the program and try out the features available in the solution. Just like other apps already available from other mobile operators, Telstra 24x7 will enable customers to check account usage and perform tasks.

Nokia Lumia 1020 now available in Taiwan and back on track for Telstra in Australia

The world cried together when Nokia announced the Lumia 1020 as an exclusive on AT&T the world. Why limit the smartphone with the best camera to one carrier in one country? Thankfully that exclusivity was only timed and slowly the device began appearing around the globe. The device was recently delayed on Telstra in Australia, but is now back on track. It’s also now available to the people of Taiwan. Details below.

Telstra cancels Nokia Lumia 1020 pre-orders for Australia; sends free Lumia 520s out as peace offerings

Today was supposed to be a joyous day for Telstra customers, a day that they could pre-order the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows phone. Sadly, however, Telstra has run into a software issue on their Lumia 1020s that is bad enough to postpone the release indefinitely, forcing Telstra to cancel all pre-orders for the Nokia flagship phone. Thankfully, the news isn't all bad. As a result of the cancelations, Telstra has generously shipped out free Nokia Lumia 520 smartphones to those who pre-ordered the Lumia 1020.

Telstra joins Vodafone and skips GDR2 for HTC 8X; GDR3 due in November instead

The HTC 8X is going through some bad times it would seem. The Windows Phone isn’t faring well with the latest GDR2 update from Microsoft. Vodafone AU has already skipped the update and is instead heading straight for GDR3, and it seems Telstra is also following suit. The mobile operator has revealed on its website that consumers will be able to look forward to a future rollout.

Telstra touts the “sensational” looking Nokia Lumia 625 in series of new videos

The Nokia Lumia 625, featuring a nicely sized 4.7-inch display and a 1.2GHz dual core CPU is certainly an interesting phone. Its budget priced and lacks a lot of the high end features of its Lumia brethren and yet it’s still in a category all its own due to that screen size, large battery, microSD expansion and premium Nokia feel.

Telstra began selling the Nokia Lumia 625 at the end of August, while some third-party retailers had it a few weeks earlier.

Nokia Lumia 1020 launching September 17 on Telstra in Australia, Optus later

The Nokia Lumia 1020 launched as an AT&T exclusive earlier this summer. We knew it would come other carriers around the globe, the only question was when? If you find yourself down under in the land of Kangaroos you’ll be getting the Lumia 1020 in less than 2 weeks. Details after the break.

Telstra: GDR2 rolling out for Lumia 920 tomorrow morning

G’day mates! Here’s some pretty stellar news for all our friends down under. If you happen to have a Nokia Lumia 920 on Telstra you’ll be getting GDR2 soon. How soon? Tomorrow morning. Details after the break.

Telstra promotes the hell out of Windows Phone, has video to prove it

We’ve heard a lot of discussion from users, mostly anecdotal, about their local carriers and how well they are promoting Windows Phone in the store. Some are horror stories, with reps pushing Android or the iPhone while often there are great experiences too.

Telstra though as evidently set the bar with their in-store advisements.

In fact, it’s so good that Microsoft has made a video in conjunction with the popular carrier to highlight their effort. It’s quite the achievement to see Windows Phone promoted in such a way and while US carriers like AT&T and Verizon are getting serious about putting Windows Phone front and center, we think Telstra here sets a great example.

Telstra gets lucky with rare Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 for online purchases

It looks like AT&T’s death grip on all the cyan dye in the world is finally drying up as Telstra is now offering its customers the blue variant of the popular Nokia Lumia 920. The catch is it’s not in stores, so online purchases only. But that’s still better than nothing, right?

Telstra Windows Phone 7.8 update table heightens hope for a Q1 release

We began to get rather hopeful with news of an imminent release for the Windows Phone 7.8 update, thanks to a tweet published by UK mobile operator O2. The company has quickly become the premier Windows Phone carrier in the UK, supporting the platform with stock of not only Lumia handsets, but Samsung and HTC as well.

Now Telstra has provided some hints that consumers with Windows Phone 7 hardware won't have to wait too long for the much anticipated update.

Lumia 920 available at Telstra stores in Australia, but sold out

The Lumia 920 is now appearing in Telstra stores, according to a number of consumers who have attempted to pick one up. Unfortunately, like its online store, Telstra brick and mortars are struggling to meet demand with the limited stock passed along by Nokia. While a familiar story across the board in multiple markets, it does make one consider why it hasn't been resolved yet.

Telstra: Lumia 920 Windows Phone demand smashes expectations

We've been publishing a number of reports covering multiple retailers and carriers where initial stock of Lumia 920 Windows Phones has sold out. It appears this is a global issue right now, but who would have thought that Nokia would have a problem of getting enough Windows Phones into the market to meet demand?

Nokia Lumia 920 sold out at both Telstra and Clove

If news of the Lumia 920 selling out in China, but then being withheld due to incorrect pricing, wasn't enough then we've also got word that both Telstra and Clove have both sold out in the first day of going live. It appears (depending on how many units were stocked in the first batch) demand is high for the handsets - even at full / the correct price.