What would you do for a Lumia Windows Phone? Would you allow Nokia to paint your car?

Nokia Car

Nokia has painted a Peugeot 107 in Lumia colours following a tweet from Damien in Wexford, Ireland, who stated that he’d let the Finnish Windows Phone manufacturer add something extra to his car for a new Lumia 900. This was an odd request, but one Nokia simply couldn’t pass on. 

Nokia.. paint my car!

Not only does it provide free advertising for the Windows Phone platform and the Lumia family of smartphones, but it also engages the social community with another "wow" marketing stunt. 

It was stated on the Nokia Conversations blog post that the team took a number of weeks to plan, coupled with million cups of coffee. If you happen to reside in Ireland, you might well see an unexpected sight on the streets - the Lumia Car.

Nokia Car 2

Check out the following video for a quick look at the work required to make the changes. The end result is pretty impressive.

Let us know what you'd do for a Lumia Windows Phone in the comments below, would you let Nokia apply Lumia vinyl to your car?

Source: Nokia Conversations


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What would you do for a Lumia Windows Phone? Would you allow Nokia to paint your car?


Nokia - you can paint my house, and you can dress my wife. all i ask fro is Nokia drive working in Israel...

I've thought about this a ton, but I don't think I'd do it for just $500 (cost of new phone).  I'd do it for a paycheck...I'd drive around in a Red Bull car if it meant they paid my payments / at least half my payments.

But don't they give you the car, they just make sure you drive around on a daily basis? My aunt got a Honda CR-V for this hospital in Long Beach, California. She just had to drive around and advertise the hospital. 

My 99 accord can use a paint job, so yes. Don't even give me a phone. I'll be happy with the free paint job. Where do I sign up?

Hmmm...I'd let Nokia dress my good friend Dan in a frilly magenta dress and send him to an Oakland Raiders game. I'd let them do that for a new Lumia.

Are you trolling? After you made a stink that Nokia supporters spam the non Nokia phone posts, this posts reads as trolling. Just saying

Considering the shape my car is in, I'd gladly let them paint it. Just about anything would be an improvement over the current finish. (Still runs great though, so who cares how it looks?)

I'll do it for one of the new flagship Windows 8 Nokia Phones.. The same goes for Samsung & HTC.. Not all at the same time of course, but I would extend the invitation..

If you watch the bideo you can ser that it's just vinyl decals. No paint at all. That comes off your car no problem.

Yes but where I live temp is around 90-110f so once you remove the decal your car is left with a sun burn

YES! I'd let Nokia paint or vinyl of paint AND vinyl my silver 2006 Toyota Scion XB  for a Nokia Lumia 900 or 2! Come do it please! I'd love to promote Nokia and Nokia Lumia's!

I'll paint my car for Nokia, but I want more than just a single Lumia... I'd want a Lumia every year that I own the car. Hell, throw in a Surface Pro for the same and Microsoft and Nokia can paint it to look like a Nascar racer, and I'll even pull a Ricky Bobby and sell the windshield! (Okay, maybe not the last part for safety reasons.)

I'd definitely do it. I'd love to have a Lumia, but mostly because my truck has a lot of dings and scratches all over it. A new paint job would really help in avoiding rust.

Not for a 900, but I would for whatever flagship is next. Why not, its just vinyl that could come of if required anyway!

When aliens attack and see this car, it'll make us look illiterate with this twitter garbage.

Can this guy sue Nokia for falsely passing decals as paint? If they put decals on top of my dented and rust spotted car, I would sue. Especially if the deal was for a paint job.

Is that a blood pressure check truck behind one of the images? Let your car get painted,then check your bp for free! :-)

Don't have a car. But they're more than welcome to paint my titanium Ninja 500. Just installed some LED underglow. A new paint job would be nice as well. ;)

Nokia. I'd let you run Lumia ads on my Facebook profile cover for a Nokia 'Phi' (i.e WP8 marquee phone) for 12 months. I'd settle for any other Nokia WP8 phone though but for a lesser amount of time like 9months for the 'Arrow' and 6 months for an 'Atlas'. I am not yanking your chain.

I would run around the Mall of America with a Nokia 900 (or Nokia Windows 8 device) costume on while handing out info for the new upcoming Nokia Windows 8 device.  Maybe I could be chasing around a new iPhone 5 and beating the crap out of it .... :)