Watch free TV and movies with Crackle for Windows Phone


Crackle, a digital network and studio, has released an official app for Windows Phone. The service offers commercially supported streaming of video content in Flash format. Owned by Sony Pictures, its primary collection is Sony's library of films and television shows. Crackle (crackle.com) provides its content through a web syndication network, which includes YouTube, Huhu, AOL, MySpace, and mobile service providers.

Without requiring to signup and register an account, Crackle enables Windows Phone owners to enjoy content for free from its expansive collection. According to the company, twenty new movies and television episodes are added monthly. Genres include the likes of action, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, sci-fi, and anime. There's bound to be a title for everyone.

Unlimited viewing is boasted in the app's description, which will interest many. High quality streaming is supported via both WiFi and mobile connectivity (be sure to watch out for excessive usage on tight plans). As mentioned above, the collection includes content from Sony Pictures, but as well as its owner's media, Crackle also sports movies and television series from Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems, and more.

Crackle App

The app is very well designed and looks great on a Windows Phone. A neat feature that many will overlook is the parental controls in the settings. Parents can set a 4-character passcode to prevent the little ones watching someone's head being blown off. Should you decide to login and connect to your Crackle account, you'll be able to make use of watchlists that are supported in the app. These enable users to keep up-to-date with the latest content in specific categories.

As with all gold releases, there'll be some issues with lack of functionality or with bugs, but these will surely be addressed in future updates.

You can download Crackle from the Marketplace for free. The app is reportedly limited to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Thanks, Anna, for the tip!

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Watch free TV and movies with Crackle for Windows Phone


It's a pretty app. Nice and fluid. I didn't realize how much original content crackle has....now if funny or die would have an app I think I'd be set.

I've enjoyed the Crackle app on Xbox 360. It's just Sony's back catalog but it's free. Watch the Prime Cut episode of The Unknown for a good, creepy Twilight Zone type story.

This is great!  I never knew how Darren and Samantha met (Bewitched), but thanks to Crackle (via Hulu) I got my answer .  People sure did drink and smoke a lot on network TV back then :)
Looking forward to getting a Nokia WP!

Oh, thought I tipped WPCentral about this at 9am this morning :-(
Anyway, think you do need an account to view movies though

Works too in Colombia... last week Sony launched the service for mobile here in Colombia, don't know if any other Latin America country as well...

Its kinda funny my smart tv I can just click and watch also my Android tab but WP I've to sign in what's up with that.

No surprise really. Android is designed to take content (sometimes referred to as stealing). Microsoft devices share content. The XBox app requires a login. If you are getting "free" movie content, with some commercial interruption, that's how it should be. A win-win situation. With Android, whether apps or media, it's always a win-lose. Such a moral dilemma.

Not a big deal for me since I'm on Sprint with unlimited data but there should be a "Connect with WiFi only" option for those with data limits. Users could accidentally blow past their limits easily with this app.

Haha, good point. When I was on sprint, I couldn't enjoy something like this without my phone overheating for trying to get the content down. Runs really well on AT&T.

WTF, I can't watch So I Married an Axe Murderer! This article makes me crave it fortnightly. Completely disappointed. I even gave them an email! I want my money, oh nvm...

Yeah this is lame. I have rebooted. Verified my email. Logged in and out. Still can't watch So I Married an Axe Murderer. WTF... U can't dangle that in front of me and take it away. Negative 5 stars. Fix ur crap.

Wow, thank you for the heads up. Thank you Crackle, thank you Sony. OMG some amazing content over there, watched Z Boys doc about the early skateboard scene, and a Sonic Youth concert already. So much stuff!!! Love!

Thanks for telling us and getting us users excited. Then come as usually the big disappointment when I does not work in my country (Sweden). This kind of disappointment is what fuels illegal downloads... Just telling.

By the way, when you have news that only applies to some countries, why can't you tell this up front? I wouldn't ever waste my time reading this article if I knew from the start that it did not apply to me.

this is what i don't like about windows phone store a lot of decent apps that exist on US store for example doesn't not exist on the rest of stores even xbox live games doesn't exist on a lot of stores if microsoft care about getting a lot of customers they should provide equal amount of apps on all STORES 

While I think MS isn't as "global" a brand as Apple, in this case it as to do with copyrights any age ratings and stuff alike which is different from country to country and pretty much MS can't do much about it.

i don't care about apple and i don't care about android 
i care about windows phone i want the same experience like others i know some sites afford their services to a limited number of counties but there is a lot of apps are not limited and its not available to the rest even xbox live not available im encouraging a lot of people to move to windows phone apps availablity  will stop them from switching 

I agree, it's not like MSFT is a poor company. If they want to compete they have to go full in, why should Apple services work, Spotify etc. and not MSFT services. Google are stepping up there game now also. I must admit, as much as I want WP8 im freaking tired of being screwd over media wise. WP has deep Zune integration and leaves a hole for the rest of the world, and I am of the opinion that for WP, Zune is more critical then iTunes for iPhone. But it's only me and a handfull that seems to care. I'm gonna watch careful what happens this fall/winter before making a decision in what OS I will go with. Android or Windows Phone...well I leave it up to respective company to play there cards.

Awsome app. I can't believe they have this much anime as well as old movies and TV shows. 
App is also smooth like butter. 9/10 

There's more films and tv options to view on WP7 than there is on x360. Wanted to watch the walking dead series on x360 but not available.

D/l'd app, but tells me have to sign up to view content. Thought ya didn't have to! Plus, it wants my phone #!! To view something? WOW!

Hey guys!
I tested the app here in Brazil and the application just works.
My phone is all in portuguese (including region) and I allowed the use of the location services. My live account is registred as US one.

Yes man, me too... My phone though has its language in English and region as US... my live account is registered as US (even my address is from US, , actually, NYC) and it worked,.... Like a free netflix.... hahahahaha

It works fine here in Brazil... Guess the region issue is up to your live account country (Mine is US).... On my phone even Vevo app works (though the site doesn't, it tells me it is not available on my region).....

Still not in UK marketplace, obviously not a rights thing as I can get on my UK iPad??? Hate when firms pull apps with no exxplanation!