Verizon begins pushing out Amber + GDR2 update for Nokia Lumia 928

Rejoice people, we have word that not only is the Lumia 920 (global, not AT&T) getting the double punch of Amber and GDR2 (OS build 10327/8) today, but it is being joined by the Verizon Lumia 928. This follows just 24 hours after the update was spotted on Nokia's servers.

The update brings the new camera functions, FM radio support, Glance settings and the Other storage fix to the Verizon flagship Lumia.

We just checked on our Lumia 928 via Settings > Phone update and sure enough, we have begun downloading the new OS and firmware. Rumor has it that this update will also finally enable group messaging, something that has irritated Verizon customers for some time now.

But you can stop reading this now and fire up your Lumia 928 (makes sure you’re on Wi-Fi) and grab that new OS. The over-the-air update will not wipe any information and it should take about 20 minutes to process.

Thanks, Tyler M., for the tip!


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Verizon begins pushing out Amber + GDR2 update for Nokia Lumia 928


Not happy about this.  I wanted the FM tuner to listen to sports games.  They are always blacked out when you listen to those stations online, such as through TuneIn.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if AT&T decided to skip this update and wait for a bigger update down the road.

I hate you!!! Nothing yet on my HTC 8x for Verizon...Im hoping to somehow harrass Verizon into switching my phone from an 8x to a 928...with my screen error and sim card error even though its HTC's fault i could probably still get verizon to get me a 928 :P Whats in the update?

ATT got burned by the last big Nokia update, The 1308 firmware update that fixed the proximity sensor issue but it also just randomly killed cell service. Nokia had to push another update out quick to fix it. But who do you think the average customer called to complain? Yep, that would be ATT. So after that, I'm not surprised that they're being cautious..remember, when developers drive the delivery schedule we get things like NT 3.51 . When marketing and sales drive the delivery schedule, we get things like Windows ME.

True.. :/
Daniel please find out about India. I got the 1308 firmware update 2months.. So i hope this doesn't happen again.. :/

Me too. Suspect they want to sell new phones, that's why the 928 went free online before the updates and new plan go into effect.

Better not!  I will be cancelling my contract and going to AT&T to get the 1020!  I really don't want to, I will miss the RedZone Channel on NFL Mobile!  Damn you Verizon!  Please release GDR2 for the 822 and soon!

I just confirmed. It doesn't look like it will let me update now. I'll have to go home and connect to my verizon hotspot to avoid downloading it over the cell network...oh wait. (Seriously why can't I do LTE OTA updates?)

I think ota just means it doesn't have to be connected to a PC to update, like WP7 requiring Zune to update .

My point is that due to the fact that verizon IS my ISP since comcast is still building their network for the first time in my area, Verizon is the only way to get it. I'm not downloading it on the phone via LTE, but I am downloading it via LTE. Its my data (and I spend a fortune on it) so let me do with it as I please. If it was unlimited, I might understand but its not.

Did you read it yourself? The article used the word "rumor" and I asked if anyone can "confirm". Thank you, Mr smarty pants.

I've turned on group messaging and did a reboot but its not working. Are you able to make it work? If so what did you do? Thanks

Before ATT, what happen to being the premier carrier? If ATT thinks that I am going to buy another phone just to get an update, then they will have one less customer. This is not android.

Lol!  Well, they did, at least, snag the Lumia 1020 and had the Lumia 920 before Verizon got the variant.  
ATT is still the premier carrier even if this update comes after Verizon gets it to their Lumia 928 users.

Come on guys. I'd forgoe being first in the updates if I new that I'd get the newest phones 6 months before everyone else. 1020 is a beast and while I love my 928 I would have loved to have had a chance to buy the 1020. Not a bad tradeoff.

Spotty cell service=possible incomplete upgrade=bricked phone.

Not everyone has LTE or HSPA, so they have to play to the lowest common denominator or the carriers would be getting inundated with calls about "your update ruined my phone!"

Waiting for VZW 8X; I really need the storage fix - I have almost 7GB in Other and it is really causing issues.

I have resorted to deleting my music as I only have less than 1.8 GB of apps/games.  I have nothing left to delete to try to free up enough space for the phone to operate.
I am a diehard WP fan but this storage issue is my biggest complaint; far worse than any app/feature issues.

It's funny cuz HTC had the update first and now they're last to roll it out in the US. Oh well. I still love my phone and will continue to be loyal to HTC.

You are more loyal than me; I love the look / feel of the 8X but . . . . the body of the phone gets dirty so I had to put it in a case, I still have resetting issues, and i really miss out on a lot of good apps that Nokia releases.
I would switch to the 928 in a heartbeat given the chance.

I'm with AT&T and I have to agree with you. We can't always get it all first! Halo: Spartan Assault is case in point.

Funny... I was trying all morning to get the dang Nokia Care Suite to work so I could install the update... and this comes out!... Bravo Verizon.... Bravo!!!  I was prepared to gloat that I installed it before OTA.  Suspected it to hit the phone around Halloween!

YESSSSS!!!! Who knows why this was disabled in WP8 but I'm so excited to have it back!!!

Yaaaaay, was going to install it using NCS, but decided to wait until it was officially released, glad that didn't even take a day, ha ha.

Let's just say you can color me surprised! I'll (hopefully) be downloading this when I get home in the next hour!

So much for AT&T being the premier Windows Phone partner!
How much more evidence does Nokia need to just drop them and get onboard the Big Red Train?!?!?!?!

Anyone know if your battery has to be at a % to update? I'm at 27% and update has hung at preparing to install

But I have confirmed that when you choose a "cloud" playlist and then it shows a list of songs, you can SELECT ALL and download now. :) So it makes playlist creation a TAD easier. But sadly, that lag is still there. I had a 920 for a while when I was on AT&T...I'd get that lag SOMETIMES but it usually didn't have it.

Nice! I have the 8X, it only lags about twice a month, its not much but one of those things that just drives me up a wall. Maybe GDR3or 8.1!

I guess it is teling me to listen to the whole dang song before changing! :) I am a ZuneHD owner and "this close" to retiring it. Want to see some progress with the entire XBOX Music experience first. :)

It gets angry at us because it hates skipping songs! I second that, the music experience on Windows 8 and phone 8 are sad to say, pitiful

Mine is doing the same I'm thinking my battery is to low so I'm charging
Update: as soon as battery hit 32% it let me start

Noticed one thing, in the "Almost done" stage, there are now 5 steps rather than 4. Wonder if that will change from update-to-update or if it's something that was changed in GDR1 or GDR2. 

*Yawn!* Call me when they actually roll this out to the most used WP8 on Verizon (Lumia 822).
But seriously, happy for those of you with the, 928. Would have loved to see it roll out to both handsets (and the non-Nokia's too), but hopefully it won't be long for the rest of us. (And yes, I do realize that Amber is only Nokia. The others need GDR2 though.)

i just installed the update and am not seeing it anywhere, also, does it seem like the scrolling is slower than is used to be?

<p>Anything about 520 update in India???It was going to release on 14th..if any1 gets then plz let me know..waiting eagerly for it...!!!!</p>

Installing this won't delete my saved games progress for Xbox games on Windows Phone, right? I know the article says it won't wipe any information, but I'm paranoid about losing my game save data.

The gears are in motion (Literally, LOL). Love this little animation, it's adorable. Ahh, so excited. Got my 928 in the mail Monday and am already in love with it. Go Verizon!!

Yes. This. Now let's see what becomes of my 12GB of Other Storage (as measured by Nokia Storage Check).

Yeah, mine went down a little bit (I had 8 GB of other). Now its a 7.93 GB. Hopefully it'll continue to go down .

Blocked numbers! Amazing!
But my Cobalt is very distinctly Purple. Looks fine in the color settings, where I made it Cooler, but definitely looks Purple in my menues.

You know what would be great, if the update went to the Lumia 822 which came out before the 928... thanks VZW & MS for supporting your supporters

Unfortunately it bricked my phone. Downloaded last night and it was still on the spinning gears screen 12 hours later. Soft and Hard Resets did not resolve it. Verizon has already shipped me a replacement that should arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the next phone to succeed...

Has anyone been able to block calls. I can add a number to block but it will only block SMS and allows the call to still cone through. Also, you can only block numbers that are in your recent call history... Wish you could manually block numbers.