US Cellular brings 8107 Windows Phone update to HTC 7 Pro

HTC 7 Pro

In a first for a US carrier, US Cellular has reportedly begun distributing the 8107 OS update to the HTC 7 Pro (aka Arrive) owners. We've had numerous reports come in from readers that they started receiving the update within the last 48 hours with more reports coming in.

That's both exciting and frustrating as US Cellular is the "sixth largest" carrier here in the States, serving up CDMA coverage to 6.1 million subscribers. Sprint too has the the HTC 7 Pro (aka Arrive) with CDMA bands meaning this update could, theoretically, be ready to roll out there--should Sprint choose to do so. Likewise, it's a bit funny to see the small carrier outshining the likes of AT&T, who has eight Windows Phones (if counting Venue Pro) and yet has not rolled out this update nor the previous 7740 just yet.

Still, with at least one US carrier now pushing this out, it gives some hope to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and of course Sprint. But we're not betting anything here just yet.

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US Cellular brings 8107 Windows Phone update to HTC 7 Pro


Well if not this update at least the tango update which they cannot skip from what I understand.getting sick of keyboard bug=[

Smaller companies usually outshine larger ones in at least a few respects. They actually have to worry about unhappy customers leaving.

I updated my arrive as soon as I could find the files. Sprint tv stopped working for me since the mango update so I'm just at a gain. No loss.

So why is it again that Microsoft lets the carriers decide on the updates?  You would think they would have learned from the Android mess and do them like apple does.

Infuriating is the right word.  MS needs to rethink this approach, especially when these updates are addressing bugs created by their own previous updates - bugs that effects their own MS software!  If MS wants to become a serious player int he mobile space, then they need to make a commitment to their customers and ensure that vital OS fixes get out as quickly as possible.  Leaving this up to carriers is a prescription for an dead-on-arrival WP.

Microsoft has the dollars to swing the same infrastructure stick that Apple does: Carriers get 0 say on updates.  Instead, they have diluted their user experience for the benefit of a few pennies.  For this level of update uncertainty I might as well have stuck with Android - at least on my Epic 4G Exchange Server 2003 worked.

I couldn't agree more! This whole mess about the carriers "requesting the update" is a change from what they said when MS was first talking about Windows Phone updates. No matter what Joe Belfiore says.
And someone NEEDS to drive that point hard to Joe and the rest of the Windows Phone team at MS. I completely understand that ODM's should be involved with updates. But carriers? Come on. Yeah, I know carriers need to support the phone/device, but they should be treated as if they were L1 Support. OR, MS should have a call center specific to Windows Phone to help resolve OS issues. If the issue is network related, escalate to the carriers.

      Sprint? Yeah... Right... At least we have a physical keyboard for the random times this bug appears.

      Actually, the ability to input text disappears.  Physical keyboard makes no difference.

      I was just going to ask if we could force this now that's it has entered the US. Thanks, ill do it tonight.

      Problem is this: if your carrier releases a firmware/radio update and you already have 8107, you won't get that update.

      Check out the Verizon users who forced 8107--they can't get their radio update which just came out and it's a crucial update if you travel outside the US. So take warning. 

      Yea, I did the Mango update before it was released and was glad that the subsequent official update went smoothly. Not getting that fealing with this one so I can wait a little longer.

      Yes. Because iPhone users wait for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to release their updates.  Oh.  Wait.

      Freakin ATT! The Focus was hands-down the best Gen1 device with one majoe drawback - FREAKIN ATT!
      Wish I had imported a Rogers one now - they are hopeless :(

      Hats off to US Cellular... I've gotten every update so far on my 7 Pro. Just wish they had more than one phone to choose from!

      The thing about it is WP needs to be tested by each network to see if there are any clashes... When a company buys into a software, its typical they have to work out other bugs when adding new things. As is the way with our phones. What makes apple different is that they have 1 device. WP has multiple. If MS had only one phone, it would be easy to test the device. Not when there are many phones on different technology networks. It may seem that MS should push like apple but then we would wait a lot longer or get more issues on the updates since one fix may break another phone.

      Querty keyboard works great no dissapearing keyboard yet LOL... HTC Arrive is awesome phone cant wait for 3 new windows phone 7.5 coming to sprint in March 2012  

      Is this inside information information or just wishful thinking? Because there is nothing (including statements from Sprint) that tells me Sprint will have any new Windows Phones any time soon.