Football App Roundup

Top Rated Football Apps for your Windows Phone

It's that time of year again where fans come out of the woodwork, dust off their lucky jersey, slap on the war paint and find their favorite foam finger that declares their favorite football team as number one. Yes, it's American football season!

College football season kicked off a few days ago and the NFL is slated to get started this coming week. If you are a fan of either, there is a nice selection of Windows Phone apps to help you keep track of scores, stats, news, videos and chatter about your favorite College or Pro team.

We plucked four of the top rated football apps from the Windows Phone Store to highlight in this week's roundup. We have three apps to keep you up with the scores and a Windows Phone app to help you manage a fantasy team.

One quick note before you pull out the pitch forks and light the torches, I didn't include NFL Mobile in this week's roundup for the simple reason it was buggy as hell. I'm not sure what happened between last season and today but the app has noticeably declined. Hopefully the bugs will be ironed out over the next few days so the app will be ready for the first game.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter

There are several ESPN apps in the Windows Phone Store and we went with ESPN ScoreCenter for its simple approach to deliver sports information to your Windows Phone. The app has dedicated sections for your favorite sports leagues including the NFL and NCAA Football.

ESPN ScoreCenter

The ESPN ScoreCenter has a Lead Section that highlights the latest scores, news and video highlights from all sports. You also have the ability to pull up a series of pages for your favorite sports league or team.

League pages will include scores, news, standings and video highlights. You can choose specific teams for you're My Teams page that will display scores and news from those specific teams.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter also has the ability to pull up individual team information that includes the team's schedule, roster, stats and standings. Game information includes preview, Twitter feeds on the game, video highlights, scoring summaries, stats and a recap.

Toast notifications are available for your favorite team to alert you of any team news and game scores. You can also tap your favorite team to be highlighted on the ESPN ScoreCenter Live Tile. This will deliver the latest scores and news for your favorite team to your Windows Phone Start Screen.

Navigation can be a little tricky (really needs a home button) but once you get the hang of things, ESPN ScoreCenter can help you keep up with this year's football action.

  • ESPN ScoreCenter – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices – 1MB – Free – Store Link
  • ESPN ScoreCenter - Windows 8 - 428KB - Free - Store Link

QR: ESPN ScoreCenter

Football Pro '14

Football Pro '14

While there are very few NCAA Football apps, the NFL is well represented with a number of apps in the Windows Phone Store. One of the better football apps that focus solely on the NFL is Football Pro '14. The app receives 4.5 stars in the Store and delivers scores, standings, news, live radio broadcasts, team rosters and more to your Windows Phone.

Football Pro '14 Main Pages

Football Pro '14 has the ability to create a profile to let you follow your favorite team and has a Fantasy Playoff Prediction to see if you can pick which teams will make the playoffs and eventually find their way to the Super Bowl.

Team pages not only include the team roster and the latest news but also a sports talk page where you can talk smack with other sports fans. Individual teams can be pinned to your Windows Phone Start Screen for easy access (also score updates) and toast notifications are available to alert you on team updates.

Football Pro '14 Team Pages

As with ESPN ScoreCenter, navigating around Football Pro '14 can be a little tricky and will take a little time to get used to. Otherwise, it's a solid NFL app for your Windows Phone.

  • Football Pro '14 – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices – 8MB – Free – Store Link

QR: Football Pro 14

NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football

When it comes to fantasy football, two Windows Phone apps sit at the top of the charts. You have the ESPN Fantasy Football app and the NFL Fantasy Football app. While ESPN Fantasy Football is a quality app for tapping into your ESPN fantasy football teams, we tapped NFL Fantasy Football for this week's roundup solely because it was ranked the highest.

NFL Fantasy Football

The NFL Fantasy Football app is nicely laid out with key features that include:

  • Joining and creating leagues
  • Manage your team lineup
  • Add or drop players from free agency and waivers
  • Video highlights of all your key players
  • League activity summaries
  • Live scoring
  • Ability to manage multiple teams

You also have a page dedicated to expert analysis that includes the latest news from the NFL that includes injury reports, roster changes, and more.

NFL Fantasy Football

Now I'm not very involved with fantasy football and in using NFL Fantasy Football over the past few days I found it to be a very easy way to set up a team, join a league and manage your team. If you need more elbowroom than your Windows Phone can provide, you can access your fantasy team and league through the NFL Fantasy Football website or download the Windows 8 version of the app.

It may be a coin toss as to which is better, the ESPN or NFL fantasy app, but I doubt you will go wrong if you opt for the NFL Fantasy Football app.

  • NFL Fantasy Football – Windows Phone 8 – 11MB – Free – Store Link
  • NFL Fantasy Football – Windows 8 - 2.25MB - Free - Store Link

QR: NFL Fantasy Football

Bing Sports

Sports (Bing)

The Bing suite of apps include some of the cleanest looking, easy to navigate and informative apps in the Windows Phone Store. The Sports app is no exception (never understood why they dropped the 'Bing' from the title).

Bing Sports NFL Pages

Similar to ESPN ScoreCenter, Sports offers the latest from the world of sports that includes pages dedicated to the NFL and NCAA Football. The app's main pages cover scores, photo slideshows, news and videos from all sports leagues. You will also find main pages for your favorite teams and sports leagues that will allow you to drill down to more specific information on those teams and leagues.

League pages include scores, top stories, standings and video highlights. Team pages are similar and cover the team's schedule, top stories, standings and roster. Sports does not provide team or player statistics.

Bing Sports Team Pages

The only downside to the team coverage is game information is provided from and the app doesn't size the webpage down for mobile use. It's not a deal breaker but it would be nice to see the web coverage match the clean appearance of the rest of the app.

Teams and sports leagues can be pinned to your Windows Phone Start Screen but the Sports app lacks toast notifications for team news or scores.

Overall, if having scores and news from your favorite sports team or league delivered to your Windows Phone is your main objective it is hard to go wrong with Bing Sports. There is also a Windows 8 version of Bing Sports available for those who prefer a larger screen for their sports scores.

  • Sports (Bing) – Windows Phone 8 – 7MB – Free – Store Link
  • Sports (Bing) – Windows 8 – 5.99MB - Free - Store Link

QR: Bing Sports

Best of the bunch?

There are plenty of sports apps in the Windows Phone Store to help you keep track of your favorite NFL or NCAA football teams. We tapped four of the higher rated apps in the Store, each being a strong option worth considering.

If you like fantasy football, it is hard to go wrong with the NFL Fantasy Football app. While there is a web portal and Windows 8 version of the app, the Windows Phone app offers you a feature rich environment to manage and keep up to date on your teams while on the go.

If NFL is your only concern, Football Pro '14 will deliver a ton of information from the NFL to your Windows Phone and has the ability to mark a team as your favorite for easy access.

There are a lot of similarities between Sports and ESPN ScoreCenter. Both offer information on sports leagues beyond the NFL and NCAA, both allow you to drill down to specific leagues or teams and both have Live Tile support.

ESPN has the advantage of toast notifications, team and roster stats and a better game page. Sports has the advantage of a cleaner appearance and better navigation (you have a home button). Both are hard to beat for football coverage but if you need more than just scores, schedules and news ESPN is the way to go. I think if Bing added toast notifications to Sports, the choice would be more difficult to make.

So what is your favorite Windows Phone app to help you keep track of either the NFL or NCAA football season? Feel free to let us know in the comments below what your favorite football (American) app is.

Personally, while I patiently wait for ESPN to release a SEC Network app I tend to bounce back and forth between ESPN ScoreCenter and Sports. While I'll sit and take in a NFL game from time to time, College Football is my cup of tea.


Reader comments

Top Rated Football Apps for your Windows Phone


Its not elitist, its just not right. The whole world knows what football is, yanks dont. Its why everyone in the world thinks you're arrogant :)

Yes i thought the article was about the real football. And i hope the author will write it 'american football' for next article about this kind of sport. Forgive us as we just want a little more spesificity. Your readers are worldwide, and that's a good thing, yes?

It's a site based in America about a game called football in America. No need to qualify it as "American football," that would be pointless and sort of redundant.

It actually says "american football" in the very first paragraph...
If you read just enough to determine what the article was not about what you thought it was about, how can you argue that the author lacked specificity?

Also, should the app developers change the names of their apps as well? Isn't that ignoring the American audience?

Totally isnt football. Its rugby with massive shoulder pads for ballerinas. Proper game is rugby.

Football is played with your feet, the clue is in the name :)

So what should we begin calling baseball as then? As the ball doesn't actually touch the bases... Batballwheretheyrunroundthebases had a nice ring to it.

The goal of football is to remain upright until you cross the goal line (pretty sure you need to be on your feet to do this?). If your KNEE touches the ground, you are considered "down. -- might need feet. The other goal (if the first cannot be obtained) is to KICK the ball using your "foot" into the uprights (goalpost). Also, after each score, the ball is then KICKED for what is known as an extra point. Then the ball is placed and ...wait for it...KICKED to the other team. 

Since SOCCER players spend most of their time on the ground faking injuries...we are being generous by giving you such a good name and allowing it to be classified as a sport. The sad part is that real athletes in the USA don't play SOCCER and yet made it further than most of you SOCCER playing countries in the World Cup. Congrats on sucking at your own sport. 


Well they dont wear protection for every part of the body like AF girls, rugby is mens sport. "i If your KNEE touches the ground, you are considered "down. -- might need feet.". You need head, and brain and eyes to for all that. About world cup, you have luck you play qualification with some s*it teams, if you played against european teams, you would not participate even. fifa do that and makes groups at WC easy for the "less good teams", like you. And it's sad that country from europe in basketball have more gold medals in basketball at WC than USA, and their whole league is less worth than one NBA reserve player. You spend bilions on tennis in US, and you have none of top players, but same small coutry have no. 1 on the list, and so on.

My goodness, you made the worst argument possible. 

Three groups were acknowledged in the media as "group of death": Group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia), Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy), and Group G (Germany, Portugal, Ghana, United States)

Maybe you don't learn geography where you live...but in the USA, we know Germany and Portugal are located in Europe. 


As to your Basketball reference...Hilarious. No one (including players) care about the FIBA World Basketball tournament. Our star players regularly sit out of these tournaments in order to rest for (or to remain healthy) for the real competition (NBA). Why would a player making 50+ million (or more) risk playing in a tournament for a little shitty as trophy knowing that no one really cares anymore. The days of the Dream Team are over because the money is too large in the NBA. Not many people would risk a $50+ million dollar paycheck for a chance to get a gold sticker. Look at Kevin Durant (arguably the best player in the NBA) sitting out.  Look at the roster this year...max 3 All Star caliber players. Everyone else is out there trying to prove themselves. Not even close to our elite talent.

And now that you mention Tennis...I'm out.

Group with USA was group of deaath for your media, in Europe nobody think that. Don't you learn me geography, we all know "american geography", you get a draw with one europian team in very bad form, and you think you are one of the best. You don't have to play qualification with europian teams, you play with some mediocore central america teams, that why you can play in WC. Most of the (real) football  teams from europe wich are better than USA don't get chance to get to WC becouse fifa gives places to whole world so more people would watch it. Your national team is not better than most of eurpean small countries. And don't go to tennis. You spend most money on it, and have no player in top

Play starts with a kick-off. Scoring includes: field goals (Kicks) and points after touchdowns (kicks).  If you aren't able to secure a 1st down, the team punts (kicks). After scoring, just like the start of a game/half, the scoring teams kicks off to the opposing team.  Lots of kicking going on in football.

One player throws the ball. On special plays another player may throw the ball, but how unlike soccer..ehem.. football, is that? The goalie picks up the ball and throws it quite a bit, and players throw the ball back inbounds all the time!

Nice logic. They should have called it bodyball as they generally use their entire body to play the game; why not call it eyeball, instead?

hmph, I may just be a silly American from New York but If I'm mistaken, the world actually plays American Football.  On last check, the EFAF European Championship and the IFAF World Cup exists.  Neither tournament removes legitimacy of playing the sport.  It adds to it. 

Once again, a country's focus shifts depending on the quality of it's athletes.  In '98, Jamaica cared about the Reggae Boyz, now their attention is on Usain Bolt.  In this past Olympics, France put out a basketball team that had 12 players that played in the NBA (with only one inactive for that season).  On that level, Canada will pay more attention to it's basketball team due to the talent on their team. 

Remember: biases have 2 faces. 

George, any word on the WatchESPN app? I asked before the NBA playoffs began and they told me "to keep checking the Store".

From that "authoritative" source known as Wikipedia...

"The rules of association football were codified in England by the Football Association in 1863 and the name association football was coined to distinguish the game from the other forms of football played at the time, specifically rugby football. The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford "-er" abbreviation of the word "association".

Within the English-speaking world, association football is now usually called football in the United Kingdom, and mainly soccer in Canada and the United States. People in other countries, such as Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, use either or both terms interchangeably, although national football associations of both Australia and New Zealand now primarily use "football" for the formal name."

Rumor is Espn stopped supporting their fantasy app on WP. Apparently its no longer in the store. I waiting to see if it still works since I never uninstalled it. Huge bummer

Why is this called FOOTball, when 90% of the time they play with hands? This is rugby, but americans just as always add some changes and call them American Football and make it fancy, it's all about the show, right? what about the sport?. Real rugby players can kick asses of any american rugby team (sorry i can't call it football since it's not), cuz they play without the helmets and protection. REAL football on the other hand is the one that was played in world cup Brazil 2014 and all other major leagues like Premier League, Primera, Serie A, Bundes Liga, etc... :))) 

And NO, it is not soccer cuz SOCCER is another name that was and still is used in UK for the game called FOOTBALL!

However, these apps really look beautiful from the UI perspective, don't know about their functionality. We have to ask our fellow americans are they good. :) But since it's WP app, must be good, right? :)

Dude, shut up. Nobody cares that you like soccer more than football. Wpcentral is an American site so obviously it's going to tailor towards Americans.

Not true, it's a universal, diversified, international community. Though, I agree with you, the idiotic comments about soccer/football are supremely annoying.

I like FOOTBALL, the real one, so.... you shut up :)

I gave my opinion about this, and if you don't like it, don't replay, simple as that. Neither I am gonna change your mind nor you will mine :)

"Wpcentral is an American site so obviously it's going to tailor towards Americans." wow, what a statement :)

WP Central is based in America, but it's a site for all the WP fans around the globe.

We care. Hence the comments. You minority yanks should call it its full <stupid> name, "American Football", the word "Football"  on its own refers to the game we in the UK invented. Not your nonsense game.

We care cos its plain wrong. And it was stupid. As stupid as "The World Series" which is only played in yankie land.

Such moronic comments. They aren't even ORIGINAL or funny.  We get it, you think you're better because you call soccer, football.  You also call the toilet, the loo.  Do you correct every article you read.  I find it hard to believe that this is the issue, in all of the world, that you passionately fight for.  It must be exhausting.

read further down and you will see that dalydose used the same exact comment just 8min later. Maybe a pre-play is the better term here. Either way, such comments have no place on WPCentral.

Well, not exact same comment, but nice try to disarm without use of logic.  Comments degrading other people's country or choice of sport have no place on WPCentral...or in life.

Rugby players do die either on the pitch or die from injuries sustained on a fairly regular basis. It is a very dangerous sport and the deformed faces of many rugby players tell the story of their career.

The goal of football is to stay on your FEET (upright) until you cross the goal line. Or, to KICK the ball into the uprights (goal post). Now ask me again why this name for this sport doesn't make sense. Oh and by the way, American's wanted nothing to do with the Brits after we whooped that ass in the American Revolution. If we are still pissing the Brits off today with the name of our sport...we have succeeded once again. 

You're right Boris, we lost to the brits and you lost to liquid nitrogen. Enlighten me to your homeland Boris...please tell me it is a country that got past the Group Stages. After all, your love of soccer surely has paid off...right?

Oh, we are talking about football? i thought you are talking about american history... my bad :)

How did we lost to liquid nitrogen, What country do you think i am from? Wtf are you talking about? Dude, seriously, are you on some drugs? America is populated with Europeans, your roots are back to Europe, the whole world knows who are the native Americans. But ok, that's history, f*ck that now.

On the last football world cup in Brazil, USA was one of my favorite teams, they got my respect from 4 years ago in the WC2010 in South Africa. This year they surprised me how much they progressed, but yet it took European (german) manager to make them play that good, which all is good in the name of the game. 

The problem is not if your game is called football. Cuz it's clearly stated that that is American football, which is played in USA. Why you call it football and world series, that's your thing, you see it different and that's fine. The problem was in the title of the article, cuz when everywhere in the world when you say FOOTBALL, people instantly think about the game you call it soccer (even brits start to drop the name soccer in favor to the world wide accepted right term Football).

This is the best WP site in the world, people accross the whole world come here to read, learn and educate about their phones and to hang out with their fellow WP friends. So even if most of the writers here are from USA, they need to think that they don't write for the USA audience only, but to world wide audience. So only if the writer (in this case George) just pointed out that it's about the American Football in the article title (as the rest of the world knows it), we wouldn't have this kind of comments now,.Right? Not everyone reads the whole article like few of us do.

Now, please, enough of this, it's very simple: You call it Football, the rest of the world calls it American Football. You call it soccer, the rest of the world calls it Football. 

Are we ok now? Truce? :)

Agreed. I've emailed them multiple times as well asking them to do better. Their toast notifications are almost useless consider they take you no where and the story isn't even posted on there site yet.

Hi George, great piece and great choices! I'm wondering if you've heard any news regarding EA releasing a version of Madden or any other developers planning on releasing a good graphics football game for WP? Both football and baseball games are sorely missed in our Store. Thank you for any info. :)

2 things:

1. I've actually found the recently updated NFL Mobile to be pretty good and its starting to be my go to along with Bing Sports.

2. I cannot wait until the voting system when we can just down vote all of the "this isn't football" comments. WHO CARES! If this isn't the football you were looking for, them back out of the article and go to another.

Usually I don't complain but I'm with you, it's tiresome reading through all of the comments everytime WPCentral writes an article about football or some other subject (like units of measurement) that is different outside of the US. I'd like to read more comments that are funny/informative instead of this us vs them nonsense.

If the voting system were in place, I'd be voting your comment up right sick of hearing "this isn't football"! Makes me want to say "Shut up and go away, you're butting into a conversation not meant for you!".

There's such a lame anti-American thing going on on this site. I can imagine the uproar about what horrible people we were if we spammed their Premiere League posts with "Oh, I thought this was  REAL football".  Guess what? Different countries call things by different names. Get over it.

"They" don't call it the "World Series" though. I agree that disrespectful is not the right term. However, I do sense some ignorance in that title. He is writing for an international audience and should use the correct terminology or otherwise is just asking for comments.

There is no "correct" terminology. In the country of residence of this writer, the game is called "football". It is called "football" in a few other countries as well. Being an international site, calling it football is appropriate, based on the content and the intended, relevant audience.

ok, correct may not be the right word here. Replace correct with "sensible". I still hold on to my point that WPCentral is writing for an international audience. it doesn't matter were it is originated. Heck, even the writers are from all over the world. If that attitude was true then I'd say it is ignorant and narrow-minded. There are a lot of terms that are the same in english-speaking countries that mean something entirely different.

Different countries call things by the *same* name, too. That's the problem here. It takes a single word to specify the sport you're talking about, and that word is "American". If this site is going to cater to an international audience, using the term "American football" is just courtesy to avoid confusing its readers.

You weren't confused. You knew exactly what they were referring to. A quick glance or even reading the very first paragraph could have sent you on your way. What's happening is pettiness and soapboxing a weird sense of superiority over America.

If you read the comments then you realize that there were quite a few people who did not realize they were reading about American football until they read further into the article. They started reading about it in anticipation to find some good suggestion for "soccer" apps. "Weird sense of superiority"? look into the mirror....

I don't degrade other people's countries nor do I question what sport they like or what they call it.  I do what I do and am happy for you to do what you do. If I read the comments, I see a bunch people making an "issue" out of their wish rooted in, at best, semantics.

Firstly, I didn't know which sport was being referred to. "They're probably talking about American football" did cross my mind, but I couldn't be sure without checking the article. Secondly, this isn't about any sense of superiority over America, in fact I believe it stems from quite the opposite; thousands of international readers are being ignored. WPCentral is read across the globe, and it is a courtesy to them, and fans of Windows Phone in general, to briefly specify which version of the sport you're talking about by using "American" in the title. For the record, I'm Welsh, and rugby is my sport. Football and American football are both rubbish.

Calling what other people like "rubbish" = sense of superiority.  Hey, this is an international site. I say garbage, not rubbish. 

A guy earlier on used the term "huge bummer", which I assume in the US means an unfortunate thing, but here could be a funny way to describe a large gay man. You didn't see me picking on this, did you? I'm of the opinion that rugby is superior to football and American football. It doesn't mean I think I'm superior to anyone, nor anything. Now get off your high horse, there's a good lad.

I'm shocked you aren't offended by "huge bummer" because us arrogant Americans use the word "bummer" wrong. 

Nice condescending finish there. Unfortunatley, that doesn't make you right and only adds to your air of superiority.  You win though. You're awesome and anyone who thinks differently than you, just sucks.

I win? I'm awesome? Anyone who thinks differently than me, just sucks? I'm not sure you even know what you're arguing about anymore. Yesterday I watched the Simpsons. I believe it's superior to most other cartoons. Does this mean I hate Americans too?! WPCentral has an international audience, and that audience should be acknowledged, as a courtesy - we're a sizable chunk of what keeps WPCentral and indeed Windows Phone going, after all. Please understand that this is not about you naming your sport "wrong". Nobody is wrong. It is simply that the world reads this site, and the world calls the sport in question "American football". That one extra word can do a lot to smooth international relations, here. ;) Blimey, no wonder the world can't get along...

Thank you for this. I'm sure the comments are not malicious but you are correct, had it been reversed then we would be cruel, arrogant, pompous Americans.

As Americans are the targets, it's okay. The whole world is doing it, so its acceptable behind the training that the whole world is doing it. Doesn't make it right though.

Kind of like calling soccer, football ;)

Ok ok, I'm replying to a 2 day old comment. I'm done.

Also I would like to see a BTNToGo app for the Big Ten Network. I have emailed them twice so I case anyone wants a company to hit up and request an app there you go.

I find the title of this Article as click bait .It should be changed to American Football.So it doesn't draw confusion with the actual sport and America's version .

Or maybe the writer of the article could mention that in the title, right? Just by doing that, we would probably avoid so many comments about american rugby (or football) and the world football. But I agree that people usually don't read the whole article before commenting. :))) 

See the football helmets and NFL, that should be clue enough for a reader. Disrespectful is cluttering the comment section with your comment, that does NOT add anything beneficial to the subject. If it didn't interest you, just stop reading and move on. No foul...

I find your moronic comment disrepectful to thinking people.  Stop being such a whiny, repetitive elitist. Your versions of "real" and "actual" are subjective based on your perspective and proximity.  That doesn't make it universal.  Language is a funny thing and different places call things by different names. You didn't even read the article yet you knew exactly what sport they were referring to.  You're just a silly child having a tantrum over something that isn't important. Get over it and grow up.

By the way, I played and like SOCCER, so I don't have any of your petty "this sport is better than that sport" nonsense going on in my head. Like what you like. Respect regional language differences and stop having your public show of acting out.

you are the one that needs to get off his high horse here. If I tried to argue with somebody I most definitely would not start calling him a moron (yes, I understand you call his comment moronic, but the connection is right there). Then you continue calling people whiny, elitists. Your comments have no place here on WPCentral. Is that the American way of arguing? We could call it bullying.

When you stop using terms like "ignorant" and "narror minded" you can get off your high horse.  Also, you don't understand the difference between moron and moronic.  One speaks to one's overall character, the other speaks to a specific action at a specific time that may or many not reflect the person's character.  Any inference you make is your own.

Bullying???  Look at all the anti-American comments.  This happens with every article that refers to this sport of football or any app that uses imperial measurements.  It's tired and old and yes, whiny and elitist.  No one is better than anyone else and I will ALWAYS defend that position with passion...and that is the American way.  

got it. I will get off my high horse now. I do respect your response. But also note that I wrote "If that attitude was true then I'd say it is ignorant and narrow-minded" - the emphasis on "if". I do understand the difference moron/moronic and I made that clear. I agree with you on anti-American comments - but that is rooted in something we (as in US) may have contributed to as well.


I'll get off too. I feel uncomfortable up there anyway. :)  I'll leave that to the bitter and hateful and I wish I wasn't so easily drawn in by them. 

I said above somewhere that we Americans get accussed of arrogance for a lot of things.  Some of those things are legitimate questions of our self view.  The use of the word "football" to describe a sport, to me, isn't one of those things to be called into question. 

I appreciate the exchange of perspective even if things appear to get heated. 

Cheers and happy holiday weekend to you!

Nice collection, but ESPN hasn't been updated in ages and desperately needs one. To many apps like this and IMDb are very lacking and seem to be almost abandoned.

Guys its all called football just a name chill out.. Soccer Futbol football you know what the person is talking about. It us obviously American football season so that is what the article would be about

There is only one football and it's played on 100 yard gridirons. College on Saturdays Professional on Sundays (others on Monday and Thursday nites too.)

Then there's soccer. Huge difference. LoL :p

Hand egg. What a corny comment. Have all the American football haters actually watched a game? There are soccer players on NFL teams and they're called kickers. The weakest person on the team. There aren't any soccer players powerful enough to play anything but kicker. Football is not an easy game. I appreciate it for the skill and strength it takes to play it. Soccer is pretty cool too. I hated it too until I actually watched a whole game.

Will the Jags ever play Denard Robinson?  Granted, I don't know what I'd do with him. He's too short for QB or WR.  He's too thin for RB or slot receiver. He's just so darn fast, though. There has to be a way to get him the ball to take advantage of that.


I really like what I've seen from Blake Bortles this preseason. As for D.Robinson, I'd put him somewhere in the WR lineup and do so RB/wildcat stuff with him. He can be electrifying.

I don't think I've seen an actual comment here so far that isn't complaining about "football/soccer". Are you losers proud of making the same joke?

Lol, yeah, haha, altho English is not my native language, this word prediction thing on my phone, screws me up many times like this time with "replay", lol, cuz reply and replay are next to each other, haha, my bad.

Okay, to end the arguing; WPCentral, if you could pop the word "American" into the title when talking about the sport you play in the US, that would be fantastic for us who read your site in other countries where "football" means that boring game with the amateur dramatics and where often no one scores any goals. We do hear a lot about the US, but it's mainly about war and Nicki Minaj's arse - we have no idea that it's American football season. Your international readers who love you very much would be very grateful. Cheers.

How annoying people are because of a goddamned sport's name. So what they call it football in the USA? Let them call it by whatever name they wish. Nobody's pointing a gun to our heads saying we MUST call the sport football too. Read the article, cease this bullshit football/soccer comments and have all those nice apps for you football fans.

George, George, George look at what you have done. And i think you were aware of what you were doing all along, you tinker you! I have even joined in, shame on me, as I was also disappointed to see that an article described as "football" was actually about grid iron! I believe one would be best to differentiate the next time round to which football you are referring to, American or the International one!

I am primarly a football (soccer) fan mostly because the american version is not very popular here. But I am getting into american football and even find it more amusing than soccer these days.

"Football" because players use their feet to run around and kick the egg? Ridiculous. :D Roidheads would be a more appropriate name, I think. ;)

Nothing will ever beat "Football Live" for webOS. It leveraged the excellent notification system to provide updated scores and play details every couple minutes as the drive was happening.

International football fans are dicks, so this huge scale argument was inevitable, Americans are stupid hence calling their "world wide" sport which consists of rugby and primarily hand based play "football" this comment is intended as a Stewart Lee style piece and is based on stereotypes, stupidity, satire and sarcasm and should not be taken seriously in any way..... Windows Phone fans now argue with Windows Phone fans

Then WTF is Soccer? Oh yeah..only freakin sport that can "end" with a score of 0-0!!! In my opinion nothing happened if that is the final score. Colossal waste of time..both teams should get a loss.

WPCentral should me more carefull when writting this artciles!

American Football is called "Football" in the USA, for the rest of the world "Football" is a different thing. I really hope that they write another article about Football, since Football has much more fans than American Football.

It says "American football". I love American football and normal football (soccer). On the bright side, European's love American football, why do you think they play in London once or twice a year?

I think ios and androids ESPN score center app was updated and is now called ESPN sports center. Why not WP? This os is always behind

I really enjoyed the World Cup and think football, the non-American one, is a great sport.  But to all of you dissing American Football because of the name can go f@#K yourselves.  ...and this is why all you Europeans are a bunch of assholes on Xbox Live.  Always hating on us Americans......  Bunch of dickheads is what you are.

How it should be

American: oh look an article about football apps cool. I think I'll read this.

Everybody else: hey an article about football (clicks link) oh this is American football. oh well moving on.

See how that was only five seconds wasted now move on with your pathetic life. I define you guys as pathetic because you would rather argue and post comments about the other football instead of having a life and moving on. Is not that big of a deal. You aren't better than us. We aren't better than you.

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Normally I'd make a not so witty quip about this not being football, but you idiots have taken this too far. Every time Rich posted about a football app I wouldn't expect him to add a prefix to explain what type. George is an American, expecting him to call it 'American football' is ridiculous and PC nonsense.

I know a lot of you are probably joking, but for the ignorant amongst you that aren't. Its being & seeing different is what makes the world interesting.

Might as well argue about jam, jelly, jello.

You're absolutely right. Who cares about the international readers of this site? Who cares about the rest of the world? If they're confused, it's their own fault. U-S-A, U-S-A!

It amazes me how much anger and fervor is generated by our "silly American sport" in the international community. In defense of OUR sport, it's kind of hard to dismiss it's popularity, albeit primarily within the US, when it generates billions of dollars both on the professional and collegiate levels. With that said, I highly doubt if this site was, you would see the similar response from Americans to an article referencing football in its native form (soccer to us). We get that football means something entirely different outside of the US. This site is based in the US. Just accept that football means what it means here. Oh, and that we won the war (Talking to you, redcoats.)

On the article itself, I give a slight nod to the Bing Sports app. Simply because for what the app is and claims to provide, it delivers. ESPN may deliver more content, and hey, it's the worldwide leader in sports, but the features of the app are simply horrid. The live tile never works. Toast notifications are horrible. News notifications don't link to the article, score updates don't link to the gamecast, rendering the toasts all but useless. The biggest slap in the face is that the app advertises apps not available for Windows Phone. Why not just say, "Tired of using this useless app? Get an iPhone or Android." Microsoft seems to be okay with this, since they have a nice sponsorship deal for the Windows 8 PC line. I wish Bing Sports had toasts and a live tile that updates more often, but at least they don't give us something that doesn't work.

George pondered what would happen as he clicked 'Publish'. Each side strongly believes they own the right to call their brand of football, football.
Would they discuss amicably? Would they tear each other apart?
As it turns out the experiment was a complete success.

Personally I prefer ESPN Hub over ESPN ScoreCenter. It's more customizable (ex. Pinning any team to the start screen).

"NFL Scores and Alerts" trumps all of these. Give it a shot. I've used it for two seasons now and it is the best in UI design as well as customizable alerts.