Yellow Lumia 920 Xbox Avatar Prop is out, rarer than the phone itself

Windows Phone 8 avatar prop

We’ve had a few tips over the last few days about a new Xbox Avatar prop featuring a bold Yellow Lumia 920 showing up on people’s Xbox 360s. Evidently, the mysterious offering appears in the “Advertisement” section on your Xbox Home page, allowing folks to add it to their collection and showing off some Windows Phone pride.

Alas, none of us have seen here at Windows Phone Central on our consoles, despite the occasional “refresh” of our Xbox Home (Menu Guide > Y button). That makes this addition quite the rare one to actually find, and despite our attempts to get a Store URL to manually add it, we have come up with nothing.

So now we’re crowd sourcing this baby and hoping someone out there does have a foolproof method so that we can all sport yellow Lumia 920s on our make-believe selves. Otherwise, you can continue to gaze at the photo that reader Ryan H., kindly sent in as proof of its existence.

We've seen these props in the past, most recently for the Surface and even a few Windows Phone specific ones. Here's hoping that Microsoft makes these more widely available.

Anyone else see or get this baby? Let us know in comments.


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Yellow Lumia 920 Xbox Avatar Prop is out, rarer than the phone itself


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My first attempt to get it was on Saturday, but everytime I get to the page, I got kicked out everytime. Had a chat with MS support about it on Saturday. Glad they resolved this!

@Warren Dance: I do have a job amigo, do you? You don't have to answer that and I don't have to tell you my occupation friend. For your 411 I had an internet chat with the tech about it OVER THE WEEKEND. I wanted to get the prop before it was too late.

Jealous of what? Anyway I'm not bothered what anyone says, wasting the time of MS support for a damn avatar freebie is something I'd never consider... I guess we're all different.

@tyjamcam92: Did you see the cover screenshot for this article? When you're on XBox Live, navigate from Games all the way to Apps on the dashboard. Look for the ad you see or a different colored tile calling out the gamer gods and media nuts. But look at each tile before moving to each section. Sometime you might have to pop a game on and reboot to dashboard to get the ad to crop up. Good luck.

I've got the real one as well. I was lucky enough to the real the last yellow 920 in the ATT store. I was excited then and I'm even more excited now. Have you had any luck finding the avatar item yet?

Yes!!! I got it yesterday and I've been sporting it. Hey WP community I could use a few Xbox friends so hit me up at mamacita42!

I play them all really from Skyrim, Halo, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Assassin Creed. I've even attempted Black Ops a few times lol

@EMajor75: You're not the only one mate. Before it came out, I was using the WP7 avatar prop. Glad to see the 920. Wish they offered it in other colors too. But I'm happy with the yellow, although I use a black Lumia.

You could get it from Xbox.xom when it was out (still can if it is, I imagine). I then put it on my Avatar with my Windows Phone device.

I just got mine.. You select the advertising and choose one of the four videos to watch before being offered to download the avatar prop.. Also, my advert on my console appeared under TV and Movies.. ;-)

Funny that my avatar uses the back camera to take own picture. Too much dust in the forward facing camera to take a good snap?

Please Microsoft release a WP avatar collection around the world I would pay 5 bugs for the option to give my avatar my phone:)

I got the prop. After opening the advertisement you have to select one of the ads ie. Movie fan or whatever and see it through. When its done, a down arrow appears, press a to download. Where can I upload a screenshot to. I'm mobile.

I'm hoping I can get the 920 for my Avator soon. At work right now and trying to find the prop on my real life Lumia 920. LOL! Is there any way to do that? Let me know please!

Anyone from Canada score this? Just curious before I go home and spend 1 hour refreshing my Xbox's home page to get this prop.

Logging out and in again should force a refresh of all ads. Whether or not that will bring up the right ad, no one knows yet. The last time they had something like this it never came up for me (in Ontario).

You can still get it create an us account go into the ad and the log out and log in with your Canadian account. In Germany it works that way :)

I got it on Sunday.  Interestingly enough they also renamed the "Microsoft Surface" prop to "Windows 8 Tablet"  Go figure.

I really was hoping that Comcast finally decided to show some WP love when I saw that xfinity tile. Man was I disappointed when I realized that I was looking at the Xbox screen :(

Got mine just now! Had to reset the advertisements 4-5 times but it finally came up! Woohoo! Lol. Now my avatar and me share the same phone. Lol. We're all such nerds.

They should make these adverts that give you props available in MS Win8 apps as well, never seen a useful add in those.

I just turned on my XBOX awhile ago (played just under an hour of Bioshock Infinite ;)) and the ad was front and center.  Watched one of the 'demo' videos and 'poof' ability to download Windows Phone 8 prop.  Now, my avatar sports the same phone I do again!  I had (and had been using) the WP7 avatar prop for a pretty long time now...

I (or, rather, my avatar) was rocking a wp7 device, but now I play with a Surface. Can't afford one real life, but I got one on the Xbox!

I'm in Canada and I tried changing the locale on the xbox to US and while it showed the US content in the ads this specific one didn't show up no matter how many times I refreshed. I went as far as creating a US hotmail account and associating it to my my xbox and now it only shows Verizon ads on every page!! What can I try now??

Can I have this? I'm from Hong Kong.. I hate microsoft just let US account have these kind of free prop everytime.. Just give me the surface and Lumia 920 prop, and I would love to pay for them...

I only see the Verizion Razr (android) avatar. Do not want. I do not get Microsoft sometimes. That's like having terriosts in your backyard.

I had to hit Guide + Y about a dozen times before one of the ads finally cycled to this one.  It's there, you just have to be persistent.

Still there? I have no luck
Update: After trying 100x with Y button and still no. I'll use the Droid Razr avatar instead since it's free.

After Podcasts and Local Scout being US exclusive now they are starting to make XBOX AVATAR PROPS also US exclusive? WTF?

Refreshed about 100x. (I'm in the US) and still no luck. However there's a free prop for a Droid Razr and other Verizon stuff...feel like I got bitch slapped.hahaha.

I was able to locate and download this prop this morning. I not only had the pictured advertisement tile on the TV / Video section, but a similar one on the Music section. Based on the areas of interest within the ad, I would expect the ad is plausably available to appear within any section of the dashboard. I am in the US and no, I didn't spend endless cycles refreshing the Dashboard, I happened upon the ads through regular use of the console.

I just wasted an hour of my actual life trying to get a virtual item for a virtual avatar.  Why can't I just buy this thing? Better yet why am I so offended to see George Ponder's avatar looking at a yellow Lumia 920?

I Think Nokia should push this out as much as possible!! is it not a free ad?? I can´t belive it´s so difficult to get.... It´s not very important for me to get it it´s just that when i was it i tought "Hey here is a way to show it off to all my frinds!!" :-)
I want to support WP8 cause but they do not make it easy!!