WhatsApp updates Windows Phone app to address registration bug


WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, have once again updated their Windows Phone app. We last covered the app when the company addressed some bugs, and today we're looking at more fixes. If you're a frequent user (we know many of you are) you'll be pleased to learn the developers are working hard to improve the experience.

So what's new in this update? As noted above, WhatsApp has fixed an issue in this latest release (version 2.11.310), which threw errors when some people attempted to register with the service - the app would provide a "no routes" alert. 

You can download WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store. Let us know if you notice anything else new in the latest release. QR code can be found below. via: Plaffo

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WhatsApp updates Windows Phone app to address registration bug


Hope they so something about the crashes. My dad hates windows phone because WhatsApp crashes every now and then.

Well the regular updates haven't helped, so I'm doubtful reinstalling will achieve anything.

Phones with 512 Mb RAM are facing crashing issues too often...
Mine crashes tooo..only one on my friend's l820 it works fine, without crashing.. Rest all with 512 Mb ram are facing crashing issues.. They should fix this asap..

Unfortunately the fix is a 1GB phone. With all the features these apps have it's alot for 512mb to handle. I know it's not what you wanna hear but it's reality.

Tbonenga: When feature phones with less RAM can have WhatsApp with more features, reality seems to be different.

Dammit this is definitely one annoying problem. Happens to me on my 520. And it shouldn't happen because of the relatively small amount of RAM. It's loading goddamn messages!

I have both lumia900 and 920, WhatsApp works greatly on each phone, always. With recent updates, I pinned 20+ of my contacts to start and it is such a great thing for a WP user to have something that no other OS can actually have.

I used to get 8 hrs earlier with just what's app installed and now i get 15 hrs of battery life with line what's app wechat hike and viber installed... May be gdr3 have improved battery performance - L820.. :)

Cant send multiple pics like in android and ios. pls update tat and can bring more themes to whats app and change its background style... Hoping it ll come soon.... 

Sweet, can now send multiple videos and have access to Lumia black firmware! Lol joking, always nice to see an update though!!

BBM is more better and secured than Whatsapp. I always receiving spam messages on the whatsapp and the only reason for that is they know my mobile number. Unlike BBM its PIN to PIN basis. Hope BBM will come on WP

In 2-3 years of using whatsapp I never got one simple spam. Used to get them with kik though. Isn't your number advertised somewhere? :)

I guess that must depend on the type of use and information you`ve got online. I`ve been using WhatsApp for a few years now and never recieved any spam.

Never received any spam on whatsapp as i don't give my  phone number to spammers/advertisers, besides don't have any contacts on BBM, even people with Blackberry use whatsapp so they can communicate with others. As long as BBM pin drama continues it won't reach whatsapp userbase of 350 Million "Active" users.

Here in India what's app in wp is highly criticized because of its inability to attach music and videos. Also the app crashes a lot has notification issues and a long list of other complaints. Hope the developers work for a serious update to bring it on par with other os.

Music & Video api is restricted by microsoft! That's nothing to do with WhatsApp. Notifications are working OK.
& Yes it is crashing If you scroll through older messages history in any conversation.

Well I have a L920 and I havent seen Whatsapp crashing yet be it either scrollin in my conversation history or opening multiple chats. I have pinned many chat gropus and ppl on my homescreen n I easily jump on milti window no matter what. Havent seen any crash on my phone yet. *Touch wood*

I don't understand why they don't use a workaround for api's i have moliplayer pro who has full access to sd cards and videos as well as it can run any format.. There are many softwares who can access at least the camera roll on sd cards so why not the messaging apps find that api

Has anyone experienced issues with BROADCASTS? The app on my phone freezes as soon as try to re-broadcast and try to add people!

I have an issue with broadcasts. It used to show a little icon in the corner of the text box if it was a broadcast, but now it doesn't (many updates ago this stared happening). So I can't tell if someone sent a broadcast or a direct message.

Am I the only one who is not receiving the toasts notifications? I need to enter in whatsapp to see if I have answers or someone calling me! Hate that!

I'm with you mate.. And I've tried all the methods, but no luck.. Have to open the app everytime to get new messages.

i too experienced the same problem. after a lot of googling the only solution i found is "reset the phone"

I had same prb I,did,NT get toast notifications n,my fb chat was also not working n had even,errors in msgs n calls also I was frustated cz my gf wud fight y I dnt rep on,tym. Then I got solution I did a soft reset n trust me,buddy all probs solved . Whtsapp toast msgs , fb chat , msgs b call err all prbs solved in one shot . So,give it a try soft reset .

Never received spam either. Only thing that bothers me about whatsapp on wp is that I sometimes don't receive notifications on time, or none at all. But I think this has to do more with wp itself. Notifications from every other apps are a mess, for example facebook and even 6tag. But on the bright side it has got better with GDR3, so I'm hoping that it will all be resolved with WP 8.1

WhatsApp on my phone uses over 450MB!
We NEED an option to delete the app cache, it uses way too much space. :/

oh come on!!!why dont u delete all the videos pics audios recieved thru whatsapp and moreover try disabling auto save incoming pics videos audio watever!

GREAT! So you mean I should MANUALLY delete one by one every single photo/video I have in WhatsApp? I have more than 600 photos there, are you serious?!
Also, disabling auto save is pointless: I do want the pictures to be saved in my phone gallery, so that I can backup them via SkyDrive and delete them from the phone. I don't want them to be saved inside the app as well! WhatsApp basically saves two copies for every single media file received!
It's not that crazy to ask for an option to clear the app cache, come on...

yaah its harmless to ask for it!!...still manually deleting would have been easier than complaining if u wud hv never allowed 600 photos to accumulate knwing this very drawback!!

if u knew and still u allowed it then i dnt knw what to call u!!*no offence*

Okok, so let me understand.
WhatsApp on both iOS and Android allows the user to delete the app cache. If I disabled the option to save the incoming photos, WhatsApp would still save them inside the app. It simply wouldn't have saves them on the phone camera roll, but that's NOT a problem, since I can easily backup them and delete them.
It's the cache inside the app that wastes too much space, and you cannot delete it nor prevent the app from saving the media files there.
So what are you actually saying?
I'm not sure you really got the point...

mictosoft should really partnership with them

a speedier "full" whatsapp can really push the platform


and i mean what i am saying because the only issue my mother is hating here 925 is the whatsapp experience... its slow 

They have to add custom background and different colors not the accent color! I use it alot and when i get tired from the color, i have to change my accent color!! Please some customization whatsapp!!

I have a problem about vibration feedback. Whenever my phone is in pocket i don't get vibration feedback and when i am in using WhatsApp I get a vibration feedback. Anybody having this problem ?

My WhatsApp is always stuck,on creating favourites anyone having this issue.
I am very much irritated with WhatsApp that I deleted it.
can anyone help me to solve this issue.

A lot has already been said here about whatsapp challenges faced on this platform and the much needed upgrades seemingly pre-existing on other platforms,but Iv got to say this:" push notifications are toast!" This needs fixing,coz it's integral to the use and and not just the aesthetics of the app. Thanks.

When I got my first wp8 (810) whatsapp had some issues but the got better with each update, seeing how many updates we got in the past time I am not complaining. I like whatsapp and happy its on our platform

Sometimes I wonder if they even test this app before releases given the regularity with which its updated - amateur hour??