Total Defense 3D for Windows Phone

Total Defense 3D jumps from iOS to Windows Phone, becomes my new addiction

If you're into traditional tower defense games, then you'll be excited to see Total Defense 3D by DaSuppa is now available for Windows Phone users. Sure, the game came out two years ago on iOS and Android, but the important thing here is the developer is now taking on Windows Phone (they've also brought over Tetdraw, a new twist on the classic Tetris).

Total Defense 3D is what it sounds like, a 3D game where you spend your time placing weapons on a map, taking on the hordes of enemies that come in waves. What makes Total Defense 3D a lot of fun are those 3D graphics, as they're outstanding. Players can also use two-fingers to pinch to zoom, rotate and pan the screen, giving a whole new view of the classic style gameplay.

Total Defense 3D also has something I haven't seen in these types of games yet: Terramorphing. In plain English, that translates to "bomb bridges, destroy monuments, block passages for maximum tactical advantage." You see a big statue? Blow it up and falls into the roadway, causing your enemy to slow down. It's a neat and effective tactic, especially on open maps where multiple entry points exist.

Another twist is the addition of old-style role playing game skills. After each level, you can pick and choose which area you want to level-up on e.g. missiles, guns, etc. Later, you can go back and reallocate those points to change your skill set, giving users fun ways to explore their power. Total Defense 3D additionally has a great soundtrack, three levels of difficulty and three save-slots, letting everyone get in on the action.

Placing of the turrets and weapons can be a bit odd, but all in all, that's the only issue I've encountered in playing the game. Indeed, I can't put Total Defense 3D down. On my Lumia 1520, it powers through those 3D graphics with ease and it looks just stunning on the 1080P display. Everything from the explosions to the tower upgrades feels right to me.

As far as I can tell, the first world, Earth, is free. If you want more, you can drop a $1.99 to unlock three other planets, which are accessible after you complete that campaign. All in all, there are 22 levels advertised, with nine to twelve waves in each level.

Like all graphic-intensive games, Total Defense 3D will tax your GPU on your phone, so expect your phone to get warm. Likewise, you'll probably burn through your battery quickly if you play for an hour, so just be aware.

Don't take my word, go and download and trial the game yourself and give it ago. Or watch my hands on game play and game trailer to get an idea. I'm going to get back to rising up against "the Imperial army and free all the planets in the galaxy system!" because hey, it's Saturday.

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Total Defense 3D jumps from iOS to Windows Phone, becomes my new addiction


Every time I see my friend he has a screenshot with the scores, showing me I can't beat him! Lol is pretty tricky, I hope more levels!

Damn, im sure I stumbled across this in the store for free only a few hours ago. Wish I got it then because now I've read this article, I want it.

I really like GeoDefense and GeoDefense Swarm. Very fun and challenging to get those gold stars!

Looks like a cool game but No Xbox No Buy, period....#SaveXboxWP

Yep, I miss out and the dev misses my money so its a fail for both sides

Tower defense is always fun, works great on a touch screen. Looks like a cool game.
Dan you need to get the pressure up about Xbox on WP!

Sup with this petty xbl for WP, its cool but it shouldn't be a deal breaker, originally I embraced WP for those xbl capabilities but truly fell in love with other aspects of the OS, plus Nokia's D&S

As most of you should know Microsoft is going under changes. I would bet dimes to donuts that MS is going to be more open about they're polices

I just bought it and it looks awesome. The only problem is that my Lumia 1520 is hot as lava until I finnish two waves of enemies...

Game hang at loading level 3 map.... Bad impression. Uninstalling. Fortunately I did not purchase it.

Have only the trial version and I am unable to load a saved game. It seems to just stay on the "loading game" screen. I'm not sure if this would be solved by purchasing the full version or not.

I played the trial and decided to buy the game. Unfortunately, the thrill was short lived. The game is boring after about thirty minutes of play. My 1520 gets so hot, I can barely hold it. Lastly, for some reason the game responds slowly when I scroll the screen to move around the landscape. I finished all the levels and didn't even realize it because it's so unspectacular. Definite buyer's remorse.