TV Show Tracker is an unofficial client app available for both Windows PC and Phones that helps you manage your TV episode activity. is an online resource for thousands of television series and movies, and TV Show Tracker delivers its television resources to your PC or Windows Phone.

TV Show Tracker is a decent option to consider if you need a little help managing your time on the couch staring at the TV. The app is a little scaled back on the amount of information it provides, but does a good job of things regardless.

The first order of business when you launch TV Show Tracker is to establish a free account. This will allow you to have access to the database, monitor your television activities at and synchronize your TV Show Tracker information between devices.

TV Show Tracker

Once you sign into the app, the main pages for TV Show Tracker will highlight your favorite television shows, upcoming episodes, your watch history, suggested shows to watch, a listing of trending and popular shows and a menu page for access to the app settings and to reach out to the developer.

Settings cover a fairly wide range of topics and include options for how the episodes are displayed, Live Tile choices, color customizations, notification settings and reminders to rate episodes you mark as watched.

TV Show Tracker

While both the Windows PC and Phone versions utilize a panoramic design, the PC version has a little more elbow room and will display two of the main fields at once. Along the bottom of the main pages, you will find your app commands. The Windows PC version will have these commands accessible from the menu in the upper left corner of the screen, while the Windows Phone version will have them hidden beneath the three-dot menu. These commands include adding a favorite television series, searching for a series, import a backup file, tip the developer and rate the app.

TV Show Tracker

Information on an individual television series includes a listing of major cast members, show information, season statistics (number of seasons, the number of episodes, etc.), comments from other viewers and a calendar of upcoming episodes. Television series can be shared, pinned to your Start Screen and rated.

Notifications are available for upcoming episodes from any of your favorite television series. This is a nice touch for those who are often running around in circles taking care of the kids, work or life in general and need that reminder to grab the remote control, relax and enjoy their favorite television show.

TV Show Tracker Windows Phone

Seasonal information for each television series will list the episodes individually with a check box that can be tapped to indicate you have seen that particular episode. Tapping on one of the episodes will pull up a very brief synopsis of the episode.

TV Show Tracker

The overall amount of information that TV Show Tracker pulls into your PC or Phone is vast. However, when you drill down to an individual episode or even some television series, the information begins to dwindle. Many summations are only a few lines and even the cast biographies are brief. This is more of a critique on the level of detail present in the database than of the TV Show Tracker app itself.

Overall Impression

TV Show Tracker is a very minimal, nicely designed television series tracker. If you are looking for a ton of information on your favorite television episodes, this may not be the app you are looking for. However, if you need a simple way to manage your television viewing the app works out nicely.

The free, ad-supported app is available for both Windows PC and Phones with the Windows Phone version looking a little cleaner than the PC version. While the larger screen of a PC or tablet offers more real estate for episode information, it also offers more real estate for ads. This gives the PC version of TV Show Tracker a slightly cluttered feel. You can opt out of the ad support by tipping the developer.

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