Cortana has new songs, but she can't sing them yet

It looks like Cortana is learning new songs. She has been able to sing for a while now, but asking her recently has resulted in new songs. There's a little problem, though. She doesn't actually sing them out. Instead, many of the songs are read aloud. Perhaps she's in the middle of rehearsing them? Go ahead and try asking her with your Windows Phone device. We've tried it ourselves on the Nokia Lumia 930. Watch the video!

Here's how you do it:

  1. Bring up Cortana. You can do this by holding the search button, or tapping the Cortana live tile if you have it on the home screen.
  2. Go say, "Sing me a song."
  3. That's it!

Here are some of the responses:

Cortana songs

Go try it on your Windows Phone device and let us know if you notice any more songs from Cortana!

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Cortana has new songs, but she can't sing them yet


Awesome, can't wait to get cortana on my HTC 8X :). Off topic, the app Windows Phone Insider is unpublished, like wth. Can't download anymore :(

not talking bout the battery app, talking bout the Windows Phone Insider app which you can use to download ringtones / wallpapers / ect.

I can confirm that the app is no longer available. Winphonesupport on twitter just tweet me about it. To bad tho, really liked the app

▶ My convo with my ATT connection:
⭐"Horrible battery, poor RF, mediocre audio quality, poor touch response, high DOA percentage"
▶"Damn. I'm glad you told me. I'll steer clear of it then"
▶"Honestly I'm worried because with the amount of press that phone is getting, if the UX on Windows 8.1 sucks then it will likely kill the platform. Especially since Nokia got bought out by Microsoft Mobile Oy."
⭐"Cortana doesn't work right. Our Nokia rep disabled it on the demo phones. Previously stable demo phones crash daily now with 8.1. The few customers who do buy them hate them once they update the phones because the UX sucks. I dunno."

What is the context of the convo? I'm not sure which phone you are talking about as the article was about Cortana and the comment you replied to was about their 8X getting Cortana...


Also, your ATT connect sounds like a very biased individual.  

Just pulls up a web search for me. Maybe it's only a UK thing? :(

[edit] When I tried "Who is The Doctor?", she did another web search, but then read the opening sentence of the Wikipedia article that came up on top. I've never had her read me a result before. Cool.

Yes, I use the UK version of Cortana. When I ask her the question she answers "who?"/"no, but I would love to take a ride in the TARDIS" and "Our paths have not crossed yet in time and space". They've added that recently, to coincide with the new series I'd reckon

I believe it's only a UK thing as Dr Who is a British TV Series. The only voice it responds with is the default TellMe robot voice at the moment though.

Agreed. It's a novelty and has nothing to do with being a personal assistant. We get more announcements about her doing useless stuff than her actual job.

Sorry. But they said they wanted her to be a personal assistant. They interviewed personal assistants to know how they should model Cortana to actually be useful in our every day lives. It is definitely more about the assistant than the personal. I didn't buy my phone so I could be sung to by a computer, I bought it so she could be an asset to my everyday life as Microsoft has advertised it.


Then don't ask Cortana to sing to you. Let those that want to have fun, have fun and let Microsoft make Cortana great for everyone and not just for your dislike of amusement.

How about think outside of yourself and think that someone else may be delighted if you show them that Cortana can sing. Maybe they never saw a phone sing or know that their phone cannot sing and it causes them to consider Windows phone. But no....it's all about you and there is no need for Cortana to cause people to smile and laugh and be surprised.

I'm glad you are not in charge of Cortana development.

The problem isn't that they are doing it, but that they are dedicating more time to doing that than to fixing the inaccuracies of her decisions. Fine let her sing, but that's not why we spend 100+ dollars for technology. If I want something that can sing to me, I can buy a radio for much cheaper.

It's not about me but its about you? I don't want a radio. I want Cortana to be better at what they marketed her to me as. I didn't switch my whole ecosystem from iPhone to be sung at.

Again, ur using too much "I"s. Of course u didn't switch ur phone to be sung at duh... It's for the OS, so why are you complaining about something in Cortana when there are so many features on windows phone. Or did you just get ur phone for Cortana? I think not.

So..... you have statistics to show that Microsoft is spending more time "on that than fixing the inaccuracies of her decisions".

What do you base that comment on? What are your feelings based on? Do you need WPC to post an article about how Microsoft is working on improving Cortana's inaccuracies so that it will be ok with you that they improve her song database as well?

Unless you actually know that Microsoft is spending more time on this or that, you don't actually know what you are talking about and if you don't know, why default to being negative?

So..... you have statistics to show that Microsoft is spending more time "on that than fixing the inaccuracies of her decisions".

Exactly! They probably have some interns working on adding these fun easter eggs. Even otherwise it's not as if they can't hire people for this instead of asking their main Cortana developers to focus on these aspects to the exclusion of all else. Just don't understand all the grumpiness and complaints. Don't like it? Don't ask that question. Simple.

LOL I highly doubt the engineers that write code for Cortana are spending even one second thinking up whitey "chitchat" for Cortana. My guess is its probably some writers or human interface experts. The amount of time to get that "in" the phone? I'd guess you do have to spend a few seconds to minutes typing the dialog (wow that's a lot of time) then get Jen Taylor to record the audio (again don't think the engineers that can adress your problem are being tied up with audio recording) and finally point Cortana to play the correct file when asked the correct question. Yeah don't think it takes away nearly as much time as you envision SerphX2.

Don't be so closed minded. You don't know everyone and what they have seen or heard before and if you take your phone, demonstrate Cortana and ask it to "sing me a song" to people who have never heard of Cortana, they may be surprised and it may just make them smile....unless they are the kind of person that has the same mindset that you displayed in your comment.

Someone with the user name "soulcancer" complaining about fun & playful things that aren't all business. Who didn't see that one coming? :P

I'd have to say I agree. It's nice they are adding things like this, but I would like to see a lot more posts about cool features that can be taken seriously.

So totally agree! I can't think of a less usefull function like Cortana....

Look at Apples Siri... it was funny the first 20 times, but today no one use it all...

Microsofts priority should be different...

I hope you realise that this sort of thing actually helps to train the back end of Cortana for different accents, the Alpha or Beta tag in the top right corner should tell you that!!!!

I was thinking the same thing, and I am sure this update for these new chit-chat features were prematurely pushed out. What bothers me is that the traffic reports aren't reliable. I expect that Cortana would go into my daily calendar and pull it up. Lately 90% of my schedule hasn't really been consistently the same. Only 2 days out of the 7 days I get alerts. After that I don't get anything unless I ask.

She seems to only sing the older loaded songs. The new songs are read instead and sounds robotic and plain bad.

Copyright and royalty related issues perhaps?

I wonder if there are other new features or chit chat that were just added, too. Seems like they wouldn't update her with just new songs. Anyone notice anything else new? Where's Talderon when we need him!

that's what  i got when told it to sing me a song !
row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.
 but she read it :/ didn't sing :/

And as she wastes time learning to sing and do impressions, she still has some trouble at navigating to local locations and properly understanding what I'm trying to say.

Lmao another waste of time update lol we don't need cortana to sing songs. We already have music apps and music on the phone. Lmao

TBH saya sedikit pesimistik, bro. Tapi kalau nanti beneran ada Cortana versi Indo, mudah-mudahan bahasanya gak terlalu baku. You know, EYD doesn't work quite well when it comes to being personal.

New jokes, too. I got one about asking for a cheeseburger in the library. Robovoice, which kind of ruins the comedic timing. Still funny though.
Edit: New knock knock too. "Boo", "boo who?"
Edit 2: New chit chat all over. New greetings if you say hi or hello to her. Very obvious when it is a new one because it is the robot voice.
Edit 3: New animations when you say "do an impression". Yoda! :)

I am starting to get very angry at the fact that I don't have Cortana as many others at Verizon everytime I see an article and I can't relate because I am missing the famous Cyan update. I even complained to the FCC and luckily I got a call from Verizon rep..Well, what a moron that person was as she adamantly blamed MS for the lack of the Cyan update...Really. It would be nice if a person like Bill Gate complained to the FCC and he gets a call from Verizon when the rep gives give Mr. Gate the same BS of an excuse I got and Mr. Gate pass it on to Verizon CEO like the ice bucket challenge. I wonder what bull shit Mr. Gate get from big red. It would be priceless. Just venting.

I know how you felt, I have Verizon too, talked to several reps and they had no idea and blamed MS. I got sick of waiting for stupid Verizon to get off of their ass so I got a dev account and got DP 8.1 - I don't know how long Verizon I going to wait, its kind of sickening.

You know what. She does sing. But better than that, I just got into my car at a restaurant in a part of town I don't frequent and where you don't necessarily want to make a wrong turn. I put my phone into the windshield mount and threw my headset in my ear. My date said: "You're making a phone call?" I pressed the headset button and said: "Cortana, take me home." After which she said "Ok, finding directions to... opened up Navigon and we were on our way. 

Right now I am in Alpha so I am still learning how to sing... This came up while saying sing me a song as today's update about it

While I am glad that MSFT is trying to give Cortana a personality and all, I would love to see it gain some more functionality. Like maybe it could learn how to send email messages for me. Or maybe the voice to text feature could be a standard input method across all apps like it is on iOS and Android. Lately, all I get from Cortana is Bing web searches. Not what I expected when they where talking about Cortana. I expected a bit more. While we are at it, I wish they would to in more data sources into the back end of Cortana. Wolfram Alpha would be a good start.

Obviously the front end code went live before the back end... Might want to work on that before the next roll out.

she even learned new jokes and i counted at least 5 new songs...pretty gr8!! but waiting to listen to her sing  these new songs and tell the new jokes like a human... :D

She sang me several new ones including the "give me a home where the buffalo roam".

"On top of spaghetti" - sings it!

"Oh he floats through the air, with the greatest of ease, this daring young man on the flying trapeze" - sings it!



She's now singing the songs that she was reading yesterday. Also I asked "do an impression" and I got a Buzz Lightyear and Yoda impression. Each time she changed shape to the characters

"On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed" She sang this one for me :) That's cute MS, but now, pls fix the cyan update for DP! (525)

I just wish she would go through all the songs and impressions without repeating. It gets annoying when I'm trying to show someone a particular song or impression when she keeps doing the same one over and over.

That's actually a Lumia Icon, not a 930. But I love how proud Mark is of changing the back cover lol. Showing it off in every video :P. Nice job.

My Lumia 920 was updated to Cyan 2 days ago.


Tonight, I asked Cortana first to sing me a song. Got a Bing display of links to lyrics of O' Susanna. Then, I asked her to sing O' Susanna. Sure enough, I heard her sing the chorus of the song. My IOS7 using friends, though, look down their noses from their elitist thrones, and say Siri is better. Methinks Cortana will be able to hold her own, so to speak.