WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets ability to send pre-recorded videos and multiple images in latest update

We’ve been teasing you folks about WhatsApp for Windows Phone, specifically features that were being tested in the private beta. What are those new features? Just the ability to send pre-recorded videos and up to 10 images at once.

Luckily for you, version 2.11.340 of WhatsApp for the general public just went live in the Store and it has those aforementioned features, plus the usual bug fixes.

WhatsApp 2.11.340

  • Send pre-recorded videos
  • Send multiple images at once
  • Save received videos
  • Migrate WhatsApp account to a new phone number
  • Bug fixes and speed improvements

The ability to send videos has been in WhatsApp for quite some time, but an OS limitation prevented the app from accessing the media library to fetch pre-recorded videos. Since early 2013 though, Nokia has been working with the WhatsApp developers and it looks like it paid off to have friends in high places. Through Nokia’s assistance (and indirectly, Microsoft’s), WhatsApp now has permission to grab videos from your library to send to friends. That’s a lot easier than having to shoot videos on the fly and makes the app more on par with Android and iOS.

The other new feature is the ability to send multiple images per message. Previously, you had to attach a single image per message, meaning if you wanted to send five photos, you had to head into your media library five separate times. With version 340 of WhatsApp, you can just go in once and attach up to 10 photos (which should be more than enough for most of you).

Videos received from a contact should also be able to be saved to your phone directly and there should be a new Album called ‘WhatsApp’, making it easier to find things once you have received them.

Finally, the ability to migrate your WhatsApp account to another phone number is present under settings.

Other additions to this update include the usual bug fixes and speed improvements, which are always nice to have.

Version 2.11.340 of WhatsApp is very fresh to the Store, so if you don’t see the update, try back in a short-time. Pick up WhatsApp for Windows Phone here with this link or scan the QR code below.

Thanks, Elias H. and Nik for the tips!

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets ability to send pre-recorded videos and multiple images in latest update



Finally wp is getting a better!

Edit: New update isn't live yet Daniel :P

Edit2: Now available :)

Same here. USA. I am excited for this update. I always felt stupid having to take a live video after I already captured something with the Nokia Camera app.

I m getting frustated now for the first time with whats app I was trying to access my last nights groups message there were all about 900 messages which were accessible on android phone and in wp8 it kept on crashing when I tried to access the past message comeone this is really frustating

Once after updating if someone sends you an i mage it goes in to WhatsApp filder
i found it
its labelled 'WhatsApp ' in the photos section

Alright, so the video saving feature and upload feature works like a charm and there's a new folder dedicated to WhatsApp which is very convenient :)

Also, the app feels much faster and way more responsive! Seriously :)

Just checked and she was there waiting. Thanks for the heads up. I agree. My 928 on Verizon hasn't been late to the party thus far. This is a first.

When i tap on an image my frined sent me,and then swipe left or right,i can see all the old images sent by that person.I dont know if its a new feature in the latest version or if it was always there.If it was always there,i dont understand why i never noticed it before

When i tap on an image my frined sent me,and then swipe left or right,i can see all the old images sent by that person.I dont know if its a new feature in the latest version or if it was always there.If it was always there,i dont understand why i never noticed it before.

Not sure about how many, but I would like to see the ability to remove the time stamp. That being said, these new features such as being able to send pre-recorded videos are great for us WP users.

I'm probably gonna get boo'ed but man, I wish Whatsapp allowed us to set a background or at least have a default background. The black background gets boring after some time (and that's two years in my case)

And that's one of the things I like the most. I use the black background when ever I can. It looks simple, classy and uncluttered. Even when I had android I used a dark background. I agree it's nice to have the option to change since it clearly doesn't appeal to every user.

No booing here. I wish for the same. Whatsapp was beautiful on my iPad 2.... (yeah I used the iPhone trick) :-) It feels awkward admitting to owning an iPad for some reason. I didn't pay for her.... She was a gift.

This explains why Vine doesn't allow you to upload pre-recorded videos. No friends in high places. I hope they make some. Need ability to add music and slow mo vines.

guess they could if they tried to get the permissions for that IMO ,they too are part of the Nokia collection.Possibly an update is on its way,fingers crossed ;)

I guess that is why Whatsapp moved under the Nokia Apps. there, they are open to more APIs, like the video editing thing. from nokia.

Edit: Also Instagram is there, so same might happen soon.

The custom background is beautiful. It feels dull without it. The UX is comparable without the custom background, but it is certainly nice to have.

Is that a cartoon pic of Kevin M? Was that generated by a WP app? I've seen good ones on Android, would love one for WP.

For that Rudy needs to have connections with nokia or his apps need to be part of the Nokia collection which at the moment they aren`t...

If it was a OS limitation, and now they already solved it, why other apps can't do the same? Nokia and Microsoft need to let other apps to do the same, otherwise we won't have a full experience on a WP. I don't have network everytime I want to post a Vine or video on Instagram, so a feature that allows you to save and than upload videos is important. Hope that Rudy get's in touch with MS and Nokia, to add this feature to is apps.

It isn't an os limitation. It's just you need special permissions to access the programming libraries needed. This is a simplified version but that's the gist of it.

I don't know why WPCental keeps perpetuating this myth.

Did you ever had the new chat wouldn't show after you deleted the current chat?? I mean for same people we have chat. Notification came but the chat isn't it. Is it still bug on Whatsapp?.. thx

Hm you can't change text size anymore in this update! It points you to system ease of access setting..

Awesome news !! Good to see all the new features included in this release. WP apps are getting batter and baetter day by day. Good job Whatsapp team, Nokia and Microsoft. Keep doing good stuff like this and WP will go a long way.

This is great!

Now the only real features we need are:

1. The ability to send and save audio files.

2. Stability fixes and message selection, its a very annoying issue where message links get all messed up and copying a particular message copies altogether someother message.. Hope you can understand this.

3. The ability to have all the conversations, without them being deleted. Currently, whatsapp  stores only around 500 messages for each contact/group and it is a hit and miss process goig till the last message, the app frequently crashes while attempting the same. While my friends with android phones can scroll back to messages that are even a year old!

I guess that is why Whatsapp moved under the Nokia Apps. there, they are open to more APIs, like the video editing thing. from nokia.

Most probably, sense whatsapp has its own folder now, it will save more than just pics and vids, meaning we might get Real Backup soon. so that after you Hard Reset your device, you will be able to retrieve all messeges. Which also means we might be able to store all Whatsapp information.

+1...tune in`s got an update too in case any of you are interested ,fixes those bugs "cannot decode stream data" and a few others,d app is stable and works just like it should :) 

i have update my lumia 520...n have sd card in it which contains some photos...now in whatspp when i click on attachmnt icon , then albums then only three folders are shown i.e camera roll, screen shots and saved pictures...so where the hell are the other folders ...

m only saying that i am able to send pics through others folders but by going thorugh those folders....but from their i cannot send multiple pics...

Ya....u need to connect ur phone to pc then transfer all the photos or the folders into the picture folder, where other folders such as camera roll, saved pictures or screen shot folders are there.......also dnt make folders in folders....it worked ...

Thanxs man for ur help. Now i can view all d pics of my mob. Bt y did dey do ach a thng it tuk a long tym for my albums to update

How do I save whatsapp videos that are in the app? And what format videos can be shared in whatsapp? Also tell me the max Mb limit for video upload.

15mb is limit . Those videos autosaves to WhatsApp folder thats nw on yur photo option.i guess all,formats may b cz snce update I,received many videos thy gt saved n cud share also but format not known .may b any wud limit of 15md

U r right videos r not saved in,WhatsApp album . I wonder wht to,do now . It shows save but thy NT saved . N multiple videos also cant b send . Thats sad . Y not saved .n,sorry buddy .

If the videos are already available on the phone then I guess it will be available to send. So far im not happy with this update. Its just like the old one for me. Except for the changes that I hardly use, like phone number migration and all the new stuff.

Update is nice but videos on sd card cant be attached also images are automatically being saved i think they have removed the option to disable it.

U can attach upto 15mb file .it wrks . N waise b xxx files tha we get on,WhatsApp r alomost max of 12mb lolz.so u can,save n,share .

What's the point of whatsapp? Can you really get rid of your texting service and just use this app? Can you send texts with this app to non whatsapp users? And if someone who doesn't have it sends you a text and you don't have SMS service anymore will the text show up in the app?

In India free sms limitation is 100 sms per day, and with friends we can message unlimited number of times (dont tell me message freak and work heheh) photos and video sending is so much easier and mms is still not viable option, group messaging is so much easier... And does not burn a hole in your pocket

also it is good for people who keep in touch with their families and friends outside their country. I don't think everyone can afford to send international texts a hundred times a day.

People don't understand the usefulness of whatsapp. What a shame. I mainly use it for group chats, if I use groupme, txts aren't as reliable because depending on your signal strength, txts wont go through until hours late sometimes. If you're connected to WiFi, whatsapp wont slow down.

Actually i liked that manual option to save the pics. I dont want every pic to be saved in my picture hub ! Though i think it would lessen the phone memory that was used by the whatsapp but still i liked that option !

In Hindi "jhakas" in English "wow". Finally a smart update . N profile pics can,also b saved now . Now thy shud wrk,on makin WhatsApp clrfull from,thz grn clr . N a bit tiny bit very small bit faster .

Can any one please tell me how exactly Videos can be saved ? I am not able to figure out the option.

What the heck, my battery drops down from 90% to 15% in no time after this update anyone experiencing such

So,sad I learnt tha multiple videos can b attached still . Only photos . My,one frnd irritates me when,he pushes loads of videos at one,shot frm his andiod n,iOS . We want tha,to plz start wrkn,on it.

I haven't updated yet whatsapp but in previous version I am facing some issues like app crashes when moving to  previous conversations.. And unable to download things simultaneously... I just want to ask that are these fixed in new update??Thanx In Advance  

Yes... many bugs have fixed... even my whatsapp used to crash, but now, that problem is resolved .. :) I will suggest you to Uninstall and re install the app.... it'll be better

Thanks for the info.. But people here are saying that after update Videos start downloading automatically.. Is it so then it is a big bug MAN!!! Whether I should update Whatsapp or not???

Videos dz NT auto download.it asks to,tap n download.only if downloaded it saves to album orelse it dz NT save. N,buddy u shud b awz updated.

Now the only thing I want from Whatsapp is to show online/last seen status on home screen when contact is pinned to there (hope you know I'm talking about).. That would be so AWESOME

Even after update not able to add video not even photos it opens camera everytime i try to attach file

Clear history has gone from Whatsapp version!
I can't delete and keep in a group.. I can only delete group and history...

So, WP 7.8 doesn't get a 'whatsapp' album in the pictures hub. That's sad.
Also, can't save videos received.

record a video, go to whatsapp, new chat with anyone, click on attachment > Albums > swipe to right, there it is 'videos' section.... :)

Thank you,but i am taking about pre- recorded video.i got what you said,but after selecting videos nothing is happening.it only says 1 video selected,then how to attach.

the only way now is. to copy your pre-recorded video into Camera Roll from computer and then attach it.

Now it backs up content in SD Card too... WhatsApp folder in root of the SD Card... Sou you can now take backup of the backup... HaHa..

When are they planning to fix the log of glitches that's piling up after each update ? Unable to see media uploads of many contacts. Unable to view the old chat history . It crashes every now and then . There's lot more things that need an urgent fix , but they are busy doing these fancy things

This update sucks. It gives a lot of features but even more drawbacks. While downloading video it doesn't show the progress. And it automatically saves the video no manual option. Not even for pictures now.

You both are right. Whatsapp crashing is the first thing i tried with this update. Then i noticed all the bizillion images saving on the whatsapp image folder. Damn you whatsapp! you are one of the reasons i'm seriously considering a Nexus as my next phone (Spotify and random bugs/freezes are the other reasons).

I don't see how this was an issue before. Im a heavy WhatsApp user and whenever I want to send a funny video I received I would tap hold the video, tap 'forward' and send to the person. This is still useless unless we get the ability to SAVE videos from different places and then send. Vines and instagram for example.

great news !

seriouslly a fast feature full whatsapp app is almost a selling feature for moms and dads here

Utterly useless. You are only allowed to send videos up to 16mb. A 20sec video with the 920 has ~60mb

There is an album created as WhatsApp in photos hub where we can save all the photos and videos received on our whatsApp application.. Really useful it is..

Am not able to send pre-recorded videos and moreover the option of auto - save toggle for images is gone. It was a handy feature. Now all images are directly saved in my album.....hope they get it back in the next update.....

For those of you who want to send pre-recorded videos. There is a work around

NB:1. first Keep in mind the 16mb limitation of video file size

2. i have tested with mp4 videos only

Heres how:

1. connect your "Phone to a Computer"

2. Copy your desired pre recorded video from anywhere into 'Pictures/Camera Roll' - doesnt matter if its your phone or SD card it, it will find

So thats it. Go to Whatsapp and upload it.

Thats how it works for me