Own an unlocked Samsung ATIV S? You're next in line for Update 3

Samsung ATIV S Update

If you own an unlocked Samsung ATIV S and are still waiting on GDR3 (or Update 3 as it's officially known), you're in luck as multiple reports have surfaced with handsets being bumped to the latest version of the operating system. Microsoft's Windows Phone Update 3 includes numerous new features for consumers to enjoy. 

Should you require a refresh as to what's included in the Windows Phone update, be sure to check out our past coverage. The reported version is 10517, here's a screenshot published over on MonWindowsPhone:

Samsung ATIV S Update

Have you received Update 3 on your ATIV S? Let us know in the comments.

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Own an unlocked Samsung ATIV S? You're next in line for Update 3


ATT and the Lumia 1020 are rad as-is. I am fine with no more updates and will probably skip them even if they do get released.

We shall see. Usually, .1 isn't much of an improvement. All the things I really want are hardware- and Nokia-related. I don't know what else the OS can do for me. I don't need Notification Center, don't give a rats ass about gestures, and don't give a flying fuck about closing apps. What I do want is a keyboard, 64GB of storage, stylus, waterproofing, traffic avoidance in Nokia Drive +, and continued camera improvements.

This time it will be even more of a change than WP7 to 7.5 or even 7.8. They're taking an awful lot longer than WP7 too to provide a significant update. This is wishful thinking but I'm predicting that they'll be introducing some Windows 8 features to WP8, such as app switching/closing and settings gestures. You should try using a Windows 8 tablet, the gestures are really what make it stand out from other OSes, and improve the UX a lot.

Where the hell is AT&T? I mean the 1520 is going to be released with black, and why so long for the 1020 to get it? And even longer for the 920 and 820!


Are you sure? Did you receive the update automatically? I have the same phone and still no update. I'm in Italy.

Yes,Rogers will have to push the GRD3 update.Rogers has been pretty solid on pushing firmware and OS updates sense I bought the phone six months ago.

What were the Lumia Hipsters saying, something about Samsung not supporting their Windows Phones!!!!

Sounds like they are still correct. Samsung is adding nothing device specific in this update, unlike Nokias firmware updates.

So, according to you support is adding features into an update before releasing it. I don't want manufacturers delaying updates to add features.

I don't think them releasing an update, that's probably mandatory,or at least takes very little effort could be considered support. But if that's all it takes to then I guess HTC is the most supportive having released their update first. Good for both companies, doing the bare minimum.

So you're telling us you don't want features if it means delaying features that are features being added.


Yo dawg ...

Yeah tbh it's the same idea as Samsung with android, takes at least a few months after google releases a new version to release it with touchwiz to their current phones.

I wasn't aware att still has not released this update for the Lumia line yet. Been rocking the developer preview since.

Shocking to hear Samsung supporting their devices though

Nothing to report from Texas. Got an unlocked, what appears to be Hong Kong version. Haven't had any updates at all. No GDRS period.

You people hate Att for pushing updates late. I hated Tmobile for not releasing 7.8 update for Lumia 710. They never did.
I flashed it couple weeks ago. Works fine))

I think data sense was the reason why at&t took so long with update 2, hopefully it'll be pushed to my unlocked 920 on T-mobile

Pardon the stupid question.
Why is it that unlocked devices get the update? Is it because unlocking bypasses carrier settings and restrictions? If my device isn't carrier unlocked, will I not get it/have to wait longer?

I guess it depends on a lot of different variables(carrier, oem, market, etc.). I have an UNLOCKED ATIV S and haven't gotten any updates at all. Some people are on GDR 2 already. Before that I had an Omnia 7  and I think I just got the 7.8 update the 2nd quarter of this year. That was also an unlocked phone. Most of the world had that update around the end of last year.

There's talk of some people not having updates on the previous version of WP. But if it's been promised, you'll get it. Sometimes before the Unlocked Community like myself.

The carrier usually installs it's own firmware version. So, you would most likely get the update from the carrier.

Unlocked no-carrier phones get updates first because there's no carrier that has to test and push the update. You're getting it straight from MS. A sim-unlocked phone from a carrier is still the same as a locked phone. Both have a registry setting that say they are from the carrier.

I hate to break it to you but the ATIV S uses a different chipset to the Lumia, BT 4.0 and FM Radio are there but the OS doesn't have drivers for it.

Talking of radio, I installed two euro roms on my Lumia 920 none of them had the radio with the GDR2 update. I just don't want to flash again, starting from scratch is a pain on WP8, specially if your a gamer like me. Don't like the idea of starting a new career in asphalt 7 & 8

Honestly hate the "x" to close in multitasking. Have to reach the X with your thumb and make sure you hit the spot. Doesn't make sense why they wouldn't implement an easy swipe down. X to close so archaic.

I'm sure there are many of you who do, not! I'm sure everyone have there own thoughts and ideas but there are those who just bend over and take it up the ass and like it. Take it as it comes or cu... Lolzzz!

Honestly I'd rather just keep it how it is now with the only way to close them is by spamming the back button. The X is tacky and outdated.

Get rid of the "x", quick flick up or down with your thumb, done. Try closing one handed using your thumb on the 1520. Not gonna happen. Oh wait, they'll say why don't you use your other hand but your other hand is busy holding something else therefore you can't close it fast when your girlfriend walked in. The X was just too far to reach one handed. You're busted buddy.

The Ativ just made its way to ATT. Try being a Sprint customer knowing in advance how much they despise WP. Samsung's lack of caring only makes it worse. At least ATT rocks decent windows devices. Sprint limits you from bad to worse (and the HTC 8XT got the update weeks ago). Go figure!!

I have a unlocked ativ s, and I am a dev so I updated gdr3 awhile back, however this is a newer version. But the "update" search doesn't find the updated release.

Samsung Australia still hasn't given us GDR2 so I'm not holding my breath for GDR3. My unlocked Ativ S is still on version 10211. I think Samsung Australia has lost interest in WP8 and isn't even chasing the telcos here to get their release of the update to GDR2 so what hope do we have for GDR3.


A typical ignorant Nokia fanboy. For the record, the ATIV S has been one of the first to receive the Portico update, GDR2 and now GDR3 update. Its always either the 8X or the ATIV S which gets first. Nokia takes way too long to release even after they customized the firmware because it still has to go thru carriers. Even unbranded devices will have to wait until almost all firmware has been finalized.

Samsung and HTC however, release to unbranded devices first, while carrier-tied devices will get it as soon as the carrier has released it. 

Samsung and HTC are almost always the first to receive updates.

No luck here in Spain jet. Got an unlocked Ativ S bought from amazon germany. Is there any way to force the update? I'm on 8.0.10327.77


Obviously, there's some confusion here about what it means to have an "unlocked" ATIV S. If you got your phone from a carrier (like AT&T), your phone is LOCKED. If you bought your phone from a some retailer that includes a package deal with a carrier, you bought a LOCKED phone. Unlocked phones do not come with carriers attached. It means that you can choose whatever carrier you wish or no carrier at all and simply use the phone on the Net.


Are you sure? Did you receive the update automatically? I have the same phone and still no update. I'm in Italy.

Received GDR3 This morning on my branded HTC 8X T-Mobile in The Netherlands.

No luck though with Bluetooth connection HTC 8X - Surface 2.

hi all havent commented much i have an Ativ s international version i8750 did the gdr3 dev update that was offered weeks ago so when i saw yesterday that gdr3 was available i checked for update and about 6 seconds or more an update started to download and my i8750 was updated around 8 pm last night friday. os cersion 8.0 10512.142 firmware 2424.13.10.1 phone seems smoother opens apps faster to me overall phone feels better.

Apple has iPhone.

Google has Nexus.

And Microsoft has... one big nothing.

As an owner if WP device I have access to ecosystem (iPhone), which is still isn't consistent (Android), and still have to wait for updates (OEM Android), that include basic features, which should there from the beginning and many more are still missing even after years.

The bennefits of having WP device are currently non existent. Period.

Every article concerning ativ s turns into an "us against them" thing with Nokia owners. The Nokia comments in this thread are actually quite mild compared to some past articles.

Its funny how when the file explorer for the ATIV S was announced, all the Nokia fanboys were like "If I needed a file explorer I would've gone for Android" and "We don't need file explorers. Only droids need that". I can bet you that if this was announced for the Lumia series, everyone would be like "OMG finally" and like "I thought this day would never come".


Literally a day after the ATIV S was officially interop-unlocked, Lumia users all went apeshit and was all like "why do you even need to unlock the ATIV? maybe bcos they want nokia features" and opened a forum to discuss on unlocking the Lumia 920


Summary? Nokia fanboys are jealous. Very jealous. They suck at hiding it.

Do you know the reason why Microsoft doesn't upload the updates to the web so people can just download them without being dependent on region, carriers, producers and so?

Samsung ATIV S unlocked in Greece, I just got the Update 3/GDR3 - OS version:8.0.10517.150 !!!!  :D :D :D

It seems smooth for now and I'm really excited that finally I can close the apps that run in the background that simple xD I'll post again for more impressions.

No. GDR 2, as far as i know, was not rolled out to samsung ativ s, which is not ok of course. I don't get why Microsoft doesn't put the update in it's site that people can just download it once its out, and not to be dependent on carriers and so...

Got update today. Unlocked, bought in germany, currently on croatian carrier.. Works perfectly..

Obviously, do this at your own risk - This will Factory Reset your phone


Dial ##634# as if making a phone call

Another numerical keypad appears

Dial *#321647335

[CSC Converter] menu appears

Select ATO

A message appears saying ATO CSC selected and asking if you wish to reset your phone.

Press OK 

Any Idea as to why the following happened: I changed my csc and now I'm unable to change it back.. the ##634# doesn't open the desired other keypad. I can't acces the store and some other inconveniences.

I've treid to flash the phone to different settings too, but the "Windows phone 8 SMD binary downloader" which I'm using isn't co-operating. I used it before when interop-unlocking my phone. But now the binary downloader won't start, the start button stays grey :/

Sorry, I posted this in a rush this morning and neglected to thank Megasound for the original info on changing your CSC


I'm a little concerned that I shouldn't have posted these instructions in the comment on a news story though.

Hi guys,

   Are there any modifications on this update, in comparison to the developers update? I have the developers gdr3 on my Ativ S and i want to know if it's necesary to go change the CSC to get the new update. ( Here in Romania the update didn't appeared iet).




my samsung is just showing two spinning gears, and it have been doing it for many hours now...
anyone got any tips on how i can fix it?

Just got this update today in Australia. No SIM, just over WiFi. 2 stages of updates. Unlocked and un-branded.

I got an update 2day actual version of software its 8.0.10517.150 but i cant see anything new on my phone. Will be other update to 8.1 ???? Location Czech republic.