Wanna go to a Windows Phone Party?

2012 Mobile World Congress

By chance will you be in Barcelona on the 27th of February? If so, do you want to go to a Windows Phone party at the 2012 Mobile World Congress?

We've snagged ten invites to the Windows Phone Party (big thanks to Microsoft) and are offering our readers an opportunity to mingle with the Windows Phone big wigs at Microsoft. You'll also be able to rub elbows with our own Dan Rubino!

Sound interesting? If so, leave a comment below by 8:00pm CST today (the 22nd) and we'll pick ten lucky winners. You'll need to be a registered WPCentral reader (so we can get your email address).

Keep in mind that this is for the tickets only. You'll have to find your way to Barcelona on your own.


Reader comments

Wanna go to a Windows Phone Party?


This would be a pretty cool event to go to. MWC is always entertaining (imo) and going to a WP party sounds great!
I think Dan should buy the winners a first round at the bar too!

This would be a dream come true.  Can only keep my fingers crossed.  Thanks to Microsoft for giving ten lucky people the opportunity to take part in the Mobile World Congress.

I will be in Barcelona next 27th monday so, please, if you can, send me an invite!!!!
Many thanks and congrats for your website, I am one of your RSS subscribers ;-).

I have been a fan of Microsoft and Windows Mobile for a decade. My first windows phone was a 2002, and I've had every version and form factor since. I have Xboxes, a Media Center as my TV, and even a Homeserver. I will use a Windows 8 Tablet as my primary computer and I love my WP7! I've even managed to get several people to buy them. It would one of the greatest things ever for me if I could go. No one would appreciate this as much as me.

I wish, but unfortunately not only can I not afford to get there but there's no way I'd be able to get the time off work :(

OMG, I would totally love to go to MWC cause I really really want to take a look at how everything is presented out, and I am very interested in looking at new products presented at the MWC 2012! Please, thank you so much!! :D

I'll be at the MWC on the Monday & Tuesday so a chance to meet Dan & the MS phone team would really be 'an amazing everyday' moment :)  . P.s. (Im only there those days though so dont pick me if its later in the week).  P.P.S You may also want to find out if they will let people in to the party if they arent attending the confence as security is VERY tight.

That would be so awesome! I'm a belgian student, and Microsoft always skips Belgium (see Nokia Lumia launch dates, available devices,..) 

Nice I would love to go! It would be nice to meet up with Microsoft and Nokia employees I would like share ideas on how Lumias and Windows phones should be marketed and promoted. Anything to help build the platform.

I would love to hit up MWC. I live in BCN and work for a tech company full of Mac fanboys .. it's a hard life being the only WP person ... If you pick me I will show you where to get the best Burger in the city! ;)

I'm from Barcelona so, yes, pleeeeease!
I'll love to be at the party. Too much time since last party at TechEd 2010 in Berlin.
I miss them :-)